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Group Therapy

Group Therapy
Pairing: Ian Watkins/Jamie Oliver/Lee Gaze/Luke Johnson/Mike Lewis/Stuart Richardson
Rating: NC-17
POV: Stuart
Warnings: Fisting, bondage, bukkake
Notes: In large part Jamie himself is to blame for this for saying his band engages in group therapy and implying it was sexual. This is for lithiumqueen and clandestinemess both of which poked me and helped me with this. I also need to update my pics of the prophets boys but oh well.

There was only one good thing about Sean Smith's big mouth. Since he wasn't a cockscuker, despite his appearance, that was he let secrets slip when he didn't mean to. He talked a mile a minute sometimes so the key was to pick up on the right bits. It was thanks to him that we were here. It was also thanks to his big mouth that he wasn't.

"You wanna be bound?" Jamie was asking Ian, who was already crouched on the floor naked. The rest of use were still fully clothed, bar Luke who was topless. Lee was stripping now, while Jamie circled Ian like a vulture and Mike and me just sat and watched.

Ian seemed to consider for a moment, then his cock twitched between his legs, a sign which meant he wanted it. "Do it."

This thing wasn't new to us. Sure, it was to Jocko, who was new to the band, but not to the rest of us. It happened mostly when we were on tour. We'd get lonely, horny and sometimes a simple wank wouldn't cut it. So every so often, depending on scheduling, we'd do this. It was a band thing, not just us, although since we'd been together for so long we were likely one of the first.

Jamie walked to the large duffel bag that we dragged out for these days. It was full of toys we'd collected from around the world. Dildos, bondage gear, lube. Jamie began rummaging through the bag, obviously looking for something specific. He started tossing things out in his search, each item landing on the floor around him. It was after the fifth one, a purple double-ended dildo, that he found what he was looking for. He held up the roll of bondage tape and then strode back to Ian, whose arms were now behind him. Jamie nodded in approval, then knelt down and taped them together at the wrists.

While Jamie was doing that Luke was squirting lube onto the fingers of his right hand, while Lee cast his underwear aside leaving him naked. Beside me Mike squirmed a little, but otherwise did nothing.

Luke squatted behind Ian as Jamie pushed the singer's head down until his forehead was pressed against the floor and his ass was in the air. Jamie moved back a little and gripped Ian's ass cheeks in his hands, prising them apart enough to expose his opening. He'd known in advance that today was one of those days so he was already prepped enough to take one of us, but since today he was taking something bigger he needed some more. Luke thrust two fingers into Ian with ease, starting to move them as soon as he'd thrust them in all the way.

I watched closely as Jocko added a third one, thrusting them steadily in and out. Ian was groaning and his face had confusion written all over it, since he wasn't used to the extra prep. Well, apart from those times we double fucked him but positioning was so important for that. Important and tricky.

"You know something about Sean?" Jamie spoke softly, but loud enough for us all to hear. "He talks." Jocko thrust forward with his fingers and Ian made this noise from the back of his throat. "And he told us." There was another thrust. "That you want to be fisted." Another thrust. "By Jocko." Ian groaned, though if it was a result of Luke's movements or Jamie's words I wasn't sure.

Lee moved slightly into view again and he was now fully naked, his cock swaying as he walked. "Don't you guys feel overdressed?" His hand was on my thigh, trailing up. "It looks like it might rip your fly open." I chuckled and nodded a little, his fingers moving slightly closer to my crotch. "Let me help you with that." He took the zipper in between his fingers and undid it, cupping my crotch as he did so. Huh, so he wanted to get fucked tonight. Lee wasn't like Ian, he was much more of a switch.

"Do you need prep?" I asked him as he leaned forward, swiping his tongue along the exposed part of my cock. In response to my question he jerked his thumb back behind him, causing me to lean forward and peer down. He had one of the plugs up his arse, the big black one. That meant he'd be stretched enough to take me or Luke in one go. Perfect.

His hands worked to open my jeans more, my large cock hitting him in the face as it was freed. Me and Luke were the biggest in the band although it was hard to tell which of us was actually biggest. Lee was wetting my cock with his tongue, not even trying to suck it. He couldn't take it, he'd tried before but couldn't manage it. Ian could, although he'd had the practise.

After a few moments Lee leaned back, letting me know he thought it was enough. "On all fours bitch." I growled the words out as I stood up, pushing my jeans down all the way and kicking them away. He was instantly on the floor, in a similar position to Ian only his palms were planted on the floor. I walked closer to him, nudging his legs apart with my foot. His arse looked so fuckable right now. I licked my lips, pulling the plug out of him and casting it onto the bed where I'd been sitting. Mike had his cock out now, stroking it slowly as he watched us. I gave him a knowing smirk, then gripped the base of my cock and ran it along Lee's cleft.

