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Changing Rooms

Changing Rooms
Pairing: Ilan Rubin/Jay Smith
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Warnings: Porn
Notes: Set during the Lostprophets/The Blackout tour. For clandestinemess who I blame fully for this, hope you like. Ilan porn ftw!

I'd just settled onto the hotel room bed when the door opened. I sighed softly as my brother came in, his lips on Ian's, his tongue halfway down the older man's throat. Before he'd even noticed me I was off the bed, with my bag slung over my shoulder. "Which room is it?"

"409... with Ilan." Ian groaned breathlessly against Sean, his hand already down Sean's jeans. "Thanks man."

"Yeah thanks bro. Now piss off." Nice. I guess I should be used to this by now. I rolled my eyes and shrugged, heading out as I heard clothes fall to the floor. Before I got to the door I felt something hit my back. Ian's card key. I picked it up and caught a glimpse of Ian's tattoos before turning and leaving them too it. I could hear their groans as I walked away.

Well since I'd been kicked out I may as well hang with Ilan. He was pretty cool. Better then Lee the coffee fiend and so was wired all night. Or Jamie who'd probably fuck the shit out of me just because. I squirmed at the thought, but shook it out of my head, stopping at Ilan's door. I swiped the card through the door's reader the pushed it open and stepped inside. The tv was on some animal show and Ilan was laying under the covers of the bed, cheeks flushed a little.

"Hey my favourite yank." I grinned as I stepped in dropping the bag and kicking the door closed. "Did I disturb you?" I smirked knowingly. The look on his face told me what was on the screen wasn't what he was watching before I'd come in.

"Erm..." He blushed more, but he didn't respond. I grinned and flopped onto the other bed, turning to lay on my side so I was facing him.

"Come on Ilan it's ok. Everyone watches porn sometimes." He smiled a little but still blushed. It was so cute. "So what was it? Two guys? Two girls? Orgy? Het sex? Some kinky shit?" He turned red again with every word and I chuckled. Sometimes I forgot how young and innocent he must be. Well, not that iinnocent. He is in a band with Ian Watkins for fucks sake.

"So... why're you here?" Ilan asked, clearly eager to change the subject. I shrugged and nodded, deciding not to push it anymore.

"Oh you know, Ian and Sean at it again. So I'm rooming with you tonight."

"Oh." He whispered, but there was something in the way he said it and the expression on his face.

"What's up? Jealous of them?" He didn't need to say anything. His expression said it all. "Fuck you are!"

"Shutup." He whispered, pulling the covers over his head.

I grinned and hopped on the be, pulling the cover down so I was face to face with him. "So which one do you want? Ian or my brother?"

"Ian..." He muttered, his voice soft and reluctant. "I'd do Sean too... but Ian's the one I'd want."He turned and buried his head in the pillows.

"So is it just Ian you want? Or do you want your whole band to bang you?" I asked, partly to tease him and partly out of genuine curiosity.

He shook his head, his curls flying as he did so. "No... just Ian." He swallowed and his cheeks flushed again. "And Stu."

"Yeah?" I smiled and stroked his hair gently. "I bet you've thought about them both fucking you at once yeah?" His moan told me it all, and the way he bucked his hips under the covers. I grinned and leaned in close. "I bet they're both amazing in bed."

He shivered slightly under the sheets. "Jay I..."

I reached under the covers, stroking the bare chest beneath. "You know, if you want, we could do something?" I shifted my hand, pinching his nipple lightly making him moan. "If you want."

Ilan squirmed and nodded. "Fuck... please."

I grinned and leaned close, kissing his cheek. "Hang on." I stood up and started to undress, feeling his eyes on me as he watched. "Have you had sex before?" I asked him, honestly unsure how far he'd gone. If he was a virgin I'd have to go slow.

"Of course I have." He whispered and his cheeks flushed some more, while I cast my t-shirt aside. "I've not done much else though."

I nodded and smiled, undoing my fly and dragging the zipper down slowly. "Do you top or bottom?" I had a feeling I knew the answer, but I'd learned not to judge a book by it's cover. Rhys looked like a pretty boy bottom but he most certainly wasn't. Snoz was a giant with a big dick, but he loved taking it up the arse.

"I'm a bottom." He whispered softly and I smiled, slipping my jeans down. Well it was good to be right sometimes. I picked up the remote, turning the tv off before tossing it to the bed. I wet my lips and bent down, toeing off my shoes and socks before standing in frotn of Ilan, mostly naked. His gaze was on my bulge which pretty much confirmed he was a bottom. I waited a few seconds to tease him,, then reached down and pushed my boxers down, letting them fall to the floor where i cast them aside. My dick slapped against my belly, standing rect and proud.

"Now you show me yours." He nodded and cast the sheets aside, confirming my earlier suspicions. He was entirely naked already, his dick stiff against his stomach. I smiled and licked my lips, studying his bare body for the first time. His body was a lot like Matthew or Rhys in that he was slim. I nodded in approval and climbed onto the bed with him, moving up so our bodies touched. He let out a small gasp as our bodies touched, my cock rubbing against his. I leaned down and captured his lips with my own, kissing him gently. I wasn't quite as rough, needy or desperate as my brother was when he kissed. I certainly wasn't going to be like that to Ilan. Sweet innocent, pretty Ilan.

He responded to the kiss, but not as shy and nervous as I'd expected. In fact he responded almost as desperately as Sean would. I went with the flow, kissing him back hard to keep control. I wondered absently when he was last with someone. People normally kissed this passionately if they were either a slut, like Sean, or hadn't got any in awhile. I guessed, due to his shyness earlier, he fell into the latter category. I smiled against his lips, grinding my hips against his as my hands trailed down his sides.

