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Let me see your jazz hands

Only here could a kettle knock out all the power for downstairs. Sigh.

Picture post time. I meant to do this yesterday but a: I forgot and b: I was too drained.

Pics include stuff since the start of October and lots of the fuzzy pigs. None from Doctor Who live yet though.

From the BMTH signing in Birmingham

This was in HMV. Amusing because of the rivalry between Bullet and Lostprophets. Well, it's more between Ian, Lee and Matt.

This was in the Lichfield library, in it's cd section. Yay!

And this was it's language section

Ian and Sean eating

Me and Jay Smith at Attack! Attack!

The Kerrang posters in the living room

Random bearded dragons

Ian and Sean with the makeshift house I did for them

Ian and Sean on boxes which served as their houses a few weeks back.

Attack! Attack! signing

Halloween pumpkin

Halloween candle holder

Birthday cards: Who one off mum, Welsh ct one from lc_faff, red one (which has Bullet on) from Sandy (the nice funeral director lady) and llama one from saur.

Close up of Welshness!

Two other cards. The Who one's from mum's annoying friend Lyndsey, but when you open it up it has Daleks saying 'CELEBRATE!' cause of a voice chip thing. The Clone Wars one is from Angie!

It does this! While playing the Clone Wars theme with lightsaber sound effects! So coool

Echo the bat plushie!

The new igloos, the blue one being the one that caused all the trouble

October signed stuff (minus the Attack! Attack! lanyard which seems to have vanished and the We Are The Ocean poster which was too big)

Off now to await the mail and the MCR stream. Oh, and fic. And transfer stuff to the external hard drive.
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