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If You Carry On This Way

If You Carry On This Way
Pairing: Ian Watkins/Lee Gaze
Rating: NC-17
POV: Lee
Warnings: Porn, more orgasm denial for Ian
Notes: For lithiumqueen for doing me that Luke/Ian fic < 3

I stared at Ian as he walked out onstage, my blue eyes bugging out a little at the sight of him. The others were too, I knew it. Ian was topless, which was hot enough on his own. However, he was also wearing a pair of leather trousers, at least a size too small for him, so it accentuated the curve of his arse and the bulge of his cock. "Fuck..." I breathed softly, wetting my lips.

And then the lights went up and the show began.


The show was far from perfect. Every one of us made little mistakes, nothing that a fan would notice. Hopefully. It was all because of him coming out like that. What the fuck was he thinking?

The second we'd got off stage the others 'excused' themselves, which I knew what that meant.

I growled at him when we got into the hotel room, pushing him into the wall. He just smirked and lookked innocent. "What's wrong Lee?" I growled and pressed up against him.

"What's wrong is you fucking wearing that." I gestured at him, at his clothing or lack thereof. "Did you think we wouldn't all get fucking boners and fuck up?" He smirked and a mischievous glint crossed his eyes. Of course the twat had done it on purpose. This purpose. "Cunt." I growled and stepped back, his eyes following me curiously.

"You know there's only one place for sluts like you." I growled low in my throat, gripping his hair and pushing him down to his knees. Once he was down there I undid my skinny jeans, pulling out my lengthy cock. "Open up fucker."

He did so, licking those sluttly lips of his before parting them. The second they were wide enough to accept my cock I thurst in. At the same time I reached down and tangled my hand in his hair, holding him in place so he couldn't move away. Of course, there was more chance of an asteroid landing on my head then Ian Watkins pulling away from a cock but that wasn't the point. I growled low in my throat, starting to fuck his mouth. For his part he let me take over completely, only squeezing his lips and lapping at my cock.

The sight was always such a turn on and one I'd certainly never tire of. He was much more skilled with his mouth when a dick was filling it. It was also pretty much the only way you could guarantee he'd shut the hell up. I guess that's why he got on so well with Sean. I licked my lips, keeping my eyes on him as I fucked his face. I almost felt sorry for the others for not having the sene to follow him up here like I had. Ah well. Sucks to be them. If they couldn't wait twenty minutes to shoot their loads that was their own fault.

As good as it was to feel him around my stiff cock, I wasn't going to cum down his throat just yet. I tightened my grip on his hair, snarled and yanked him back, smirking as he whimpered the second his plump lips left my dick.

"Strip." I moved away from him and perched on the bed, pushing my jeans down and off as he got to his feet. My shirt followed, being cast in the general direction of the wardrobe.

I watched him as he bent down, purposely removing his shoes before getting to work on his trousers. Even though I'd established I was in charge he still managed to be an arse about it. Once the shoes were gone, he reached up and undid his fly, swaying his hips as he peeled the leather off his skin. He hadn't bothered with underwear so his stiff cock immediately flopped out and hit his thigh. His dick was nice enough, not the biggest in the band nor the smallest. Once his trousers were at his ankles I growled again. "Crawl to me."

He fell to his knees and did so in silence. I'd expected some smart arsed quip from him but he was obviously too horny to do so. Thank fuck for that. I made a circular motion with my finger and he turned around before me, again without a word, until his ass was right there. All perfect and round and... fuckable. Before I even knew what I was doing I'd slapped his left cheek hard. "You stupid fucking slut!" He yelped in surprise and I grinned slapping his other cheek. "You should know better then to come onstage like that." I hit him again. "Especially after fucking last time." I remembered it clearly. All the pictures that had been taken of him. Showing off his fucking boner. His obvious fucking hard-on. I growled again and hit him harder at the memory. Fuck knows what kind of shots the photographers had got. Probably the shots of their lives.

He needed to be hit more. He fucking deserved it, but I was too hard and I needed to get off. I'd been patient enough already. I gripped his reddening cheeks in my hand, pulled them apart, then spat at his twitching pucker. "That's the only lube you're getting twat." I stood up again, aimed myself for his opening and thrust inside. I shoulda gagged the whore, he made so much fucking noise. Ah well, I was in him now. I moved my hands to his hips, holding onto them as I started to pound him, my thrusts becoming hard and fast in seconds. I needed to cum, simple as. There was no time, or point, to allow him to adjust.

There was one thing I had to do though.

I loweded my hand toward his dick and his hips instantly jerking to meet me. I smirked slightly. Honestly the fucker was expecting me to jerk his dick? Stupid dick. I bypassed his cock completely and went straight to his balls, wrapping my fingers around the sac. He moaned, probably expecting me to massage him or some shit. I held on and, as I kept pounding away, I squeezed tighter and tighter. I knew the effect it would have on him. First he'd get harder and moan like a whore. Then he's squirm and wiggle, trying to get me to stop. Lastly his dick would wilt. "Slut's like you don't deserve to cum" Each word was punctuated by a slam of my hips against his rosy cheeks. I let go of his balls and, as soon as I felt his softening dick, I filled him up, moaning loudly.

I pulled out and walked towards the coffee machine, switching it on and sorting myself out a cup. It'd be far from the best, but it'd do. "Don't even think about getting off tonight Watkins. Remember, I'm sharing the room. I'll know." As he whimpered the sweet smell of coffee filled the air. It'd be a fun night watching the bitch squirm.
Tags: fic, ian watkins, ian watkins/lee gaze, lee gaze, lostprophets, slash
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