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The Belief That Insanity Begets Beauty

The Belief That Insanity Begets Beauty
Pairing: Lostprophets (Ian Watkins, Jamie Oliver, Lee Gaze, Luke Johnson, Mike Lewis, Stuart Richardson), The Blackout (Sean Smith, Gavin Butler and Rhys Lewis in this) and special guests (in various combinations)
POV: 3rd
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Vampirism, gore, death, torture, bondage, non-con
Notes: This was done by clandestinemess for me and I think it's awesome, so so awesome. She's asked me to post it here for her, so here it is. (So be nice and comment so she'll do a sequel!)
Summary: “You’ve been feeding all week,” Stu growled, pacing the floor in front of where Ian was stood leaning against the wall. “And you have the balls to tell us to calm down? Are you fucking insane?!

“You’ve been feeding all week,” Stu growled, pacing the floor in front of where Ian was stood leaning against the wall. “And you have the balls to tell us to calm down? Are you fucking insane?!

“Technically, I think we’re all insane,” Ian said and Stu suddenly rushed him, grabbing him by the throat and squeezing, pushing until he was holding Ian up off the ground completely.

“Stu, put him down. Ian, stop being a prick and give us something,” Lee snapped from where he was clutching his guitar. He’d managed to keep his cool so far but his grip on that control was slowly slipping and he was about ready to tear someone’s head off. Stu’s outburst didn’t help the tension and Lee was beginning to feel like he didn’t think anything was worth denying oneself like this. What the fuck could Ian get that would make this torture worth it?

Ian opened and closed his mouth, no sound coming out as Stu still hand his hand clamped there firmly.

“Stu!” Jamie snarled. “He might not need air to live, but he needs it to fucking talk. Let him go!” He flexed his fingers, baling his hands up into fists but restraining himself from hitting the wall. Again.

He still needed to sort out the four holes he’d ‘accidentally’ made already... before they left the house they’d been renting.

“Thank you,” Ian rasped, the damage Stu caused healing quickly but not instantly.

“Don’t fucking thank us,” Jamie glared at him. “If this... surprise... you have isn’t worth it, your life won’t be worth living.”

“Hey,” he held his hands up. “You lot agreed to this, you can all back out at any time, but you won’t get what I have to offer,” he shrugged. “Just remember, I’m not starving you, your starving yourselves.”

“You’re feeding yourself though,” Luke pointed out.

The youngest of them all in terms of their respective vampire years, he had every right to be the most agitated out of them all but he wasn’t. In fact, after Mike, who didn’t seem fazed by anything, Luke was handling the deprivation the best of all. Only mildly irritated at the best of times, smoking helped. He wasn’t sure how or why it helped, it just did. And he was grateful for that at least. If he had to get through the day on the knife edge Stu and Jamie seemed to be on he’d go stir fucking crazy and would probably try and steal a few drops from Ian.

Then again, maybe not.

“Yeah I am,” Ian said, voice sounding better already. “But I’m not going to take part in the surprise,” he went on. “I’m gonna sit back and watch and probably get off while doing so,” he smirked.

“Oh how lovely for you,” Stu drawled, sarcasm dripping with every syllable and Ian laughed. “Could you stop us if we fed and wanted to get a piece of this ‘surprise’ anyway?” he tried and Ian shrugged.

“Probably not. He could though,” he gestured behind Stu towards the door. Everyone looked around and saw Sean leaning against it, highly amused expression on his face. He had this look about him that screamed ