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So earlier there was the MCR album stream.

Cut to me screaming at youtube for constantly fucking cutting out (and the laptop for dying).

So I gave up on watching it online and ended up downloading the vid and watching the ones I missed.

I'm not gonna judge the songs based on that, mostly because of the skippyness of the first few and I hardly ever keep my judgement. I mean last night I heard Destroya and I didn't really go much on it, but when I heard it again I liked it.

I'm not sure which ones I liked best.

One thing I did like was some of the Dr D bits, not all though. He does look hotter minus the glasses.

Today's been slow otherwise. I ended up not doing most of the things I was gonna do. I felt so drained for some reason so I spent most of the day in bed.

I'm gonna fic now, which I was gonna do earlier but, drained.
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