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Learn Your Lesson

Learn Your Lesson
Pairing: Jay James/Matt Tuck, Matt Tuck/Padge, Matt Tuck/Moose
POV: Matt
Rating: NC-17
Prompt: 47: Writer's choice: Feederism
Warnings: Feederism, bondage
Notes: When I pondered doing feederism I actually pondered having Jay being the one fed up. Then Matt opened his mouth in that interview and I had to do this. There's not as much feederism in as I would've liked but... it's my first time doing it so...

I stirred slightly, yawning as I woke. I knew instantly I wasn't in my own bed. I recognised the room as being one of Padge's spare rooms. I yawned again and tried to rub my eyes, but quickly realised my hands were bound to the bed and that I was naked under the sheets. The guys had probably done it while I was passed out after another night of drinking. We'd done much worse to each other over the years and I couldn't help but squirm at the thought.

"Guys? Anyone awake?" I didn't expect anyone to come if I was honest, so I was surprised when Moose came in after a few moments.

"Ah, you're awake." He had a smirk on his face, one that I knew all too well. It was the one he had on whenever he was up to something, like when we shaved off Jay's eyebrows or shoved a beer bottle up Padge's arse. He held up his hand, shaking his head. "No talking Matt, today you'll listen."

Considering I was tied up and couldn't do anything I nodded and waited for him to continue. "For awhile now me and the boys have been pondering what to do with you." I raised an eyebrow but kept quiet. "First, during the album you kept walking out of the studio which was pretty childish. Then you take over during every single interview we're had while you were there. At first we shrugged this off, but since it's been going on and on we decided we had to do something. We had no idea what though until you, ironically, gave me an idea while we were interviewed a few months back." I wondered what he meant. We'd done so many interviews it could be anything. "You said you wanted to be fat, so we're gonna make you fat."

I gaped at him and blinked a few times while he just smirked and licked his lips. "Everyone thinks we're in a recording studio now, so no one's gonna bother us for awhile. All you have to do is sit back, relax and eat."

As soon as he stopped talking Jay came into the room, carrying a tray full of food with Padge trailing behind him. I had to admit I was hungry so I gladly sat up as best I could and let them feed me, their eyes on me, watching as I ate and drank. It was pretty strange really.


For the first few days I was kept like that, in bed with my hands bound. I got the feeling that they thought I might run if I wasn't restrained. I saw them at least three times a day all together for my feedings, then they'd check up on me at various intervals in the meantime. They got me drinks, put dvds or music on and changed the nappy they made me wear. That latter task often fell to Jay, who seemed to take great pleasure in all this.

"You know I can tell when you're hard." He whispered softly after changing me on the fifth day. I can see it make the nappy twitch and bulge." He licked his lips and leaned in closer to me, his breath hot on my neck. "I see it happening now when we come to feed you." He paused, his tongue swiping my neck. "I bet you're just dying for release." I felt him smirk, his fingers ghosting over the inside of my bare thigh. I moaned softly, rising my hips up off the bed. He ran a finger along my length, slowly to tease me and make me whine low in my throat. "Do you want it?" I nodded and heard him chuckle against my neck. "Tell me you'll do anything for it."

I swallowed and nodded as he ran his finger along me again. "I'll do anything for it. Please, just let me cum."

He chuckled again and nodded, moving away. "Well since you asked so nicely..." I heard the sounds of zippers and clothing being discarded. I could see his bare skin and swallowed. I'd seen him naked before, plenty of times but it still made my cock stir. Instead of coming straight to me like I expected, he went towards the mini fridge. He bent over, opening the little door but I couldn't see what he was getting out from my position. That and his arse was sexy and distracting so my eyes were on those rounded cheeks instead. I heard him do something, that sounded like squirting, then he shut the fridges door and straightened up and turned to face me again. His cock was stiff and aching, the large shaft covered in whipped cream.

"Fuck..." I swallowed and licked my lips as he approached, his hips swaying and a smirk on his lips. He climbed onto the bed, straddling my chest so his dick was right in front of my face. I parted my lips, extending my tongue to swipe at the cream off his cock.

