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Save Yourself

Save Yourself
Pairing: Kobra Kid/Party Poison, Battery Jumper/Jet Star (with Fun Ghoul, Electric Lithium, Motor Monster, Agent Exploder)
Rating: NC-17
POV: Kobra Kid
Warnings: Porn
Notes: Set in the Killjoys verse (obviously). I started this last week (during the epic sudden inspiration burst). I got the first three paragraphs in my head then drew a blank. So ever since then I've wrote it a bit at a time, occasionally drawing blanks but the new music inspired me. Especially today when I finally got an ending. The other's names are (mostly) from the Killjoy name generator. I had to change one part of on cause they sounded similar.

I levelled my raygun as I entered the abandoned gas station. Well, it looked abandoned, but so did many places out here. I'd been sent in to check it out, make sure the coast was truly clear. Inside I looked around, the main garage seemingly empty of life with tools and car parts scattered around the room. It was a few steps later when I noticed the figure crouched down, going through some parts on a shelf. Instinctively I pointed my gun at him. "Stand up, hands where I can see them." He did so slowly, the bright colours of his clothes and tight jeans making him stand out against the drabness of the garage. That and his neon purple hair in a mohawk.

He had nothing in his hands thankfully and he didn't seem like a Drac, but I couldn't take chances. It was then I realised that he wasn't alone, when a blade pressed against my throat. "Drop the gun." A gruff voice growled against my ear.

I did so, not seeing as if I had much choice. As my raygun clattered to the floor the man in the front of me turned around and he let out a soft gasp. He spoke quickly in a language I couldn't understand. I picked up a few word, my name and the Killjoys and the blade was retracted. "Sorry." The voice muttered and then the owner moved away.

"I'd apologise for my associate." The man in front of me spoke, his voice soft, yet confident. His accent cetainly wasn't American, or even familiar to me. "But I'm sure you'd do the same." He smiled, disarmingly and he bent down to pick up my gun. When he straightened up he handed the gun over with that same smile. I had a feeling he didn't need to use his own raygun that often, as long he flashed that damn smile at them. As llong as them was human. I slipped the raygun back into it's holster figuring if they were then there wasn't anything to worry about. "Sorry, where are my manners." He stuck out his hand and I hesitantly took it to shake. "Battery Jumper."

"Kobra Kid." I replied out of instinct, despite him obviously knowing my name. "Mind if we crash here?"

"Sure." He smiled as he released my hand and a small part of me wanted to just grab it again and not let go. "This place is plenty big enough."

I nodded and headed back out to tell the others, not expecting him to follow but he did anyway. Outside, the others were waiting by the car. My bother was the only one directly facing the door I'd gone through and he smiled in relief at seeing me. He always got so worried, as if he expected me to one time go somewhere and never cover back, which I guess wasn't that unreasonable. His gaze went past me to my companion and he stiffened a bit, until I made a motion to let him know it was ok. "Battery's group was already here." I said that as if I knew there was more then just the two of them. From experience though, people tended to travel in groups and not pairs so it was a fair assumption. "He says there's plenty of room for us to crash too."

"Thank fuck." Ghoul muttered from the back of the car where he'd been looking through the trunk. I hadn't even been aware he'd been listening until he spoke. He slammed the tunk's lid down and then took a drag of his cigarette, gazing past me into the gas station. I had a feeling his mind was already working on what he'd like to take from within.

"Thanks, we appreciate it." My brother said with a smile. Beside me, Battery nodded but his gaze was elswhere, on the final Killjoy. Jet was staring along the dirt road, obviously focusing too much on the task of guard duty to notice my return.

"Jet." He turned at the mention of his name from Battery's lips and there was this strange sort of spark when they made eye contact. His face clearly shown his surprise at seeing the other man, though he hid it quickly.

"Battery." The way Jet said the name was more like a whisper and I'd had to strain to hear it.

They stared at each other for a few moments not saying anything, yet saying everything all at the same time, before they averted their eyes. "I'll go let the others know we have company." Battery quickly excused himself and darted back inside.

