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Pairing: Fun Ghoul, Jet Star, Kobra Kid, Party Poison, Show Pony
Rating: NC-17
POV: Kobra Kid
Warnings: Milking, BDSM
Notes: Done for the Killjoys kink meme. Huzzah! I'm back in my stride again. Expect a few fic these next few days, then I'll return to doing the planned ones.

I figured when we were captured we'd be interrogated, maybe tortured and then reprogrammed or, worse, executed. I never expected this, though. We'd not been interrogated, in fact they never even asked us a single question. Instead we'd been stripped of our clothes and tied down. We were on all fours, all in the same room. It would've been humiliating if we hadn't already been fucking each other on a regular basis.

Our first day was spent like that, with the four of us comfirming nothing had happened to us yet and the rest of our time spend waiting for Dracs (who never came) and trying to escape (which proved futile).

The next day was when things changed.

While we slept the four of us had been fitted with same get up. The first was a gag that filled our mouths. It was a rubber ball that wasn't too big but it was enough to keep us quiet, it also had a small tube that went upwards towards the ceiling. The second was a drip that went straight into our arms. Third was a sheath that surrounded each of our cocks, each one connected to a tube that went out of my sight. The final thing was a dildo, lodged up my ass.

The day then began as the rest of them did after that.

The dildo would start moving in and out of me as the sheath did the same. I'd hear the others moan as their devices copied mine. It was a strange thrill to have machines getting me off, but it felt so fucking good. I'd cum pretty quick first time. It was pretty shameful actually how fast I did, but I always knew that the others did the same.

There was a brief respite, maybe a few minutes, before it would start up all over again. I worked out early on that the drip must have been giving us not only some kind of sustenance, but also drugs to make us both horny and produce more cum. I knew we'd never naturally be ablle to cum this much, not ten times a day.

Occasionally I'd taste a few drops of cum, which I guessed was from the others through the gag's tube, which always sent an extra wave of arousal through me. Most of the time I couldn't tell whose was whose, but I just knew when it was my brother's. I'd always cum harder at the taste, especially if it was his. It made me wonder what happened to the rest of it that was pumped out of us.

Every few days I'd spot Dracs who came and take away large, see through tubes which were filled with white fluid that I figured was our cum. I wasn't sure if it was ours collectively or if we each got our own seperate one. The tubes were always replaced with fresh ones right after and the Dracs woould always ignore us which was a little frustrating. Despite how good the machines felt I longed to be touched.

All the days became a blur of orgasms. Some days I'd just close my eyes and let the machine's do the work. Others I'd watch Jet or Ghoul or my brother as they were milked. I was sure I came more on those days then I did just taking it.

One day, though, there was finally a difference to the routine.

Someone was pushed into the room, someone equally as naked as us only not bound, although they did have a collar around their neck. I recognised him after a few minutes, he was Show Pony, who worked for Dr D. It was a shame they'd caught him, but he was so pretty.

He got to his knees shakily and moved to the space in front of us all, our eyes on him expectantly. Surely he had some news of the world beyond these walls. "I'm sorry I couldn't get you out." He spoke finally, his voice barely a whisper. "We didn't hear from you for so long. We started a search, thinking maybe you broke down or something, but all we found was your car." He paused for breath and his eyes darted around, wide and nervous. "And then we stumbled on something on the net." He jerked his head up and all of our eyes followed him. A camera was there, clear as day and it was filming us. Not only that but broadcasting us being used this way. I knew it should have filled me with shame, but it didn't. "We tried to get you out, but..." He trailed off. Him being here was enough to tell us how the story ended.

The question in everyone's mind, well mine anyway, was 'what was he doing here?' Patiently we waited. Thankfully he'd come during the midday (or what we thought was that) respite, so we had a good long while. "I've been instructed to help... please you." Pony's cheeks flushed although why i wasn't sure. We knew he was as experienced sexually as we were. "And no I can't let you out." He pointed at the collar, black and emblazoned with the company logo. A shock collar.

So when the machines started again, Pony joined us. His lips and tongue explored our bodies, in places the machine ignored. He alternated between the four of us, latching onto one of our nipples, our necks, our balls, or the space between them and our asses. Fuck he made things so much better. I just wished that the gag or sheah or dildo were removed just once so I, or any of us, could feel him there.

Maybe, just maybe, that'd happen someday.

After all we have to hope for something right?
Tags: fic, fun ghoul, jet star, killjoys, kobra kid, party poison, show pony, slash
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