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One Night In A Darkened Booth

One Night In A Darkened Booth
Pairing: Andy Six/Jay James
Rating: NC-17
POV: Andy
Prompt: 5: Oil
Warnings: AU, BDSM, watersports, fisting (briefly, in the background)
Notes: So I figured if I was ever gonna do an Andy fic it'd be with Matt Good, ah well. I blame the pic of Andy that I've used for this. And Jay for having bandanas on suddenly. You can blame wolfslover for me doing this too< 33 Oh and here's the bandana code.

"If you guys ever do a world tour be sure to stop in Wales. The guys there are into the kinkiest shit you could believe." I could still hear Matt's voice in my head as I followed his directions. Well they weren't really his. they were more the directions google gave me since he'd only gave me the address.

The entrance was hidden down an alleyway and the sign outside was in Welsh, a language that looked insane. Every word was full of c's, l's, w's and y's. How the hell did you even pronounce half of this shit? I shrugged a little and headed to the door, which lacked any kind of bouncer. I toook a deep breath, swallowed and then pushed open the door.

The room beyond was dimmly lit, but warmer then outside. The entrance room had a small counter, behind which sat a waif-like boy with dark brown hair. He looked a little out of place, wearing normal looking clothes and looking... well, not intimidating. He smiled at me, though it was a shy smile."Can I help you?" His voice was quiet, soft.

"Yeah I'm..." I took a deep breath and crossed the room to him. "My friend told me to come here, that this was a BDSM place."

He nodded a little, a small smile crossing his lips. "It is. Can I see some ID?"

"Sure." I got out my wallet and pulled out my driving license, hoping it would do even though it was American. He took it for a moment, then examined it briefly before nodding.

"That's all in order Mr Biersack." He smirked a little as he handed it me back, the smirk looking a little out of place on his face.

"Andy." I corrected him as I put it back.. I hated my real name. It sounded so stupid.

He nodded and smiled, looking me over as he did. "You been to a place like this before?" I nodded slightly, even though that had only been one place in LA and I'd had Matt with me then. "Ok. Well, everything here is consensual, all you have to do is say no and they'll back off ok?" I nodded again and he continued. "Run into any problems and look for Sean. You can't miss him, we call him lightbulb head." He smiled at my confused expression. "You'll see why." He gestured to the door beside him. "Head on in. And have fun."

"Thanks." I returned his smile and pushed open the door, stepping inside.

The room beyond was completely different then the one I'd last been in. It was several times larger then the previous one, about the size of one of the venues we'd played a few days ago. It was mostly dark, with low music playing in the background. Thankfully it wasn't the shitty techno music most clubs played, it was definitely something heavier. As I stepped further into the room I felt their eyes on me. Eyes from men all around, some of which were looking out from hoods or masks. I noticed them more as I stepped in. Most, like me, were wearing black, or mostly black while some were wearing less then others.

I swallowed and tried to act confident, looking around as I moved. The first coupling my eyes laid was a boy with brown hair who was fully clothed and chatting to someone, which would have been relatively normal if it wasn't for the leash in his hand. It led to the collar of a man on his knees, who was mostly naked and covered in tattoos. A black mask covered his face, so the only part of his head that was visible was his jet black hair.

I licked my lips lightly as I turned my head to the other side. A blonde, skinny man was bent over a black table with straps from it securing him in place. He was naked as far as I could tell, though my gaze was drawn to his ass. The larger man behind him, who was dressed in black had his hand in the blonde's ass. "Fuck..." I whispered softly and swallowed, resisting the urge to keep watching, although that was hard as fuck, just like my dick was now.

The next pair that caught my eye was much like the first one. One was on his knees on the rubber padded patch of floor. He was naked apart from a leather thong and a collar around his neck. The man above him, obviously older, had his cock out and fuck, he was pissing on him. The piss was rolling down the other one's skin, making it shine in the light.

This place was fucking awesome!

I spotted the 'lightbulb head' as the guy at the desk had said. He was standing, wiith a group of other boys, lazily jerking his cock over a curly haired boy that was on his knees before them. His curls were already stained and matted with streaks of white.

"Quite a sight isn't it?" I turned slightly to the source of the voice and smiled a little. He was shorter then I, stockier. He was naked mostly, with strong arms covered in tattoos and oil clinging to his skin making his body shiny. He had long hair that almost reached his shoulders, almost concealing the black studded choker around his neck. Apart from that the only things he wore was a bulging thog and boots that were halfway to his knees. From his appearence I would have assumed he was a top had it not been for the bandana wrapped around his right wrist. Matt had made me memorise a code that was used here which involved bandanas around their wrists. I'd recognised it already. Like the guy who was being fisted had a bright red one around his right wrist and the one being pissed on had a yellow one. His was a black one, also wrapped around his right wrist.