All eyes went to Jet, but he just said nothing and went back to looking at the horizon.


Sometime later we all gathered inside, in the former employees lounge of the gas station. As I'd suspected Battery was part of a group, although they had no name, at least none that was forthcoming. Battery got us all beers and chips, which I hadn't had in forever, and then went onto the formal introductions. As he said, 'we may be on the run, but that doesn't mean we can't be civilised.'

First there was Battery himself. He was the leader of his group, although he made it clear the role wasn't self appointed. He had a neon purple mohawk and he was fairly short, about the same height as Ghoul was. He had ink on his arms, although not as much as Ghoul.

Next to him was Electric Lithium, who was obviously the man who'd almost slit my throat. He was gruff, with a deep voice that was hard to understand even though I tried. His hair was dark, hanging past his shoulders with deep blue streaks. His weapon of choice was obviously knives, which he had at least three that I could see.

Next was Agent Exploder. He had long hair like Lithium, although the tips of were dyed flame red. He was the slimmest of the four of them, although not as thin as I was from the looks of it. He was the explosives and weapons expert of the group, which was clear from the pair of guns on his hips.

Lastly there was Motor Monster. He had hair that hung past his ears, though it had no dye in it as opposed to the others. He was the tech guy of the group, much like Ghoul was. He seemed to be the quiet one of the group.

After the introductions we spent the time exchanging stories and basically getting to know each other better. We somehow managed to avoid the unspoken elephant in the room, the way Jet and Battery were exchanging glances and averting their gazes.

Now Exploder and Monster were sitting on one sofa, discussing fuck knows what about cars and weapons. My brother was discussing with Battery the burdens of leadership. By discussing I meant my brother was talking and Battery was nodding in the right places. Jet and Lithium were regarding each other, exchaging the occasional few words but were otherwise silent, with Lithium fiddling with a knife.

Ghoul, Monster and Exploder excused themselves. I wasn't sure if they were going for some alone time or to tinker with something. Probably both.

So that left the five of us.

A few minutes after, Lithium got up and went too, mumbling something to Battery that I wouldn't quite make out as he left.

I looked at my brother, knowing it would take me to intervene to get him to shut up and get him out. When he paused for breath, I leaned in close and whispered in his ear two simple words that I knew would get him moving. "I'm hard."

His cheeks flushed and he looked at Battery. "We should turn in, where can we sleep?"

"Of course." Battery smiled that smile again and pointed out the back door. "Upstairs, to the left. Pick any unoccupied room."

I nodded gratefully and tugged my brother out, leaving them alone.


I guessed this place used to be some sort of motel due to the amount of bedrooms. Either that or they were just really good to their employees. It was fantastic to have a proper bed to ourselves. I'd probably beg Battery to let us stay a few days. Make that definitely.

We shed our clothes quickly, sharing hot, wet kisses in the process. While yeah, we regularly had sex, it was rarely in the privacy of a proper room that we could lock. Especially a room with a bed. I groaned softly as I pushed Gerard onto the bed, my hands roaming over the pale expanses of his skin. He didn't tan, despite us being out on the run in the fucking desert. It was as if his skin was somehow allergic to the sun, or at last uneffected by it. It must be in our dna, since I was the same. I kissed along the length of his neck, my hips connecting with his. Our dicks touched, sending a surge through me. I needed to be in him.

I managed to peel myself off him reluctantly, striding over to his jacket to get the lube from his inside pocket. He always kept some on his person, just in case we ever did manage to find somewhere private. You never knew when that'd happen so it was best to be prepared. I popped open the cap and squirted some of the thick blue fluid on my fingers. I moved back to him, licking my lips. "Legs up." His knees moved up to chest instinctively and I was soon on the bed, my fingers darting between his cheeks. I quickly found his opening, pushing my middle finger inside him. He grunted, then licked his lips, silently requesting more. I chuckled and pushed a second inside him, watching his pretty eyes lid as my digits filled him.

