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River People

River People
Pairing: Night Moves/Water Viper
POV: Night
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Porn (eventually)
Notes: So here it is, the next Killjoy verse fic... even though it doesn't have any of the Killjoys in it. It's set before Save Yourself. I'm pondering ideas for other fics in the same verse but it depends on the response to this one and if I get a clearer idea. (The next one, if done would focus on someone introduced in passing here.)

The night was quiet, like any other. I leaned against the back wall behind the counter, debating grabbing one of the many magazines and start reading it. Knowing my luck a customer would walk in at that point.

I worked in one of the few stores out in the desert. We were set up outside zone 6 alongside a dried up river bed. We operated to serve the various groups that called the desert their home. Our supplies were varied. Mostly it was food, drink and entertainment. Sometimes, though, we sold technology, weapons and information. I stretched my arms above my head, almost touching the ceiling. Music was playing on the radio, though I didn't recognise it. Still, it was better then silence.

"Customer inbound!" My twin brother yelled from the porch outside, wher he was currently playing chess with Mist Hunter, another member off our group.

I straightened up and waited, smiling a little when, sure enough, there was a screech of tires as a car parked up. A few moments later a figure appeared in the door and I recognised him instantly. His name was Battery Jumper and he was instantly recognisable by his short stature and neon purple mohawk. His group didn't have a name. The first few times he'd come in there was a different name each time until they settled on not having one. "Hey Night." He smiled that warm, friend smile of his and cast his eyes around the place. "Busy as usual I see."

I chuckled and nodded. "Yeah. All we've had today is Bulletproof Sunshine and Show Pony."

"I could tell by Mist's face that Pony had been through here." He smirked and grasped the shopping cart we kept in here. It had a squeaky wheel, but we'd gotten used to it by now. It'd sound wrong without the squeak. "Did he leave a message for me?" He askedd, tossing bags of chips into the cart as he wheeled it around.

"Yeah. Sealed and everything." I felt under the counter and pulled out a stack of envelopes, flicking through them until I got the one with his name. I set it down and then put the rest back. "It looks important."

He nodded and kept going around, filling up the cart with supplies. "I'm sure it is. It always is." He flashed me that smile again and tossed in some sort of drink, which I heard slooshing around as he tossed it in. He looked me in the eyes a few moments later then spoke again. "Is he in?"

"The big guy?" He nodded again and I smiled, tilting my head towards the door next to me. "Sure. He's in the back as always." He paused for a moment and wheeled the cart towards me. He hadn't finished I knew, but I also knew he'd want to leave it with me while he went in the back.

He gave me a small nod after leaving the cart beside me, then disappeared through the door. He was the only customer that went back there regularly. In fact, he saw the big guy pretty much every time he came. The big guy, Sand Veil, was the leader of our group. He ws pretty intimidating, with sandy coloured hair that hung to his shoudlder and stubble across his chin, but he was a nice guy really.

During his early visits I'd wondered what they talked about, so I'd shifted close enough to hear a few times. Both times the major topic of conversation was the same. The Killjoys. Battery always seemed extremely interested in them, wanting updates on them, asking if they'd been here recently, all kinds of stuff like that. I figured that Battery was some kind of fanboy about them at first, but maybe it was deeper then that. It seemed like it to me anyway.

I'd met them once. It was the only time they came here. They seemed nice, awesome as fuck. They ghosted some Dracs that were attacking our car and they decided to stick around for awhile. It was fun having them around, but they only stayed a few days before vanishing into the sunset. They seemed to do that a lot.

Battery came out the back a few minutes later, taking the cart and getting a few last things. He always seemed quieter after talking about the Killjoys, as if just talking about them sent him into deep thought. It was one of the things that made me wonder. "Battery?"

"Hmmm?" He looked up from where he stood, having stared at a can of food for longer then the few seconds most people did.

"Umm..." I paused for a second and leaned forward, running a hand through my midnight blue locks. I considered how to ask, then figured I should just go for it. "Why are you so interested in the Killjoys?"

"Oh... I..." He set the can in the cart, his cheeks flushing a little. "I used to know one of them." The way his eyes lit up as he spoke said it was more then that, more then simply knowing. My mind instantly raced, wondering exactly which of them it was. "I just... like knowing he's ok." He gave me a small smile and wheeled the cart to me. "Ring it up Night."

I took the hint, he didn't want to share more then he already had. I cast my eyes over the items in the cart, putting in the prices for each one from memory. It was a lot quicker then fishing them all out of the cart just to check them and put em back in. It also helped that everything was priced in nice round figures, no needing to account for cents. "Ok, that's 50 bucks Battery."

He nodded and handed fished out the bills, handing over the exact amount with one of his signature smiles. "Thanks Night, I'll see you soon ok?"

"Yeah." I smiled back, even though, as with every customer there was the chance he could get dusted between now and whenever he planned on coming back. I tried not to dwell on that thought. I slipped the bills into the register, handing him the envelope from Pony with another smile. "Stay shiny."

"You too." He kissed my check and wheeled the cart out to unload into his car. I heard additional movement and low voices, guessing my brother and Mist were helping him pack. I sighed and waited for the sound of tires of dirt, the indication that he'd gone to wherever it was he came from.


A few hours later the shop was shut up and it was just me and my brother left behind. The others had gone off to Wolfblood for the night, to party and fuck. We never really bothered with that. Sure we went a few times a month, but it wasn't really our scene. We were pretty content to be together.

