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This Is The Best Night Ever

This Is The Best Night Ever
Pairing: Gerard Way/Mikey Way
Rating: NC-17
POV: Mikey
Warnings: Crossdressing
Notes: Third Christmas fic! Yeah I'm doing really shit with these aren't I? Much worse then I expected. I hope to have them done by new year though, so some'll be New year fics in a way. Anyways! This fic is for mikeyface. When I first got the prompt I though 'kinky waycest crossdressing!' but when it came down to it, well, this happened instead.

The first time I'd tried this was shortly after Gerard did. He'd gone to college dressed as a girl, turned a few heads, even managed to convince a few people. A few days after I snuck into his room and looked through his stuff.

Gerard was nothing if not well prepared. When he got an idea in his head he ran with it. He got his Halloween costumes in summer for fuck's sake, so I wasn't surprised to find that he had a whole drawer full of girls clothes. Dresses, skirts, bra, panties. He sure was prepared. I was sure that he wouldn't miss a few items.

Indeed he didn't, or at least never bought it up, even when I took more.

It took a few months for me to be brave enough to buy my own. Even then I was shy, lying and saying it was for my sister. It was a black dress, a little size or two too big but it still looked and felt nice.

I wasn't brave enough to copy my brother and go out in it. In fact I only kept my girl clothes on in my room and only when my door was locked or everyone was out, preferably both.

It was one of those times that Gerard walked in on me, the only time I didn't lock the door and he comes in. I was wearing that first dress I'd got, with a pair of tight black lacy underwear under it. He'd looked at me, eyes going wide and mouth agape, then did something I probably should have expected. He dragged me down to his basement room and proceeded to put make up on me.

"There, now you look beautiful." He smiled as he finished, looking me over. "Not that you didn't already." He blushed and looked away, biting his lip. "Here, take a look." He held up a mirror, one of those small make up ones and I looked at myself. The make up didn't change that much on me, but I quirked my lips into a smile anyway. He nodded and, with a smile of his own, he sat next to me on the bed.

We sat in silence for a few moments, which was strange because he was usually so talkative and animated I had to tell him to shut up. Finally he spoke. "So Mikey, are you a..." He paused and bit his lip. "Like, are a girl in a guys body?" It came out in a jumble and it took me a few seconds to actually work out what he said.

I shook my head, smiling as he blushed. "Nah Gee, I'm fairly sure I'm a guy. I just like girls clothes."

"Oh. Well, that's good." He smiled and patted my back, eyes meeting mine again. "Are you gay?"

Now it was my turn to blush. I nodded and pushed my glasses up my nose, biting my lip. "Yeah."

When I looked at him he was grinning, which I thought was a pretty odd response. At least he wasn't punching me in the face and telling me to burn in hell, but this was Gerard and I knew he'd never have done anything like that to anyone. And even if he did, he was crap at punching. His hand moved from my back, down my side to settle on my knee. "You been with anyone I know?" He asked, probably out of interest or something.

"Iero and Toro." I blushed and looked down, remembering the way their cocks had felt and made my lips stretch. I swallowed and looked at him. "No one else though."

He nodded and smiled, hand moving up my thigh. "Pity. I'd have thought you'd be beating the guys off with a bat." I shrugged and blushed at his words, gasping as his fingers ghosted across my bulge. Our eyes met again. "Mikey, I want you."

I swallowed and knew what he meant. I guessed I should feel disgusted or creeped out, after all he was my brother. However if I said that I'd be a liar. I had thought about him like that too, on multiple occasions, ever since I got my first hard on. I remembered assking him what it was, remembered how he taught me to jerk off. I leaned in close, my lips meeting his. The kiss became hot and wet pretty quickly, his tongue pushing into my mouth and wiggling around, exploring me.

My hands were on him, stroking down his sides until I got to the base of his Star Wars tee. I smiled against his lips, pulling away for air. I took advantage of the break, gripping his t-shirt and pulling it up and over his head. It was off in seconds, thrown aside so my hands could explore his chest. It was pale and pasty, but it made my cock ache in my panties. He was so fucking hot. He smiled, his hand shifting under my dress, moving up my leg to stroke my bulge. I pushed up into his hand and groaned softly. "Please Gee."

He smiled and cupped my crotch, fingers rubbing aaginst my hardness. "What do you want Mikey? Tell your big brother." His voice was low, each word making my dick twitch more.

