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2010, edited for the best bits

Before I ramble about last year I'll ramble about now.

David Walliams, I may hit you for last night. Why make us endure ANY of the Star Wars Holiday Special? I was seriously going 'no no no' the whole way through. I had to watch Clone Wars to cleanse my mind of it.

Today's Rock Sound is mostly faily though it gains points for having a massive picture of Padge in the Bullet review (though loses points for getting the venue WRONG). Kerrang is nothing special either, though yay for Black Veil Brides and the MCR poster special (annoying that the two best posters are back to back but I was gonna yoink some anyway so...).

Yesterday I had a [package from Scarett turn up which amde me squee cause of the GIR tee< 3 He's awesome! I was gonna wear it today but the shower's busted so... no. There was also a pretty scarf that she hand did and Blunt < 3

Also the snes controller for the Wii from nintendo came which is pretty cool.

Everyone should read the latest posts at bfmvslash and comment. Just cause.

I'm hoping that I can do 3 Xmas fics a week now until they're done. Which should take less the three weeks (which I really hate but... I'm optimistic). Did start one last night so I may finish something tonight.

Also good about this week, Stargazing live. Ok, it's been cloudy so I've been able to see fuck all myself but anything with Professor Brian Cox in is a win. He's so smart and pretty and ngh. And he doesn't age!

I've taken a few pics so I'm gonna post em tomorrow. After sorting my posters upstairs and stuff.

Ants have been sent ofr so they should be here soon. Also Resident Evil Afterlife is on it's way so I can watch it properly.

Anyway, main point of the post (which I thought I'd get to quicker) is about 2010 stuff, some yoinked from katiexrawr.

New bands/artists (to me) from last year
Black Veil Brides
Adam Lambert
Ricky Rebel

Albums of 2010
Bullet For My Valentine - Fever
Bring Me The Horizon - There Is A Heaven (etc)
We Are The Ocean - Cutting Our Teeth
Young Guns - All Our Kings Are Dead
My Chemical Romance - Danger Days
Apocalyptica - 7th Symphony
Black Veil Brides - We Stich These Wounds

Movies of 2010
Saw 3D
Toy Story 3
Harry Potter

I'm quite sure I was gonna do other catergories and I've probably missed stuff, but I'm hungry and I'm gonna do some food.
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