We were sat on the roof now, staring out into th horizon. We were so far from the city that it wasn't even visible, the only lights in our line of sight being from places like ours. I glanced sidelong at my brother. We were twins so we looked a lot alike, in fact there were only three real differences between us. I had a mole on my cheek and was a lot leaner then he was. The most obvious was our hair. While mine was midnight blue, his was considerably brighter. It suited him. After a few seconds of my studying of him he turned to face me. "Something wrong?"

I shrugged a little, then returned my gaze out over the desert. "You ever think that we could maybe... do more?"

"You mean fight?" I nodded slightly and could see him shake his head out of the corner of his eye. "We might not be out there ghosting Dracs but we're doing something that's important." He paused to wet his lips and I turned back to watch him again. He gestured out over at the lights scattered across the sand. "Those people, all the ones out there they need people like us. We give them access to food, tech, parts and information they wouldn't have otherwise. Without those things they wouldn't survive." He paused again and patted my knee gently. "Don't worry though bro. If it ever comes down to it we'll fight, we'll fight to the end." I smiled and nodded at his words.

"You think it ever will? Come to that I mean."

He took a deep breath and thought about it for a few moments."Yes." He replied finally, his voice soft. "The others know it too, deep down. That's why they party while they can. I don't think it's any time soon though."

I nodded and resumed my staring across the desert, not sure what to say to that. My mind was swimming full of thoughts about what could happen to us, about when that day would come. "Come on, let's take your mind off it." He stood up and took my hand, leading me back inside.

We carefully stepped over the solar panels on our way back in, heading down the confined staircase into store's top floor. He led me into the room we shared, shutting the door behind us by pushing me into it. I groaned softly, watching him grope for the light switch as his lips latched onto my neck, sucking and licking at the senistive skin there. The light came on in a flash, illuminating us both in the small space. His hand came to me, grasping my violet tee and tugging it up enough to expose my skin. "Off." He muttered urgently, seperating from me enough to pull the clothing off me and throw it away.

Before my t-shirt even hit the floor his lips crashed on mine, his hips practically rutting against me. I could feel his hardness against mine, only the thin layers of our clothing seperating us. His hands were on my chest, his fingers stroking my exposed skin. Even though we'd been doing this for years he still touched me like it was the first time.

We seperated again, this time so he could remove his deep blue tee. Now it was my turn to stroke bare skin. I licked my lips, running my hands lower, to where the top of the v of his hips was visible. My fingers dipped down, undoing his top button and then his fly so I could get to his cock. He was so hard, so warm against my hand. I instantly wrapped my fingers around him and started stroking, his moans music to my ears. "Mmmm stop..." He groaned, wiggling his hips so his pants fell to the floor. "Need yours off."

I chuckled low in my throat and reached down, undoing my own fly and wiggling out of my pants. I stepped out my pants as he mirrored my actions, so we stood facing each, our bodies bare. I licked my lips lightly, reaching out to run my hands over his soft skin again. "So hot..."

"You are." He whispered, voice low as his hips pressed against me. His cock throbbed against me, thick and needy. I wanted it, longed for it. I swallowed, his hands shifting down and aroud my sides until his fingers were on my ass. "Want you."

His fingers moved in deeper, the tips running along my crack making me shiver. His fingers pushed inside me, my eyes lidding and my teeth digging into lower lip as they filled me. I guess the advantage to staying one place was we could do this often. I couldn't imagine how hard it was finding a place to fuck on the road. Fucking in the desert was more trouble then it's worth, or it was when we did it out back. Sand everywhere. His fingers moved a little inside me, blissfully sand free and I couldn't help but moan and thurst my hips forward.

After a few more movements his fingers left me and he walked over to the nightstand, picking up the lube. I studied him as he squirted it onto his hand, my cock twitching against my hip. "Turn around." He made a motion with his finger for me to turn around, so I did, waiting for him.

Soon he was behind me, his hands holding me open. "Ready?" I nodded and waited the few seconds it took for him to thrust forward and bury himself inside me. I cried out, because even though I knew he was coming and had been fucked by him befoe it still managed to be a shock. He stayed still inside me for a few moments to allow me to adjust, then he began to move. He didn't start out slow, knowing how I just liked to get down and dirty. I let my eyes lid as he pounded into me, soft moans leaving my lips. "Could you do that thing?" He whispered brokenly against my neck between thrusts. "Please?"

I nodded and smiled, taking a deep breath as he stilled. I leaned forward and then bent double, hearing him moan when I became eye level with my own crotch. I gripped onto my legs to brace myself, then began to lick my own cock. He moaned above me, then resumed his pace. Every thrust he made just my own cock bounce close to my face, making it that much easier to lick.

I would have started to suck myself, which I was fully capable of doing, but I knew I'd probably bite myself every time he slammed into me. Actually I knew it was more then a probably. I focussed solely on licking myself, shuddering and moaning each time he slammed into me.

After more thrusts then I could count, he snaked a hand around my belly and took me in his hand. Every time he pumped me my tongue made contact with his fingers, which only made him groan more and speed up. Before I knew it I was shooting across my face, my cum staining my lips, cheeks and chin.

As I tried to get what I could with my tongue I heard him climax too. It was one of those strange, fucked up twin things where we came at exactly the same time every time. It was pretty strange but oh so hot at the same time. I took a deep breath and straightened myself up, feeling him sink to his knees behind me to clean up. If I hadn't just cum I'd be hard again. Instead I just sighed as I felt his tongue breech me, wiggle around and collect all the cum he could.

Once he was done we made our way to the room's large bed, kissing breathlessly to taste one another until he finally exhausted himself falling asleep in my arms. I smiled, stroking his blue hair as I used my other hand to turn off the light and pull the covers over us. Soon, I knew, sleep would take me also but I couldn't help thinking the same things I always did. Wondering when we'd have to fight like the others and if we did who would survive.
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