"Yeah, it is."

"You're a first timer aren't you?" His lip quirked when I shot him a confused look. "I can tell by your expression, the look of amazed wonder in your eyes." He flashed me a grin and wet his lips. "So what are you looking for?"

I leaned in close and purred softly. "I want to fuck." He reached forward and ran a hand down my chest, swaying his hips slightly. "I want to fuck you."

He flashed me a grin and nodded, leading me towards the back of the room. There was a series of booths which were semi-private, one of which he led me into. There was a set of shelves along one wall with various sexual items over them, normal stuff mostly. A few dildos, lube, a flogger and a paddle were among the items that were most clearly seen. Really though I just wanted to fuck. The past few months had been spent on the tour bus without much time for me to even jerk off let alone fuck.

The guy was bent over the booth's table, waiting for me to decide what to do. "What's your name?" I asked him as I looked him over. He had a lizard tattoo on his upper back as well as several marks from where he'd been hit.

"I'm Jay, you?"

"Andy." I replied simply as I circled him slowly. It was hard to just resist the urge to fuck his oiled body, especially when I got behind him. I ran my gloved hand down his back stopping at the fleshy cheeks of his ass. He must have lost the thong while I was glancing at the shelves. I stroked my fingers along his cleft. His hole was open, a sign that he'd probably been fucked earlier. It wasn't beyond the realm of possibility, he was attactive and this place clearly had been open awhile tonight. I pressed my finger deeper into him, smirking as it filled him easily. "You been fucked tonight Jay?"

"Yeah." He nodded, gesturing vaguely out in the crowd. He could have been pointing at a specific person but it was hard to tell. "You can fuck me right away if you'd like."

I nodded and withdrew my finger, reaching down to undo my pants. I was desperate and needy, so having a hot guy with a great ass was more then enough to tip me over the edge. I pulled out my cock pushing my pants down to my ankles, stepping out of them before moving behind him. I took a deep breath and then thrust into him. He cried out beneath me, pushing his ass back against me. "You're bigger then I expected."

"Thanks." I smirked slightly, then started to fuck him hard. My gloved hands moved over his oiled body and I pounded into him. He felt so fucking good. Sure any ass would have felt amazing after such a dry spell but he really felt amazing. Best ass ever. I spat on his back as I slammed into him, his moans, and the those of others, were music to my ears.

Part of me wished I wasn't so desperate for a fuck. Then I'd be paddling his ass or using those other toys from the shelves. Maybe later. Maybe. I licked my lips then spat on his back again, my hips moving hard and fast against his ass.

"You wanna cum?" I purred down at him, my hands gliding over his muscular arms.


I chuckled and moved a hand around his waist, gripping his cock and stroking it fast. He felt thicker then I was, though I wasn't sure how he was compared to me lengthwise. He became a moaning, quivering mess beneath me. He didn't last long in my hand, which made me wonder if the person that fucked him before me had made him climax. I shifted my hand, marvelling at the way his cum glistened on the surface of the gloves. It looked so pretty.

His already perfect ass squeezed tighter around me and that, combined with my dry spell meant that I shot my own load deep inside of him a few moments after he had. "Fuck..."

As I pulled out my knees felt weak, so I slowly sank to my knees behind him, leaning in close and trailing my tongue across his twitching opening. I wiggled my tongue against it, tasting myself briefly before I stood and fell onto a sofa behind us. "Could you... get me a drink?" I asked him, breathless as I took a cigarette from out my pants pocket. I sparked up quickly and took a drag before he answered.

"Yeah, sure." He nodded and stood, looking slightly shaky. "Beer?"

"Sure." I flashed him a grin and fished out a note out my wallet. A ten would be enough right? "Get yourself something too." He nodded appreciatively, grabbing his thong and pulling it up those thick legs of his. As he turned to go I took the cigarette from my lips breathing a cloud of smoke before speaking. "Hey Jay." He turned slightly to look at me and I flashed him a grin. "You were a great fuck."

"Thanks." He returned my grin with a smirk. "So were you." He turned back and headed in the direction of the bar, his ass wiggling slightly on the way. This would prove to be an interesting night.
Tags: 50kinkyways, andy six, andy six/jay james, black veil brides, bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, lostprophets, slash, the blackout, the new regime
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