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Down On Your Knees

Down On Your Knees
Pairing: Gerard Way/Mikey Way
Rating: NC-17
POV: Mikey
Warnings: AU, watersports
Notes: Finally the first Christmas fic is up! I blame this evil laptop. This one is katiexrawr's so enjoy!< 3

I gazed down at my brother, who was currently naked and on his knees, just how I liked him. His plump cock was hard and flush against his chest, the tip shiny. My own cock twitched at the sight. I'd been with a few guys and seen a decent amount of porn, but out of all those guys none made me harder then my big brother.

I knew our relationship wasn't exactly normal but I didn't give a fuck. I didn't care when I was 13 and got off for the first time thinking of him kissing me. I didn't care when I 'accidentally' walked in on him showering whenever I could. I didn't care when he first gave me head when he was home from art school for the holidays. Nor did I care when we moved in together several years later. Or when he submitted to me.

I reached down, running my fingers along the faux leather collar around his neck that I'd got him when we first moved here. "You know, you look so beautiful down on your knees." I licked my lips, the fingers of my other hand threading through his bright red hair, yanking it back hard so he was looking right at my face.

"It is my place sir." A smile played on his lips, then I yanked harder on his hair.

"It is slut." I smirked as he moaned, my hips thrusting towards his face at the sound. He opened his mouth a little, his tongue flicking out across his lips. He really was such a little whore for me. I felt my cock soften just little, aiming it for his pretty face. "Now to make you look like one." I bit my lip and let go, pissing over him, soaking his bright hair with the stream. He moaned like the needy slut he was, his lips parting as I directed my stream over them. Fuck he looked so hot like this, hotter then usual. My piss ran down his face, the golden liquid glistening in the light.

Sadly all too soon it was over and my bladder was emptied, but that meant real fun could begin. "Head to the floor."

"Yes sir." Another smile crossed his lips and I moved back enough for him to plant his forehead on the ground so his ass was in the air. I moved around him, stopping behind him to stroke the rounded cheeks of his ass. My fingers shifted towards his crack, the tips gripping the plug that was almost constantly up him. I set the black rubber toy aside, gazing at his twitching pucker before moving into position behind him.

I kept a hand on my dick, guiding it to his opening. My other hand held onto his ass, holding him open as I slammed into him. He always felt so good, so fucking right. None of the other guys I'd been with even came close to him. I growled low in my throat as I filled him completely, my balls slapping against him. I stayed still for barely a second before I began to fuck him hard and fast.

He moaned out loud beneath me, his forehead still against the floor. My fingers moved up his back, tracing along his spine until they tangled in his sodden locks. I got a tight hold on his hair as I pounded him, then proceeded to yank his head back, growling again at the sight. He looked so beautiful like this, so hot and needy. Sometimes I'd invite the guys round just to watch him get fucked by them. I'd move close just to see the look on his face or the way his throat would bulge or ass was twitch, things I couldn't see well when it was my dick involved.

I left one hand in his hair, trailing it down his back to his ass. I slammed in and out of him hard, moans leaving my lips. I could feel myself get closer, deep down inside me. "Fuck slut..." I felt closer with every twitch his ass made around my shaft. I growled again, my hips snapping against his perfect ass repeatedly.

I spat on his back, groaning low in my throat as I pumped him full of my cum. I sighed heavily, releasing my grip on his body. "So good slut."

"Thank you sir." He whispered, turning slightly to look at me. I could see the lust still in his eyes which made me smirk despite just cumming. It told me he desperately wanted to get off too, that he needed it so much that he was close to begging. He wouldn't though. He knew I'd get him off later if he was good. Until then he'd be hard and needy for awhile longer.

I smiled and kissed his wet forehead, then headed up. Fucking my brother always made me thirsty.
Tags: fic, gerard way, gerard way/mikey way, mikey way, my chemical romance, slash, xmas fic 10
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