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I heard a rumour...

This'll be a bullet point post. Cause that's how I roll.

*I now have an Adam Lambert poster above my bed. Thanks so much Donna! Nomnom
*Ficwise I've been semi-productive. I had planned on doing more
*The next load of fics will be Ian Watkins focused and I finish at least two of those before doing others
*I'll be posting fics here for clandestinemess. Be sure to read and comment and shit
*Also read these two fics: In Violence Rejoice done by lc_ffaf (Darran/Moose) and Tired Ian/Luke
*Bullet as schoolboys are fucking hot
*Kerrang's not terribly special though it has an Ian poster so nomm
*Not sure what to make of new Pokemon. Some are awesome as fuck some are fucking odd. I know which I want, lookwise anyway.
*New Clone Wars started last night! The first ep is up but I'll wait till the second one is too (it was a two ep thing)
*Tonight, new Merlin and Stephen Hawking's Universe. Yay!
*I'm amused there's a tripe called Etoro that practises ritualistic homosexuality.
*Mum is awol. Eh
*It was so awesome to watch Jay shed his skin < 3

Now onto what's broken half the internet. Which is, of course, the MCR vid. Now I have only watched it once and almost never watched it on all (I didn't wanna see another 20 second video of cryptic shit). Everyone else already has icons but THERE'S A TIME DIFFERENCE PEOPLE! So I am using caps made by so_many_fandoms once I have ate and made this post.

*Gerard's hair! Can he keep it? Please? It's hot
*Mikey's hair... I'm unsure about. It's grown on me since I first watched it
*Gah I still have x_monroeville_x's comment about ketchup and mustard in my head
*Ray sucking his fingers! Ngh!
*Most people know I'm not much of a Frank guy but ngh he looks so good too
*I wonder how long this idea has been in their head since Frank always wears masks on his head like that
*The video as a whole is insane (I hope the other videos will follow on)
*I don't go much on the dj guy at all.
*I want the full song before I comment on the music
*The ass wiggle! Gerard are you trying to get the others to fuck you?
*Ok I don't know why I said that like there was some doubt
*How the fuck does Ray's hair fit in that helmet?
*The helmets amde em think of them as a lesbian biker gang which I totally blamed on an old fic I did (although that was Bullet)
*Toro looks badass with a gun
*Why is Gerard being victimised by a guy that looks like Voldemort?
*The kid is strange

Of course, there's the massive elephant in the room. The lack of Bob. Which, as a whole makes me sad but mikeyface told me there's a rumour he could come back so I hope hope hope it's true and he can be in the next video.

I do wonder why the album name is/was the name of Gerard's comic.

I'm considerably much more excited then I was (which was pretty low because of Bob leaving and the recent reviews of people saying 'synth' and 'pop' in relation to the album)>
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