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Because It's Fucking Delicious

Because It's Fucking Delicious
Pairing: Gerard Way/girl!Mikey
Rating: NC-17
POV: Gerard
Warnings: Het
Notes: Finally, another Xmas fic! The> first of the late ones. Bah I suck this year. But I will do em all! Inspiration has just sucked! This one is for aerogroupie who did me this which is guhsome

I didn't really like girls. The vast majority of them now seemed too concerned by their appearence, which meant having orange skin or too big breasts or starving themselves untli they looked like nothing. In short most looked fake and unattractive, that's why I preferred guys.

There was only one girl that was an exception, only one that made my heart race and my cock throb.

I gazed down at her, her pale, naturally slender body sprawled over my bed. She wasn't wearing a shred of clothing, which to me was how she should always be. I knelt between her legs, leaning down to trace circles up her thighs with my fingers. My eyes followed my fingers until they met her crotch, which was so wet and eager for me. I traced my fingers along her opening, tearing my eyes away to look up her body, at her perfect tits which suited her just right. They weren't much more then a handful, but to me they were perfect.

I smiled and looked back down to her crotch, licking my lips a little. She had such a pretty cunt. I couldn't resist, I leaned down and started to lick along her thigh, trailing my tongue up slowly. I inhaled her scent, gazing up at her. "Just fucking do it." She growled above me, her eyes on me, lust clear behind her glasses. "Or I'm getting my dildo."

I whimpered. As hot as that image was, it'd mean I'd be denied her and I didn't want that. I looked straight at her cunt and extended my tongue, lapping at her lips gently. I could already taste her she was so wet. She always tasted so fucking delicious. I shifted my fingers a little more fom her thighs, placing my right palm flat on her belly so my two middle fingers were in her pussy. Gently, I held her open and slipped my tongue into her. She groaned softly above me, her own hands gripping the sheets below her. I sank my tongue deeper inside her, my tongue moving slowly in circles, her juices soaking my tongue.

My other hand shifted up her body, my fingertips ghosting over her pale, smooth skin until they arrived at her breasts. They were just so perfect, filling my hands just right like they were made for me. I just held her, feeling the soft flesh in my hand move as she breathed, my tongue making her breath quicken. She gasped, making such pretty noises above me. The sounds made me so hard. It was taking all my willpower not to reach down and stroke myself. I closed my eyes and focussed solely on her, slipping my tongue in and out of her. Fuck she tasted so amazing. I rubbed her clit gently with my fingers, the sounds she made getting louder. Her hips pushed up, her breasts moving more into my hand. She was geting wetter by the second.

"Fuck..." Her hand shifted, fisting my hair and holding me closer. That, I'd learned from years of eating my baby sister out, meant she was close to cumming. That just made me move faster, my eyes opening to look up at her. I couldn't quite see her pretty face, her breasts big enough to conceal it from me. Still I could picture it in my mind. He head would be tipped back against the pillows, moans leaving her pretty lips. Her eyes would be half lidded, flicking slightly behind her glasses. Her hair would be sticking to to her face by sweat and she'd look so fucking beautiful.

She gasped out loud above me and came, flooding my tongue with her. I kept lapping at her as she orgasmed, her muscles twitching as she rode it out. Her grip tightened on my hair as she came again, my fingers and tongue bringing her off again. Fuck she tasted so good.

"Shit Gerard... fuck." I swallowed and she let go, letting me move away from her after a few minutes. It wasn't that I wanted to stop, it was that I needed air and my tongue was getting a little tired. Still, she was obviously satisfied, panting heavily and trembling a little on the sheets. I planted gentle kisses on both of her thighs, then I stood up, my dick sticking straight out from my body, but I ignored it. I smiled, shifting my hands to ghost over her belly, which was a little more rounded then it used to be , which I assumed meant she was finally putting on some weight and then I laid down beside her. "Want me to give you a hand job?"

I smiled and shook my head, kissing along the pale curve of her neck as I started to stroke myself. I didn't last, but that was to be expected. I came against her side almost embaressingly quickly, but she just chuckled and didn't judge. Instead she kissed me, her fingers collecting my cum and offering it to me. "Mmmmm good boy." She smiled as I licked it off her fingers, sighing softly. "You were amazing."

"So were you baby. As always." I smiled and wrapped an am around her, resting against her. She gave me a small smile, then kissed my forehead. I knew we'd stay in silence for awhile as we got our breath back, but that was ok. I was with her and that's what mattered.
Tags: gerard way, gerard way/girl!mikey way, girl!mikey way, het, my chemical romance, xmas fic 10
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