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Twice As Shiny

Twice As Shiny
Pairing: Kobra Kid/Party Poison/Show Pony
Rating: NC-17
POV: Show Pony
Warnings: Double penetration
Notes: This was based on a dream which was the result of me reading this the night before. It's mostly what was in the dream (minus a little). Last fic this side of my birthday. Boo. Since this is my first Killjoys fic I hope is pretty good. So here it is.

"Well well, if it isn't two of my favourite customers." The two men awaiting me in room 4b were regulars of mine. I saw them at least a few times a month, sometimes more. The one that stood, leaning against the wall, was blonde and looked permenantly awkward. The other was laying on the bed, legs spread and hands behind his head, fingers loosely holding his bright red hair. They were called Kobra Kid and Party Poison respectively. They were brothers, but they sure didn't act like it, at least in the traditional sense.

It just made them so much hotter. "So how're you guys doing?"

"Oh we're just shiny Pony." Poison replied from the bed, his smirk telling me they'd likely scored something big. I wasn't inclined to ask what. It was probably best I didn't know anyway. "But there's better things we can do then talk." I chuckled softly and nodded in agreement.

Over the next few minutes the three of us lost our clothing, the floor becoming so much bright with the myriad colours of clothing on it. Soon the three of us were stood there, naked and hard. "So, what is it you boys want tonight?"

The other times we'd been together we'd done all kinds of things, in all kinds of positions. Poison smiled, running his hands down his body. "We wanna double fuck you." Kobra nodded in agreement, moving closer to me. He didn't say anything, but he ran his hand down his chest, his fingertips brushing against my skin.

Kobra pulled me away, sitting down in the room's chair, his legs spread wide and his cock arching upward. "So Pony are you ready?" I chuckled and nodded, reaching back and pulling the bright white dildo out of my ass. I always wore it, it saved a shitload of time. Client's often weren't interested in the prepwork so this was easier. Most of the other boys did something like this too now. I straddled his body, then sank down onto his stiff dick slowly. I groaned a little as it filled me, his hands on my sides. My own hands were on him, bracing myself as I started to move slow on him.

The first realisation that Poison had moved was his hand running down my back. Well, it was more the realisation that there was an extra hand on me that certainly wasn't Kobra's. I heard a noisy slurping from behind me that I knew was Poison too. Probably sucking his fingers to act as lube. He seemed to prefer it even though he knew there was lube on the table beside the bed. Sure enough, I soon felt spit slick fingers between my cheeks. I kept still on Kobra's dick for awhile, gripping onto the boy's shoulders as his brother's fingers penetrated me. I groaned at the entrance, even though I'd done it before. His fingers moved in and out of me, moving around and making both me and Kobra moan in respective approval.

Soon his fingers with gone, replaced by the fat head of his cock. I made sure to keep prefectly still as he filled me, tipping my head back. "You are such filthfucks. Both of you are." My eyelids fluttered closed and I heard them chucklemoan as Poison moved in all the way. We stayed still for a few moments, before Poison began to move, slowly pulling out and thrusting back in.

"You know Pony, you could join us." Poison whispered in my ear, somehow maintaining composure, soething neither me nor Kobra had. "You know, on the road. We could use you." He emphasised the word use. I knew when he meant we he wasn't just talking about him and Kobra, but also their fellow Killjoy members Fun Ghoul and Jet Star, both of which I'd seen earlier. Probably they were with other men like me now. They'd often made vague offers, though this had to be the clearest and most direct so far.

"What makes you think I'd wanna be a Killjoy?" I groaned as he thrust into me, starting to move up just a little to ride Kobra. It was tricky, but possible. Just about.

"The adventure. The excitement. The open road. The sex." Each little sentance was punctuated by a thrust from Poison. When he stopped talking I couldn't hlp but laugh.

"If by adventure and excitement you mean getting beat up and almost dusted then no thanks." I rolled my hips a little more, receiving groans from both of them. I wasn't blind, I could see the bruises they had. Some old, some new but they were numerous enough to be noticeable, especially when they were naked. "I can see the open road just fine from my skates thanks. And sex? I had sex in the desert once and got dust in places I never knew I had."

Poison moaned and licked the back of my neck. "Pony you could be doing good with us."

"I'm doing good just fine." I closed my eyes, clenching around them both to make them moan. "But stop trying to recruit me while you're fucking me."

He seemed to take the hint and stopped talking altogether, instead just fucking me steadily. Admittedly it was a better way of being recruited then having a raygun pressed to my head. It was something I would at least consider. I was set in being neutral though and, as attractive as they were, I saw no evidence that they'd actually been sucessful. Ever. I shook such thoughts from my head focusing on them. Kobra was starting to move too, just small movements but it was enough to be noticeable. If my dick wasn't ringed I'd probably have cum by now. I was surprised that they hadn't. Perhaps they'd practised this before in the desert on Jet or Ghoul. The thought made me groan and move a little ore.

Kobra removed the white rubber ring from around the base of my cock. The ring was there because client's pleasure came first. It was up to them if I came or not, which they were fully aware of. Kobra grasped my dick in hand, starting to stroke me. My eyes fluttered closed as they kept rutting up against me while I moved up and down on Kobra.

There was a few more moments of the three of us moving, then one of them came. I wasn't sure which it was right away. It was only when Poison pulled out that I knew it was him. Poison didn't move otherwise though, just kissing along my neck and shoulders. I released soon after, climaxing over myself and Kobra. Seconds after I came, Kobra did too, his cum mixing with his brother's inside me.

Neither of us really wanted to move, but we had to eventually. Kobra was shifting slightly under me and I figured his legs must be aching from the additional weight of me on him so long. So Poison backed off as I stood, kissing Kobra briefly as I did. "Think about what I said Pony." Poison whispered, while I rummaged through the clothing on the floor for my own. "You know we'll be back soon if you make a decision."

"I know." I replied with a smile, trying to be as non-committal as possible. I didn't want to raise their hopes too high. I slipped my dildo back in, then pulled my white fishnet-thong combo on, letting out a small groan as the shaft filled me again. After wiping my cum across my stomach, I put my top on and flashed them my usual smile. "Try not to get dusted." I smiled and kissed them both, deep enough to know I meant it but I kept it brief for both brothers. "And keep shiny boys."

I shook my ass and then left them to it, knowing they'd mostly make out for a bit before dressing. On the way back from to the stage I saw Glitter Baby come out of one of the other rooms, the other Killjoys visible in the room behind him. I chuckled softly to myself and wet my lips. "Have fun?"

"Of course. Dirty filthfucks." I chuckled and offered them a wave before the door closed, heading off with Glitter Baby back to the floor.
Tags: fic, gerard way, killjoys, kobra kid, kobra kid/party poison/show pony, mikey way, my chemical romance, party poison, show pony, slash
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