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Daleks will be deleted

Thanks for all the birthday wishes.

It's not been among the best birthdays, but it's mostly due to this year.

The four best cards are the two Who ones (one with Daleks ordering me to celebrate and nom Sec), a Welsh one and a llama!

Presents so far:
*The Used stuff (New white hoodie, notebook and pencils)
*Echo the bat
*Dead Space: Extraction (although mum can't seem to remember where it is)
*2 fics and a ficlet (so far)
*Bullet clippings (yes I count it as a present:P)

There is one other thing, which was what I went to Birmingham for.

Birmingham wasn't too special. I didn't use my money on anything. I'm debating between a set of Magic The Gathering cards or a hexbug. Mum got me some jelly beans. Yay! Oddly didn't feel like mcdonalds. I struggled to eat it. I dunno why.

Purple was everywhere today.

Then we went off to the NIA where my last present was (which made me sad cause it's the last thing nan got me). It was to see Doctor Who Live. Sadly we got there a little late so missed the first few minutes (so I missed the Ood boo). However we did see the Judoon, clockwork droids, angels and, most importantly, Daleks and Cybermen. It was pretty cool and we were pretty close, so the aliens that walked through the crowd went right past us. Ah and the Daleks and Cybermen were bitching at each other again < 3. And the flying Dalek was awesome!

Sadly it was short, but I got a lanyard and the new Who Top Trumps.

This has been my birthday. I guess anyway.

I'm gonna order Adam Lambert's cd/dvd soon. When HMV's site is working. Need to go to the tour. Can he add another date?
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