"Tell me you want it." I whispered in his ear grinding against him. "Tell me you want my cock."

"I... I do." He squirmed beneath me, wetting his pretty lips. His pretty lips that would look so good wrapped around a dick. Mine, Ian's, anyones. I shook the thoughts from my head and smirked down at him. "I need your cock Jay please."

"Of course." I smirked and nodded, his words making my cock twitch appreciatively. "Mmmm, do you need prepping?"

"Yes... please." I nodded and reached up, running my fingers across hs lips. He took the hint, parting his lips so I could press two of my fingers inside his pretty mouth. Sure, lube was better then saliva but seeing him suck my fingers was so hot. Besides Rhys had borrowed my lube and I doubt Ilan would have thought to pack anyway. I watched him suck on my fingers, groaned at the sight. Fuck, he looked so good. He looked up at me with those dark hazel eyes of his, looking oh so sexy and seductive. Why wasn't anyone boning this kid? Seriously.

Reluctantly, when I was sure they were wet enough, I removed the fingers from his mouth. I briefly examined my spit-slick fingers, then nodded slightly in approval. "How do you want it?"

I stood as he shifted, staring as he rolled onto his stomach. Fuck, he had a nice arse. Why the fuck was no one screwing him? I swallowed and nodded slightly, climbing back between his legs. I couldn't help it, I had to slap his perfect ass with my dry hand. He yelped at the contact, which made me squirm a little. "Hold yourself open." His hands left his sides, moving down his body to his ass. He haad such talented hands. Everyone thought he just drummed but I knew better. I'd seen him play the guitar. And the bass. And fuck, he could play them both as well as he drummed. I wondered if the others knew that.

He pulled his cheeks apart, enough for me to see his opening. It was a pretty little thing, twitching slightly in anticipation. I spat at it briefly, then pushed my middle finger inside him. He grunted and pushed back, a hiss leaving his lips. I almost stopped pushing but he grunted. "Don't you dare fucking stop. I'm not a pussy, give me another one! I can take it."

And so I retreated my finger until there was just the tip remaining. When I pushed back it was joined by my ring finger, filling him up fully. He felt so amazing around me. He was moaning like a slut when I moved my fingers, thrusting them in and out of his beautiful tight heat.

It took a few minutes before I felt he was ready and it took all my strength of will not to just climb on him and ram into him until we both came the second he rolled over. I removed my fingers from him, smirking as he let out this desperate little whimper that was so sexy.

"Ready?" I asked him, sliding my cock between those perfect cheeks of his, teasing the head across his hole.

"Fuck yes!"

I smirked and nodded, pushing into him steadily, resisting the urge to fuck him into the matress from the get go. Instead I moved in him, stilling when I got balls deep for just a few minutes before I began to thrust. I trailed my hands up his sides, stopping to grip his those dark curls of his. I tugged his hair lightly, enough to make his head tip back. He moaned loudly and pushed his ass back against me hard. Hw wanted, no neeeded, this.

Soon I was pounding him hard and deep, pulling on his hair hard and holding him down with my other hand. I growled low in my thoat, pounding the boy beneath me harder as he moaned more whorishly with each thrust of my hips.

"I am going to make it my mission to teach you shit on this tour." I growled low, thrusting inside him hard on every other word. "Anything you wanna do, we'll fucking do.it. You hear that you sexy fucking bitch? Anything." He moaned and humped thets beneath us, which only served to make me chuckle. "I can tell you need it Ilan. Fuck you're desperate for it. So hot and needy." I growled and bent down, yanking his head back again. "You look so sexy with a cock in you. You were made for this." He whimpered hips thrusting against the sheets harder now. "I want you to reach down and touch yourself. I want you to paint these sheets with your cum, you understand me?" He nodded as best he could, his right hand leaving his ass and sliding between his legs. I couldn't see, unfortunately, but I could feel him wank his dick.

As I expected, he didn't last long. After all the poor kid had a dry spell and who knows how long he'd been jerking off before I came in. He made such pretty noises as he came I almost spilled myself inside his twitching body.

I had other ideas though and pulled out of him, quickly standing and moving around to the head of the bed. "Good boy." I whispered and gripped his hair again, pulling his head back. He looked so beautiful, his eyelids fluttering, pants leaving those soft lips of his, cheeks flushed, curls everywhere. "I want to cum in those sexy curls of yours." He nodded, though I was sure he wasn't fully hearing me. It didn't matter. I reached down and gripped my cock with my other hand, stroking it quickly.

I lasted less then half a dozen strokes before I came too, aiming myself so it all landed i those curls. Sexy as fuck curls. I wiped my dick across his lips, leaving a sticky trail over them. His tongue was out like a shot, licking the fluid away his eyes closing. "So pretty..." I whispered, releasing my grip on his hair before flopping down beside him.

"Thank... thank you for that Jay. That was amazing." His words came out as an almost breathless whisper and I grinned, kissing his cum stained lips.

"Yeah, it was." I purred against his lips, running my hands over him. "And I meant what I said." He groaned softly and kissed me back, holding me close to his body. Well I guess Sean'd be happy. He'd get to bunk with his lover a lot more this tour.
Tags: fic, ian watkins, ian watkins/sean smith, ilan rubin, ilan rubin/jay smith, jay smith, lostprophets, sean smith, slash, the blackout, the new regime
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