"Open up." He growled above me, then thrust his cock into my mouth the second I parted my lips. I groaned softly, twisting my tongue around his shaft. All I could taste was the cream but I could still smell him as he pushed in deeper. In a few moments his balls were pressed against my chin, the tip of his cock against the back of my throat. He growled above me, his fingers tangling into my hair as he began to move. He started moving his hips back and forth, his cock sliding in and out of my throat so easily. The cream was gone pretty quickly, sucked off by the third thrust of his pretty hips.

I closed my eyes a little, letting him set the pace, which started slow but built up pretty quick. I wiggled my tongue against his stiff dick tasting now just him instead of the cream. I did two of the things Moose had advised I did: lay there and relax. I gazed up at him as best I could, his head tipped back and moans leaving his lips. His crotch was what filled my view the most though, his dark curls brushing against my face with each thrust. He felt so good, dick throbbing on my tongue. It had been so long since I'd sucked cock sober, I'd forgotten how much I loved it.

"Shit..." He whispered above me, shoving his hips against my face one last time before shooting down my throat. I swallowed it all down, the salty taste filling my senses. "Mmmm good job." He whispered, pulling out after a few more moments. "I guess you've earned this."

He laid down beside me, wrapping his fingers around my cock. He began stroking instantly, locking his hazel eyes with mine. My first wank in a week didn't last terribly long, because I was so fucking turned on. I came hard across my belly in hot, thick spurts, my hips arching up off the bed.

"Good boy." He leaned down and licked the fluid from my chest, making me squirm slightly as he did. "Now to put a fresh one on you." He smirked and got a fresh nappy, his hips swaying as he did so. Fuck, damn him.


It was a few days after I'd sucked off Jay. Since then we'd done it once again and my cock started to ache whenever we were alone. Most of the time though he'd just tease me, squeezing my bulge and chuckling without doing anything else.

I looked up when the door opened, half expecting it to be him again to tease me. Instead, it was the taller form of Padge. He shut the door behind him and crossed the room in a few strides, not saying a word until he was at my side. "I bet these ache huh?" He muttered, his hands moving to my arms, running along them. I squirmed slightly at his touch and nodded. They'd start to free them for a few minutes every few hours but no more then that. "How about you do something for me and I free them permenantly?"

"Fuck yeah! Please Padge."

He chuckled and nodded, letting go and stepping away. "Jay said you were most agreeable." I felt my cheeks flush at his words, watching as he took off his three-quarter lengths, the only item of clothing he bothered wearing. "Let's see how right he was."

I watched as he went in the same direction Jay had. I heard the same sounds too, the opening of the fridge, followed by the squirting and then the fridge closing. This time, though, the squirting was accompanied from a moan from Padge's lips. When he came back into my line of sight his cock was bouncing between his legs but there wasn't any of the cream along it's length, nor was there any on his balls either. I glanced up his chest, not seeing any on there or his face. He smirked and mounted the bed in much the same way that Jay had, though he squatted over my face instead. The second he did it was obvious where the cream was.

I groaned softly and extended my tongue, licking the cream off his cheeks first in long strips. Most of it was between his arse cheeks, forcing me to press my tongue in deeper to get it. It was a little awkward at first, but he got the hint and reached around, opening himself up for me. He was less hairy then he was when I'd last seen his ass, which made me wonder when he'd shaved. I didn't ask though, too into licking him deep to get all of the cream.

Soon, like with Jay, it was gone and all I was doing was licking Padge's skin. I found his pucker pretty soon after the cream was gone, my soft tongue sliding easily into him and wiggling around. He moaned softly and he moved more, his hand obviously now on his cock, jerking himself off. I tongue fucked him, squirming beneath him as I did so. "Yeah that's it... fuck..." I moved my tongue in and out of him, twisting it around his insides.

He ground his ass down against my face, loud moans leaving his lips above me. His ass was clenching slightly around my tongue which made it harder to go deep but I kept at it in anyway. He groaned some more, much louder then Jay had before. Padge was much more vocal, although in a different way. Jay was all growls and low groans, while Padge was making so much noise all of South Wales would hear. He let out a grunt in amongst the moans and he quickly got off me and turned around, just in time to shoot thick spurts over my face.

"Mmm so good..." He chuckled softly, licking his lips. "You look so much better with cum over your face." He wiped his dick across my chin, then sat beside me. "Well I better keep my word." He reached up and freed my hands, smiling. The second they were free I strarted stretching them, flexing my muscles and rotating my wrists. "Now the rules. You stay in this room. No wanking without permission. Simple."

