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Keep running

I'll start this post with something very simple.


Seriously they were sent Thursday and neither is here. Ditto on Fever but we all know I'd only watch the dvd.


I refuse to be lieke (it seems) 80% of everyone and download the thing. I'll do that for bands I'm not too bothered about, but not this album. Thankfully due to the fuck up with the rayguns I'll be able to dowload it legally (please don't be through i-tunes) tomorrow night. Finally! And yes it's only the second thing I'll ever have got legally but eh.

Onto other things. I still haven't read the Kerrang interview with MCR (it's not my fault the pictures are so pretty and distracting, why do they all have to be hot at the same time for the first time ever?). I meant to read my issue when I got it Thursday but I got too tired.

Too tired because of Iceland not having deliveries so I had to lug four massive shopping bags home and then go back and get the other stuff. Ugh.

Friday was eh in daylight parts. I watched Children In Need though. Yay for new Doctor Who clip! Also, fuck is Harry from Mcfly a good dancer. And he has nice arms.

So far today I've not done much apart from cursing post. Might watch Clone Wars later though I'm not too exciteed aout this one. I did read the next chapter of Red Harvest. Fuck it's so kinky for a Star Wars novel. Seems it may be even better then Death Troopers which had canibalism, an empty Star Destroyer (Imperial-class) and zombie stormtroopers.

Amused by a Bullet interview I saw. The septum! The outfits Moose mentions. Nipple clamps! Jay being fingered! Ngh. And hi feederism fic inspiration.

Last part of the post now which is about the Sing vid, which probably everyone has seen but I'll cut anyway for a change.

Ok so when I watched it I had to go through loads of coments to find one I could see. I didn't see too many spoilers before I watched it though.

First thing after seeing it was I wanted to scream at them for being so reckless and stupid. Have they never seen anything ever? There was no attempt to even try and disable the security systems and they just... walked in through the front door? Seriously. How stupid can you get?

Of course that makes me think about the girl. What makes her so important that BL/Ind took her in the first place? What makes her so important that the Killjoys simply have to go in there like that? I've seen theories but none of them sit well with me (or would only fit one of the two things). The main two I've read is that she's related to one of the Killjoys (plausible, but why would BL/Ind be after her?) or that it's a trap for the Killjoys (which would amke sense... but they got her from the Killjoys in the first place so why not take them then?).

The end! Why did they have to get shot again? And seem to be dead. I'm 90% sure they've not though. Rayguns (or blaster, phasers etc) generally tend to have a stun setting so... plus they survived being shot in Na Na Na. I'm hopeful. But yeah, it made me sad.

Now onto the random bullet point part:
*Show Pony! Yay! More of him next video please
*Jimmy as a Drac which is pretty amusing. I caught it first time round
*The Ways shooting back to back
*Poor Mikey
*Ray with an eye patch is so... ngh
*Frank sacrificing himself

Want the next one!

Off to watch Harry Potter cause it's on tv. And make notes and ponder fic.
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