I moved quickly out of habit more then anything, wiggling my fingers inside him before sliding them out. I wiped the excess lube onto my aching dick. I moved back onto the bed, grasping my cock in hand and lining it up with his ass. I didn't need to ask if he was ready, already able to see it in his eyes. The need, the want, the desperation. In a different world I may have teased him, drawn it out just to watch him squirm and beg. Instead I gripped onto his ankles and thrust inside him. He made a noise somewhere between a hiss and a moan, before wrapping his legs around me.

I tangled a hand in his bright red hair and yanked him up so our lips crashed together. We swallowed each other's moans, tongues twisting as I began to move. I didn't go slow, again mostly out of habit, but also out of need. The last time we'd have sex was about two weeks back, at a diner while Ghoul and Jet were fixing up the car. It had been fast and rough and dirty, with him sprawled out over one of the tables, ass out for me. Between then and now the most we'd managed to do were a handful of quick blow and hand jobs.

My other hand curled around his cock, stroking him as I slammed into his body. He was so beautiful. I was so lucky to have him. Most people never had what we had. Sure, things weren't perfect, with us being on the run and all, but that didn't matter to me. As long as we were together I knew things would be ok. We'd keep each other safe on the road, despite everything.

Our lips parted from one another, our breath's coming out in hot, needy pants. We rested our foreheads together, my hips thrusting against his round cheeks. At the same time my hand on his cock tightened and moved faster. "Kobra..." He whispered, his ass tightening around me. Even when alone we didn't use our actual names. The first reason ws you neve knew who was watching or listening. The second was that we'd just got used to it. Now, Party Poison and Kobra Kid were our names, moreso then the ones we were born with. The same was true with everyone we met. Ghoul and Jet and Battery and Pony. I didn't know any of their birthnames. Probably never would. It was rude to ask.

"Fuck Kobra..." My brother jerked up, his eyes lidded, his breath hitching. He was close, I could tell. "Fuckshit!" His hips met my hand and he was cumming, hot and wet over my hand and our chests.

His ass milked me as he came, making my eyelids flutter slightly. I was close too, latching onto his neck as I felt it surge through me. Mere seconds after he'd shot over us, I came inside him. "So, so fucking awesome."

A few minutes later we were spawled over the bed, settled into the matress and each others arms, the taste of cum in our mouths. We were buzzing, unable to sleep. After all this time of fucking on the run we weren't used to the possibility of sleep afterwards or even just enjoying the afterglow. We'd probably end up talking late into the night until one of us slept.


I got out of the bed a few hours later, unable to sleep despite how nice it was to be in bed with my brother. I slipped my pants and t-shirt on, then headed out. It seemed no one else was awake as the station was quiet. I went out the back, taking out my cigarettes and lighting one up.

"Do you remember when we used to do this?" I looked up at the sound of the voice, looking over towards it's source. There was a sheet on the floor, with two figures lying on it naked, their clothes scattered on the sand either side of them.

"Yeah." I recognised Jet's voice instantly and smiled. "The stars look better out here though."

"Yeah." Battery replied, voice soft. I watched him roll onto his side, so he was facing Jet. "I've missed you."

"Me too." They kissed an I decided to leave them to it, dropping my cig to the floor and heading back inside.


The next few days were calm by our standards. We spent our time learning stuff from the others and generally enjoying our down time. It was nice to have time like that, just to rest and relax. Of course not everyone was relaxing the same way, but that was good. We didn't really get much space or to interact with others, so now was our chance to do that.

Exploder was teaching me how to use a new weapon they'd picked up. It was this glove, not the easiest to use weapons and it required me to get within touching distance to use it, but it was pretty cool.

Ghoul was spending time with Monster, probably souping up the car somehow or something along those lines.

My brother was learning how to wield a blade from Lithium, though I didn't quite trust him with one just yet.

Battery and Jet were always together, although I suspected they weren't sharing information in the same way the rest of us was. That was good though. I'd never seen Jet so happy.

