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Master Plan

Master Plan
Pairing: Adam Lambert/Gerard Way/Tommy Joe Ratliff
Rating: NC-17
POV: Gerard
Warnings: BDSM
Notes: Christmas fic two (at last)! This one for ditzydmt, hope you like < 3

I sighed behind the gag in my mouth, looking up at the ceiling. I reminded myself how I'd ended up here, naked with my hands bound behind me and my ass sore. I recalled meeting Adam an how he took me off to a darkened corner. I'd expected him to suck me off. Instead, he shown me a video on his phone. It was of me and Mikey had the studio, while the others were recording and we were fucking. Adam promised to share it with the world if I didn't follow him and did what he said.

So I'd ended up here.

"I love seeing you squirm." He stepped into view again, having left a few minutes before. He'd changed out his clothes so he was now dressed all in tight black leather. Behind him, on the floor, was someone else. I couldn't tell who, since they were gagged and hoodied, but I knew they were a he. "But I think I want to see something else." He reached between my legs, his fingers ghosting over my skin until they wrapped around the body of the glass bottle he'd shoved in me earlier. With one quick jerk, the bottle was out of me, a moan leaving my throat at it's removal. He set the bottle aside then jerked on the leash attached to the other man.

Apparently he knew what that meant. He mounted the bed I'd been left on and positioned himself at my entrance. Well positioned was probably the wrong word, since he just rammed into me the second his cock was at my hole. I cried out behind the gag, my eyes lidding as he filled me. He gave me no time to adjust, instead he just started to fuck me hard and fast while Adam watched.

The other man leaned down so his hooded face was hovering over mine. I wondered who it was behind the hood. He had ink on his arms, but it was unfamiliar to me, which eliminated a lot of guys. I figured it was someone Adam must know that I didn't, probably someone on his tour. My cock twitched between us, his pounding turning me on so much. It had been quite awhile since I'd last been ass fucked and I'd forgotten how good it could be. Sure this wasn't the best situation to be thinking that, but still. I made a mental note to ask Ray to bang me when I was out of this.

The man inside me groaned, though it was so muffled I barely heard it. He was pounding me so hard and fast, like a man possessed. I couldn't help but wonder if he'd not fucked anyone in awhile and that was why he was going at me so hard. He scratched my body wherever he could, his nails sharp enough to both leave marks and send pain through me. Adam was watching us, dick out and hand pumping it steadily. His cock looked so fucking huge. Like, Toro cock big. I was a little surprised, I wouldn't have expected him to be... like that.

The man inside me thrust hard and fast, his nails still scratching all over my chest and thighs. My dick throbbed against my belly, painfully restricted by the rubber cock ring around the base of my shaft. Fuck I wanted to cum, each thrust making the need in me increase, but I couldn't even beg for release. I struggled uselessly, hearing Adam laugh at me. "Awww look how desperate the slut is." I could practically hear him smirking as he spoke. "Cum in the little slut!"

The other man thrust a few more times before I felt him spill deep inside me. "Ok whore, you've had your fun now. Out!" The man pulled out of me and I was sure he whimpered before he climbed off the bed and crawled out of the room, leaving us.

Adam smiled and stood, shucking out of his leather pants until his legs were bare. "Now it's my turn." He smiled and took the place of the other, his cock rubbing along my crack and against my hole. After a few moment of teasing he pushed in, filling me up in one quick thrust, the size of his cock sending more pain through me.

"Fuck so tight." He held onto my hips, staying still for a moment before moving. "Never would've guessed you'd be this tight." He smirked and soon picked up the pace, moving almost as fast as his companion had in a handful of thrusts. "You know, I bet you want to get off." I nodded, my desperation and eagerness overiding any shame I may have had. He chuckled and smirked, hands moving closer to my crotch. "I will if you do something for me." I nodded again, despite having no idea what he wanted.

As he kindly pulled of my ring and started jerking me off, he leaned down and informed me. "When you leave you will be given a bag." He kept thrusting as he spoke, his voice still measured and barely wavering. You had to admire that. "In it will be a set of items, which you will give to your brother. He will use them on you and you'll record it for me." I squirmed, wondering what the items would be. I'd ask if I could, not that I expected him to tell me. "You'll do that won't you?" All I could do was nod, too caught up in my lust to do anything else. "Perfect."

He flashed me a grin and moved back, focusing again on fucking and jerking me off. He was just so fucking good. Better then good. Fucking amazing. It didn't take me long to shoot across my belly, my eyes lidding as I did so.

When I opened my eyes he was in front of me, jerking off his cum and sweat stained dick in front of me. He was stroking it, his strokes firm and steady, just like he had with mine just moments before. He lasted longer then I had, but he still came hard across my face pretty quick.

"Fuck..." He panted heavily above me, wiping the head of his dick over my cheeks. "Good slut..."

I'd have smiled if the gag wasn't stretching my lips so much.


True to his word he gave me a bag the moment I left a few hours later, his cum drying on my face. At the first opportunity I got, which was the toilets of the hotel I was staying at, I opened up the bag and peered inside. There was a camera, a dildo at least as big as Adam's cock, a ring gag, whip and a set of cuffs. Strangely there was also a smaller bag that had a lock on it, which I guessed was a mistake. I squirmed slightly at the other items, then zipped the bag up, heading back up to my room that I shared with Mikey.

Hopefully he wouldn't be too tired.
Tags: adam lambert, adam lambert/gerard way, fic, gerard way, gerard way/tommy joe ratliff, my chemical romance, slash, tommy joe ratliff, xmas fic 10
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