I nodded in agreement, even though the seond part would be hard. "Can I take this off now?" I pointed at the nappy and he laughed.

"Sure, why not." He stood up, picked up his three quarter lengths and headed to the door. "See you for dinner."


The next few days went pretty much the same as the ones before I was freed. Of course there were a few differences. They didn't need to come as often to free my arms or change my nappy either obviously. They still all came to feed me, sometimes gropig themselves through their clothing as they watched. Jay or Padge would come on alternate days and I would do to them the same things again.

I knew it wasn't over. I was waiting for the day that Moose would come.

Two weeks after I first woke up here he finally did, licking his lips as he came in naked. "Well it's good to see you putting on some weight." He walked towards me, his dick stiff between his legs. "I've heaard Jay and Padge have been having fun with you. I guess I should have a turn." He stopped at the end of the bed, running his hands along my thighs. "On your belly fatty."

I swallowed and rolled over, waiting for him. There was movement and noise and then he came back. Hands were on the backs of my legs, pulling me down the bed until my ass was hanging off the edge, my legs dopped to the floor as he let go of me. I heard a now familiar squirting and the he growled. "Hold yourself open." My hands shifted behind me, each of them taken a cheek and holding them over. They both felt a little... plumper. "Good boy." I felt a finger at my ass, which felt wet and sticky. Obviously he'd used cream instead of lube. He worked a finger into me, the action making me hiss a little. He waited a few moments, then started to work it in and out of me, his second finger joining it soon after.

After a few minutes he pulled them out, the squirting filling the air again before he offered the fingers to me, the cream smeared along his digits. "Suck." I nodded, opening my lips as he shoved them in my mouth, lining up with my hole at the same time. He waited for me to start sucking before thrusting in, my groans muffled by his fingers. His other hand was on my arse, over my own as he started to fuck me.

He wasted no time picking up the fast pace, slamming hard and fast into me. Fuck it felt so fucking good. Why had it been so long since I'd had a cock up my arse? Far far too long. I dug my nails into my skin, pushing back against him. "See, I knew all you'd need is time for you to become our eager little slut." He pushed my hand off my ass bringing his own down on it hard, pain radiating from where he hit me. The pain went straight to my cock, which was currently wedged between the sheets and my belly. "Wank you stupid cunt!" He growled louder, spanking me again.

I took the hint, grasping my dick and stroking it hard, groaning around his fingers in my mouth. He growled behind me, taking his fingers out of my mouth and wiping them over my face. "That's it slut!" He snarled, gripping my hair and yanking it back hard. "You learned your place now huh?" His hips slammed against my cheeks, his cock head hitting my spot just right.

"Y... yes." I whimpered, thrusting my hips to meet my stroking hand.

"Then tell me what that is." He scratched my sore cheek, thrusting in deep. "Tell me what your place is."

"To... fuck!" I moaned as he thrust into me, disrupting my train of thought. "Keep quiet and... take dick."

"And?" He paused, stilling inside me so I could think.

I took a few minutes for me to work it out, but then it was obvious when I thought about it. "I'm going to eat everything any of you offer me."

"Good cunt." He resumed instantly, slamming in and out me harder and faster then he had before. "Now, cum bitch." I moaned low in my throat, his words making me shoot over myself and the sheets below me. "Mmmm you can behave." His voice came out as a breathless pant as his thrusts became more erratic. I kinda went into a daze after cumming, my head only kept up due to his hand in my hair. "Fuck...."

I knew he'd finished only when he let go of my hair and slipped out of me. "Good slut." He whispered, patting my head and watching as I moved up the bed. "Oh, one thing before I get Jay to suck my dirty cock clean." I twisted my head to look at him and he leaned down, brushing my hair back so he could whisper in his ear. "You go back to how you used to be and I'll do two things. First I'll rip that out of your nose." His other hand tugged on my septum for emphasis, only ligghtly though. "Second, there's cameras in here." He smirked as my eyes widened. He didn't have to say anymore. "Have a nice rest."

He stood up and slapped my ass on the way out, leaving me alone with my thoughts and my aching arse.
Tags: 50kinkyways, bullet for my valentine, jay james, jay james/matt tuck, matt tuck, matt tuck/moose, matt tuck/padge, moose, padge, slash
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