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By Three's

By Three's
Pairing: Gerard Way/Gerard Way/Gerard Way
Rating: NC-17
POV: Gerard
Warnings: Selfcest? Is that the word?
Notes: You can all blame midnightsugar for this. I know I do!

As I walked into the hotel room I briefly wondered what it was exactly that Bert had given me. The room was as I remembered it earlier, small with few furnishings and a single bed, though I'd wanted to get out of it as soon as I'd dumped my stuff within it. Since then nothing had really changed, apart from one very important thing.

Ok, two very important things.

On my bed were two men. The first was dressed in a black outfit that seemed to resemble a military uniform. It had buttons and accents, all in gold. It was quite strange to be honest. I'd never seen anyone wearing that outside of a parade. His hair was a blonde, bright blonde, clearly the result of a bleach bottle. The hair was short, fairly close cropped and, in the right light, it would probably look like it wasn't there at all.

The second man was wearing almost the polar opposite. He was wearing a bright blue jacket with tight, faded jeans. His hair was shoulder length, but the most notable thing about it was it's colour. It was bright red. I blinked a few times but the colour stayed the same. "You came." The blonde spoke first, a smile crossing his lips. "We knew you would."

I looked at them both, puzzled and confused by their appearence in room. Not that I was against two attractive men in my room, but I was against two mystery men being in it uninvited. "What the fuck are you doing here?"

The red head acted first, coming closer to me. "Shut up." He growled and hit me around the face with enough force to make my head snap back. "Two men are in your room, take the fucking hint and lose your clothes."

I did so, part out of being inebriated, part because I his words made me hard and partly because he was right. I had been in rooms with two or more men before and lost my clothes faster. I removed my own jacket, casting it carelessly aside, my t-shirt following shotly after. I swallowed, then bent down and removed my shoes. My own jeans and underwear followed, as I slid them down my legs and nudged them away, leaving me naked in front of these strange men.

"Good boy." The red head seemed to be very much in charge. He paused and moved around me, waling in a slow circle. His gloved hands ran across certain parts of my skin. My arm. My back. The curve of my ass. My inner thigh. He stopped in front of me and nodded approvingly. He looked at me, then at the blonde. "Were we always this fat?"

"I guess we were." The blonde agreed, nodding. I noticed now that they sounded like me and that, despite their dress and hair, they looked similar to what I saw in the mirror. I blinked a little, confused. Maybe they weren't here at all. Maybe I was imagining them. Or maybe I was dreaming.

There was a pause, where neither man did anything for what felt like forever. Eventually the red head broke the silence by issuing me another command. "On all fours slut." I wet my lips, then did as he asked. Since this was all in my head what's the worst that could happen right? The red haired man undid his jeans and pushed them down just as I had, revealing his stiff dick, which flopped against his jacket. He hadn't bothered with underwear. His eyes scanned me again and then he went outt of my view. "Blondie, you can have his mouth if you want."

The blonde moved for the first time, removing those black pants he'd been wearing and walking towards us. Like the red head, the pubic hair surrounding his cock matched mine more then it did the hair on his head. "You've been fucked tonight haven't you?" The red head spoke again, slapping my ass hard. "Haven't you slut?"

He was right, so I nodded. Of course, being a figment of my imagination he knew I had been. "Yeah."

He chuckled and ran his fingers along my cleft, testing my hole a little with his fingertips. Satisfied, his fingers went from me and were replaced by his cock. I'd had bigger and smaller so he filled me easily as he pushed inside. I groaned softly at the feeling, watching as the blonde stepped in front of me, holding his dick in hand. He didn't move closer right away, instead waiting. The red head started to fuck me, his gloved hands moving to hold onto me as he did so.

After a few moments of him thrusting the blonde moved closer to me, gripping my dark, dirty locks in his hand and yanking back. His crotch filled my vision, his stiff dick twitching in front of me. "Suck it." He muttered above me, pulling my head towards him. My lips parted and, before I knew it, I had his cock down my throat. My tongue wiggled against the underside of his dick as I started sucking him.

The pair of them began moving at roughly the same pace, their cocks thusting in and out of both ends of my body. My eyes lidded a little and I relaxed, content to let them have control. All I had to do was squeeze around the red head every few thrusts and suckle on the blonde as he rutted against my face. A hand wrapped around my waist, his fingers wrapping around my cock. He didn't jerk me right away, just holding me.

"Mmmm want to be jerked bitch?" I nodded a little, mumbled around the cock in my mouth, then pushed back. He chuckled in response and started to drag his hnd up and down my dick. I swallowed slightly around the shaft in my mouth, my eyelids fluttering. He began to move faster, both with his hand and hips. The one in front of me mirrored his thrusting, his hand pulling on my hair as he fucked my face. I let out a low groan around him, my dick twitching in the red head's hand.

It all ended so fast. We all seemed to cum at once, yet more proof that this was all in my head. I came across my belly as the blonde shot down my throat and the red head filled my ass. They moaned as they did, then they moved away. "Good bitch..."

By the time I looked up, they were both gone.


Days went by, but I couldn't gett he images of the two of them out of my head. I sat in the back of the bus, drinking from my cup of coffee as I sketched them. Maybe if I drew them it'd get them out of my head. Humming to myself, I set my coffee down as I returned to my work, colouring the bright colours of the red headed guy.
Tags: fic, gerard way, gerard way/gerard way/gerard way, my chemical romance, slash
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