Whenever we could me and Poison did pretty much what they were doing. Well, at least what I assumed they were doing, I'd not actually seen anything but it was just so obvious.

The nights were nice. Pretty much the same as the first, with us having real food and exchanging stories and information, generally just getting to know each other until we parted. For us anyway, that parting meant sex.


We'd been here a week now.

We were in the main garage when Monster ran in, rambling something in that language they used. I knew now that it was Welsh, their native language and they used it because not many people here knew it which was certainly an advantage. Battery stopped mid-sentence with Jet and nodded.

"Time for you to go." His voice was strangely insistant, more then I'd heard it. "Now!"

Party Poison stood and looked at him. "Why?"

"Dracs inbound." Battery whispered, looking tense. "You have to leave." He spoke Welsh to the others and they nodded.

Exploder handed Ghoul a... fucking bazooka? Was that for real? Ghoul's face looked like all his Christmases had come at once. "It has four rounds. Don't waste them."

"Thanks." Ghoul nodded and kissed him, lugging it over to the car, opening the trunk and putting it in the back.

Exploder looked at me and nodded to the glove. "Keep it too." He smiled and headed off, no doubt to get weapons of some sort.

Monster headed out the room and came back, handing Poison something. "You need to give this to Show Pony. He'll get it to where it needs to go." He nodded and slipped it in his pocket, as Monster left, stopping only to hug Ghoul before going after Exploder.

Lithium merely gave us a quick nod, before following his team mates out.

"Thanks Battery, for everything." Poison smiled a little, the other nodding slightly in response. My brother took that as enough acknowledgement, getting in the drivers seat beside Ghoul. I waited, guessing Jet would need help getting in.

"I'm not leaving you here." Jet was gripping his arm, looking down into the other man's eyes. "I'm either staying with you or you're getting in that car with me."

Battery shook his head, closing his eyes. "No... you're place is with them. My place is here. The Killjoys need you and my lot need me." Battery paused and swallowed, stroking Jet's face. "Please. Go." He leaned in close and kissed him, their foreheads touching. "Go. We'll hold them off." Battery pushed Jet away, towards me, looking at me with a gaze that told me 'take care of him'. I nodded in response, guiding Jet into the car. He wasn't as resisting as much as he could have, he knew Battery was right. He could easily have broken away from me stayed, but he didn't. I got him into the car and belted up, watching him look back at Battery.

The other man grabbed something and came back, handing it to Ghoul. It looked like some sort of pad with a map on it. "This is a map with all the safe havens on it. Everyone there can be trusted. Monster got it by hacking into one of the old GPS satelites."

"Thanks." Ghoul nodded and set it on his lap.

Battery looked back at Jet and leaned in, kissing him quick and whispering something in Welsh before stepping back. "Stay shiny Killjoys. Now get the fuck out of here."

Battery stayed there as we sped away, only getting his gun out of his holster and running away once we were some distance away. My brother kept his eyes on the road, focusing on it as we drove away. Ghoul sat up, head poking out of the open roof window, clearly looking for any signs of the action behind us. We kept looking out the back window for the same reason.

It was a good few minutes before we did hear or see anything, but it was just blurs that we couldn't make out, accompanied by the sounds of explosions and raygun fire. We kept watching, despite being unable to either do or see anything. We were observers of a fight we couldn't stop, couldn't even see. There was no way of telling who was winning or losing, who was dying and who was living. I glanced from the rapidly disappearing fight to Jet. He looked like he was breaking, his cheeks stained and eyes wet.

"What did he say to you?" I ask softly, not sure what else to say to him.

The words came out softly, so much so I had to strain to hear it. "That he'd see me again." He kept his eyes focused on the gunfight, even as it vanished over the horizon.
Tags: agent exploder, battery jumper, battery jumper/jet star, electric lithium, fic, fun ghoul, jet star, killjoys, kobra kid, kobra kid/party poison, motor monster, party poison, slash
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