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Quiz and Blue slash

Bad Boy - Your ideal guy is the rebellious and
muscular bad boy. He's into living life outside
the lines - and having fun doing it.
Turn ons: You'll enjoy being wrapped up in those
Turn offs: He might not always stay true to you,
and those motorcycle rides can seriously screw
up your hair!

What is your ideal type of guy? (With Pictures)
brought to you by Quizilla
These quizzes are soo accurate it's scary!
Anyway ontothe Blue fic. This one's happy:)

Never Leave Me
Pairing: Lee/Duncan
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash, sex
Dislaimer: Don't own em, wish I did....

Duncan's POV

Warmth. I felt his warmth against me. He always slept so soundly, after they had sex. I stroked his dark blond hair. I was happier now then I'd ever been. I kissed him forehead gently, hoping I didn't wake him. I smiled as I thought of when this all started.

He'd come to me, and told me the words I'd longed to hear him say: "I love you Duncan. More then anything." He had taken a ddep breath, then continued, "I'll understand if you don't want me, but I had to tell you."
I'd smiled at him, then leaned forward, pressed my lips to his and kissed him. Our hands quickly stripped us of our clothes, and our lips only parted for air when I managed to whisper "Bed."
He nodded as I pushed him onto it. Laying on top of him, I ground my hips into his. I could tell he was groaning, as our erections touched. I lifted my head up and looked at him. "What do you want Lee?" I asked, still grinding my hips.
"You..." he gasped out, "I want you inside me." I smirked at him, and reached for the drawers by the bed. I got the tube and squeezed some lube on my fingers.
"Just try and relax," I assured him, "It'll only hurt for a moment."
I got off him and lifted his legs up and stared. I'd dreamed of this for so long. I kissed him again as I slid my fingers along his crack, then slowly pushed one into him, gently streching him. I added another, then another. When I was sure he was ready, I lubed up my cock.
"You still want this?"
He just nodded. I lifted his legs onto my shoulders, as I slowly entered him. He felt amazing, as I began thrusting. I could hear him gasp and groan. I leaned over him and kissed him again, our lips parted as my tongue entered his mouth just like my cock was thrusting into his ass.
I realised that his own dick was untouched, so I used on of my hands to pump him in time with my thrusts. He moaned, "I'm gonna..." His cock erupted cum all over our sweaty chests.
I could feel his ass tighten around me, and I groaned as I came inside him.
We fell asleep in his arms.

I stared out the window, into the dark night. "What you thinkin about babe?" I heard him ask as he wrapped is arms around my chest and pressed against me.
"Oh, just thinking about our first time." I smiled.
He kissed my neck, "Well we I'm not tired," I fell his breath on my neck, "We could always relive it."
I smirked, and turned to face him. "Great idea," I whispered before kissed him deeply, as I pushed him towards the bed.

As with all the others, comments are appreciated.:)
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