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The Jacket

The Jacket
Pairing: Ian Watkins/Sean Smith
Rating: NC-17
POV: Ian
Warnings: BDSM
Notes: Next xmas fic (finally) for lithiumqueen who is awesome and sweet < 3 This is what Ian's in.

I squirmed slightly as I stirred, my eyes blinking at the dim light. I was laying on a bed in a room inside my home. It was sparsely decorated, in fact all it had other then the bed was a set of drawers against the opposite wall. I squirmed on the bed wondering exactly what time it was but with no clock or windows it was hard to tell.

As I waited I looked down at what I was wearing, wiggling a little more. I'd been put into a rubber straightjacket last night, my arms folded across my chest and held in place by restrictive straps. There was a rubber pouch over my crotch, cupping and holding my cock and balls in place. Experimentally I clenched my arse, just to make sure there was nothing there. I wondered who'd chosen this. It wasn't Lee, cause the camera wasn't on. Or Stuart because he'd leave me open wide ready for him. Jamie would have me gagged. It wasn't Luke for the same reason as Stu. Maybe it was Sean. Or Rhys. I wasn't quite sure.

I laid back and tried to think, staring at the ceiling again.

This would happen a few times every year, usually it would last a couple of days, sometimes a week. There'd be a bunch of guys which'd be at least the band but often others would be here too. Every day a different one of them would use me. I knew they had a system for choosing who got to, but wasn't let in on it and I was content to remain clueless. Whoever got me decided what to do with me and then did it. Often I'd be drugged the night before and they'd set me up for whatever it was they wanted.

I'd tried pretty much every kink during these sessions. Most I liked, some I'd never even heard of before and others I practically begged for. Some of the guys had stuff they always, or almost always, wanted to do. Others, however, wanted to try something new every time making them unpredictable.

I wiggled slightly, my cock throbbing in it's pouch in anticipation.

It seemed like forever until the door finally opened and in walked the guy that got me. They were dressed in a nurses outfit, rubber to match the straightjacket. I wasn't all that surprised when I looked up and noticed that their head was topped in the bleached blonde hair of Sean Smith.

"Nice outfit." I quipped and he chuckled, stepping closer. He didn't respond and just walked towards me, stopping beside me. Once he got he smirked and silently rolled my onto my stomach. It was only when my arse was up in the air and my legs were hanging off the bed that he spoke.

"Hush slut." He ran a hand down my back, stopping at my ass. I kept quiet, but took a deep breath in anticipation. I just had to wait a few seconds before he began spanking me, his hand raining down blows on both my cheeks. I kept quiet, biting my lower lip to remain silent. Sean hadn't said I could make noise, so I wouldn't. He, as expected, didn't give me permission to say anything, just kept hitting me until my ass felt like it was on fire.

"See Ian." He spoke when he finally stopped, his hands running over my sore cheeks. "You're a whore Ian." He paused and slapped me again, the force of the hit making me bite my lower lip. "And whores like you need to be punished." He paused again, trailing a hand up my body to grasp my hair. He held my hair tightly, yanking my head back while his other fingers strked my cheeks.

From his get up, and mine, I'd figured he might have bought in some of the medical equipment to use on me. However, Sean wasn't blessed with patience unlike some of the others so it was probably a good thing he hadn't come in with the speculums, sounds and other medical stuff.

He spat on my ass, then I felt his fingers search for my opening. We'd done this so many times now that it didn't take much proding for him to actually find it.His fngers sank into me with an ease that made me think I'd been prepped at some point overnight while I slept, which was probably likely. He practically purred above me as he probed me, his fingers moving in and out steadily. It was taking all my strength not to just moan. "You're so open and needy, just like a slut should be." I could hear the smug smirk in his voice and that just made my cock throb between my legs. He chuckled, almost as if he knew what his words were doing to me despite my dick being covered, then he withdrew his fingers completely.

"Maybe I should just leave." I whimpered as his words, wiggling slightly. "And leave you like this..." I whimpered again and he chuckled behind me, moving into position. "As fun as that would be by boner wouldn't approve." He pressed between my cheeks, his head rubbing along my crack just to tease me further. As expected, he didn't keep the teasing up for too long and he instead sank into me, causing me to bite my lip again when he filled me. "Fuck..." He hissed out the word, gripping my exposed thighs tightly as he plunged into me, his balls slapping against my arse. My nails dug into my palms at the feeling of him and he grunted, starting to move. He wasn't one to ease into it, instead thrusting hard and fast already. "Make as much noise as you want slut." He grunted out the words, slamming into me hard when he finished speaking.

With his permission, I released the grip my teeth had on my lower lip and started to let out all the pent up noises I'd held back on for the past few minutes. Moans, groans, cries of pleasure and a little of pain all left my lips. My cock throbbed inside it's pouch and I wished that he'd let my arms go or touch me himself. Unfortunately he was too into it already to stop and do either so I didn't bother asking.

"Don't worry slut, someone'll let out your little dick later." He groaned between thrusts, his nails digging into my flesh a little. "The others are gonna come use you when I'm finished with you. We all figured we'd fuck you all in one go instead of fucking around with waiting." He punctuated every other word with the snap thrust of his hips. My eyes widened and I was sure he'd laugh if he could see. The most I'd had was three fucking me one after the other, this would be what? Six? At least. Fuck. He chuckled anyway and fucked me hard, lasting only a few more thrusts before crying out and filling me with his cum. "Can't wait to see the others fuck your slut arse."

He pulled out of me slowly, running his fingers down my rubber-clad back until he was at my cheeks again, givingit a light slap as he removed himself fully from my body. "You can come in now!"
Tags: fic, ian watkins, ian watkins/sean smith, lostprophets, sean smith, slash, the blackout, xmas fic 10
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