Before sinking into him I glanced over at Ian, who was moaning whorishly. Who could blame him though? He did have Jocko's right hand wrist deep inside him now. It was, quite possibly, the hottest thing I'd ever seen. A large part of me wanted to just say fuck it and watch but I had a better idea.

I stepped back and slapped Lee's ass hard. "Move so you're facing them slut." He turned so he was was now in the position I wanted. The second he was, I returned to my previous position, my cock sinking into his tight heat. Four of the six of us moaned at the same time. Maybe we should record the sound and put it on the next album. I growled low in my throat as I thrust into Lee, filling him balls deep on my second thrust. Thank fuck for that plug.

I glanced ahead at the men in front of me, licking my lips as the sight just got hotter. Luke's wrist was buried between Ian's arse cheeks, obviously deeper then if it was just his hand in him. Fuck. My cock twitched inside Lee at the thought I wished again that I was closer, that I could get an up close view of it. I bet it looked hot as fuck. Jamie was lucky, he kept darting his head down to have a better look and it was obvious he liked what he saw. Ian moaned loudly, rutting back against Luke's hand.

Ian groaned again and he climaxed across his belly which made both Luke and Jamie chuckle. "Slut." Jamie chuckled as Luke slowly removed his fingers.

"You came faster from my fist then you did from my cock." Luke observed, his hand sliding out of Ian's body with a soft slurp. "Interesting."

"That was amazing..." Ian was panting breathlessly, his eyes lidded. He looked so beautiful like that, just after he'd shot his load.

I watched, still fucking Lee, as Jamie nudged Luke out of the way. Sometime while Luke had been working om Ian's ass, Jamie had managed to discard his clothing. He paused for just a few seconds and then he thrust inside him. Jamie could be rough when he wanted to be or he could be soft and gentle. Right now though the roughness won out. Jamie started slamming into him rough and hard, obviously because the fisting had turned him on so much.

Luke chuckled and moved around so he was in front of our singer, fisting his hair with the hand that had been up his arse just a few moments prior and yanking his head back. Ian opened his mouth willingly for it, taking his head in his mouth. Ian sucked him down halfway in one go, moving steadily up and down his length. Soon they were both fucking him from either end, both going for it with the wild abandon of guys who desperately needed to get off.

I found myself mirroring their actions with Lee, pounding into him hard and fast. The bitch could take it, maybe not as well as Ian but he'd made the choice to get fucked. If it meant his arse was so sore he couldn't sit for a day or two that was his fault.

We'd made an agreement that for todays session we'd all cum in one place, Ian's face. Due to that Luke pulled out after a few minutes, shooting thickly over Ian's face. Luke then wiped his dick across his cheek and moved to the side, kneeling down bside Ian and keeping a grip on his hair so his head was yanked back.

It was only now that Mike stepped into view again. He'd lost his trousers and he was still wanking, obviously deciding that today all he wanted to do was watch the live sex show tonight. He was often the most passive one out of all of us. He took up Luke's former position and stroked himself firmly three times before his jizz joined Luke's.

As quickly as he'd entered my line of sight, Mike went, presumably to sit back on the bed and watch the three of us finish up.

Jamie was next, pulling out in one fluid motion and moving around to Ian's head. Luke yanked it back and I could see that either Mike or Luke's cum had coated Ian's left eyelid shut. A few firm strokes was all it took again, and soon another load landed on Ian's pretty boy face.

That left me and Lee.

I pulled out of him and tangled my fingers in his dyed blonde hair, practically dragging him with me to Ian. Once I let go of him he got to his feet and started to jerk off. Unlike Mike, Jamie decided to lurk around still and, as soon as Lee was in position he had two fingers stuffed up his hole, angled to make sure he'd hit the blonde's spot to make him cum soon. Naturlly, it worked and soon Ian's right eye was in a similar state to the left.

That left me.

More often then not I was the last to cum. I had better natural stamina then the others and I often called them lightweights. I looked down at Ian and smirked at his cum covered face. This was when he looked his most beautiful, when his face was plastered in cum and he was moaning for it. Which he was. He'd probably be begging for it if Luke hadn't made him cum so soon. I made a mental note to get my own fist up Ian's arse, just to see what it felt like. It looked fucking awesome and I needed to do it. It was with that thought foremost in my mind that I spurted across Ian's forehead, sighing at my release.

I reached down and trailed my fingers through the mixture of us on him, which marked him as our own, and slipped the digits into his mouth so he could taste. Such a slut, but he was our slut.

I pattd his head affectionately, my fingers brushing against Luke's for a brief moment. We locked eyes for a few seconds, then our hands shifted away from Ian and we went to join the others on the bed. Well, Mike was on the bed, Jamie was getting booze from the mini fridge and Lee was examining the room's coffee machine.

We'd all need to recharge before round two.
Tags: fic, ian watkins, ian watkins/luke johnson, jamie oliver, lee gaze, lee gaze/stuart richardson, lostprophets, luke johnson, mike lewis, slash, stuart richardson
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