"I want you." I trailed my hand lower, undoing the top button of his pants. He smiled and stood, undoing his fly and pushing his pants and boxers down his legs. I gazed at his cock, which slapped against his belly. He was bigger hard then I'd thought, but that just made me more eager.

I reached down and started to pull my dress up, but he shook his head and batted my hands away. "No, leave it on." He smiled, shifting his hand up and under my dress again, pulling my panties down my slim legs. I lifted my ass up to help, sighing as my dick was freed. He licked his lips, dropping the underwear on the bed beside me. "I just need to lube you up, make you nice and slick for me yeah?" I nodded, smiling as he moved away to get the lube.

I watched as he spread it onto his fingers and then he looked at me, a silent quesion in his eyes. "Yeah, I have." He nodded and parted my legs, shifting his dry hand up my thigh. I brought my legs up so the dress was up higher, so he had a better view of my ass. There was a pause as he looked at the frsh area of me revealed to him, then he got to work. His fingers trailed along my crack, a gasp leaving my lips as they made contact with my opening. I groaned softly as his middle finger sank into me, my eyes lidding a little. He began moving it deep inside me, opening up for him. In minutes he had his ring finger alongside it, sliding them in and out. I could feel his eyes on me, burning into me as his fingers worked me open, the tips brushing against my spot. Fuck I needed his cock,

Eventually he stopped, fingers retreating from me. "Ok, I think that's enough." He smiled down at me and lowered his voice. "And if I didn't fuck you now my cock might explode." I couldn't help but grin at his words. And giggle. He mirrored my grin and moved between my legs, lining himself up with my hole. "Are you ready Mikey?"

"Fucking ready." I groaned as he pushed into me, his cock stretching me open. He was smaller then Ray was, but he felt just so fucking right. I pushed back against him, his hands trailing over my clothed body.

"Fuck you feel so amazing." He groaned above me, already starting to move in me. "So perfect." I felt my cheeks flush, my hands gripping onto the bedsheets since I wasn't to sure what to do with them. I kept my eyes locked on him mesmorised by the way he looked and how he moved. It made me harder. "Touch yourself. I wanna see you jerk off so fucking bad Mikey."

I swallowed and nodded, smiling. He'd seen me do it before, but now... now was different. I lifted my dress up some more, exposing myself to him. My fingers wrapped around my stiff dick, stroking myself steadily. Well, as steady as I could manage with my big brother pounding my ass.

"Yeah just like that." He half growled, half groaned above me, slamming into me hard. He bent down over me, licking and sucking and biting over my neck. My cock throbbed in my hand, his cock hitting my spot with every thrust.

"Fuck Gee..." I groaned, my other hand shifting to him, running over his sides and podgy stomach. He was better then the others. There was no comparison. This just felt so right, which was probably strange. I didn't give a fuck though. I squeezed my ass around him, my hand moving fast along my sick.

"Yeah Mikey, just like that. Keep jerking it, just like I taught you." He moaned, thrusting hard and deep into me, his balls slapping against my ass. "I wanna see you fucking cum over your pretty dress." That did it. I jerked up and came over myself with a low groan, my eyelids flickering closed as I spurted over my dress, staining it.

"Yeah, fuck yeah!" He groaned and dug his nails into the material of my dress. "So hot Mikey." He pulled out quickly, his dick still so stiff and beautiful. I looked at him questioningly, too breathless to actually speak, but he answered for me. "Wanna cum on your face." He shifted so his cock was directly in front of me. I watched in a daze as he wrapped his fingers around his shaft, jerking himself off rapidly. I found myself unable to look away, staring at the way his fingers moved up and down. I wet my lips and kept watching, my eyes going between his cock and his face, not knowing where to settle on. Both looked beautiful, but soon my eyes were fixed on his dick as I could just tell he was close. He lasted two, maybe three more strokes before he came, the fluid landing across my cheek and hitting my glasses.

"Fuck..." He whispered softly and then he was there, lying beside me and panting heavily. "You were amazing Mikey."

"So were you." I smiled, giggling softly as he licked some of his cum of my cheek.

"I've a confession." He whispered, leaning back a little when all that was left was a smudge of cum on my glasses. Neither of us seemed too concerned about brushing it away though. I looked at him and tilted my head slightly. "You were my first." He blushed and looked away.

I guessed I should have been surprised, but I wasn't really. I cupped his face in one hand and pulled him close, kissing him again. That was all he needed, no words required.
Tags: fic, gerard way, gerard way/mikey way, mikey way, my chemical romance, slash, xmas fic 10
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