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Pairing: 11th Doctor/werewolf
Rating: NC-17
POV: 11
Warnings: Bondage, dub-con, bestiality? I dunno if werewolf sex counts as that...
Notes: Well it is now past midnight so it's now Mikeysaur's birthday! So you were subtle about wanting this (which is like saying I'm subtle about wanting Jay porn) and I wasn't gonna do it but I got an idea so I did. So here you go. Anyone following Who, this is set sometime after series 5 and before the Christmas special.

Although I've been from one end of the universe to the other, seen both the big bang and watch all the stars go out, it still surprised me how often certain races all looked the same. Take the Ood for instance. They all looked essentially the same. Even I had trouble telling them apart. Most species just didn't have the variety humans or Time Lords had.

Currently I was being chased by a member of another one of those races. The Lupine Wavelength Haemovariform, which most people just shortened to werewolves due to the similarity, was currently in pursuit of me since it knew who I was. It looked exactly like the one that I'd encountered all those years ago in Scotland, well from the quick look I'd gotten anyway. Now I was just running. Running from a werewolf in a castle on some unamed planet halfway between Earth and the Medusa Cascade. Well, I'm sure it wasn't unamed. It probably did have a name when they were first people here before the wolf came. Well, there probably were people here somewhere. Knowing the wolf it probably did have other people to at least use as future hosts. Probably in the dungeon.

I ran towards the stairs I'd seen earlier, which led down, deeper into the castle. While deeper may not be the best thing to do, it certainly felt like it was the right thing to do.

I entered the stairwell and quickly made my way down the spiral staircase, taking the steps two at a time until I reached the bottom.

It was then I realised, like with most of my decisions, that this hadn't been the best thing to do. No sooner had I stepped into the corridor beyond the stairs had another wolf pounce on me, pinning me to the floor in an instant. My hearts pounded as the creature, easily more then twice my size, climbed on top of me, it's snarling face level with mine. "What do you want?" It snarled above me, saliva landing over my face. "I could give it you. Let the people of this world go and I could give you what you want."

It looked into my eyes and growled. It was almost as if it was saying 'I want you'. I swallowed. "Let them go and you can." A paw hit me across the face and then everything went black.


I awoke in a different part of the castle altogether. Probably the dungeon. My clothes, and thusly my sonic screwdriver, were gone. All I had was a collar, which was connected to the wall by a chain. I shifted on the floor, which was covered in hay, well this planet's version of hay which was deep purple. I swallowed nervously, then did the only thing I could do. "Is anyone there?


After a few more moments there was a low growl and I knew I wasn't alone. I looked out through the bars as one of the wolves stalked into view. Beside him was a native of this world, or what looked like one anyway. It was slightly shorter then I was, with pale green skin and black eyes, but otherwise it looked humanish. "Thank you sir." It spoke in a soft whisper. "You have freed our people." It trembled noticeably. "The beast wants time with you."

"How long?"

"The rest of this night." It unlocked the door to the cell and then the wolf stepped inside. "I'm sorry."

"It's ok, enjoy your freedom." It shut the door and then ran away. I couldn't blame it, this wasn't going to be pretty. I looked at the wolf. "One night huh? That's all you want?" The wolf inclined it's head and nodded. "Ok. Bring it on."

The wolf was soon on me, on my back and I could tell it was a male. It was extremely obvious now, up close and pressed against my back. Perhaps this was Captain Jack in wolf form. I guess this was better then what I'd expected, that the beast would tear me to pieces. I took a deep breath and gripped onto the hay closing my eyes as his cock pressed against my opening. There was a snarl and a grunt, followed by the wolf's dick pressing into me. I was surprised that it filled me so easily. Probably one of the natives had been instructed to prep me while I was unconcious. I took another deep breath as he forced himself deeper.

I swallowed, finding that my body was starting to react as he filled me. It had been so long since I'd had actual sex. In fact I'd not had any since the regeneration. My first time in this body was with a wolf. I guess it coulda been worse, it could've been Daleks doing this to me. Again.

The wolf started to fuck me, hard and rough. I would've been surprised if it was otherwise to be honest. I let out groans of pain, the beast's paws running down my back, the claws leaving marks on my body. I found myself pushing back, the wolf's fur surrounding me and tickling my skin. He snarled above me, his snout pressing against the back of my neck. His wet tongue swiped across my neck, making me shiver and thrust my hips.

Now every time he thrust into me his cock caught my spot and made me moan, only now it was in pleasure and not pain. I'd forgotten how good sex could be. I'd have to indulge more, but sneaking off was hard. I was only here alone now because Amy and Rory were busy honeymooning. I should take advantage of what was left of my alone time, that was if the wolf didn't have a change of heart and tear me apart anyway. However when he thrust into me hard again such thoughts left my head.

The beast kept fucking me, hard and deep. Each thrust of his fur covered hips made me shudder in the darkness. I snaked a hand between my legs, grasping my length in hand nd starting to stroke it, hoping the beast wouldn't notice. My new dick still felt unfamiliar to me as I'd had so little alone time to get used to it. It almost slipped out of my hand when I first went to grasp it due to the size difference between regenerations.

The wolf either didn't notice or didn't care that I was stroking myself while he pounded into me. This probably shouldn't feel so hot, bound and being fucked by essentially an animal that could kill me in a heartbeat. But here I was, being turned on by it fucking me like this. Logic, reason and common sense had gone out the window. Lust had took over completely, which didn't happen often.

I let out a low groan and felt myself spill over my chest, pushing my ass back against him as I rode the orgasm out. Right now I couldn't think why I didn't listen to lust more often. It felt so good just to let go like this.

I didn't have time to dwell on it though, as I felt the wolf shoot inside me too. At the same time his maw bit into my shoulder, hard enough to tear into my flesh and draw blood. I swore, the realisation hitting me that the sex was a front. What he really wanted, was me.

Seconds later everything went black again, as the wolf howled in triumph.


One of the advantages about being a Time Lord was the time travel. True to their word the wolves had left the world so the natives, and I, were free. It was clear that the wolf had expected to infect me like it had the others, turning me into one of them. Ingenius really. A werewolf Time Lord would certainly be a force to be reckoned with. Pity it wouldn't come to pass.

I'd done a quick trip to new Earth. It was probably unethical to use the treatments of the Sisters of Plenitude, but hey, I knew I'd solve it in their future. It was worth it though, I was in and out within an hour, wolf and scar free.

Ah well, guess I'd better see if anyone else in the universe needed help before picking the lovebirds up. Or maybe I'd have sex instead.

I considered for a moment, then set the TARDIS for the diamond planet Midnight.
Tags: 11/werewolf, 11th doctor, doctor who, fic, slash, werewolf
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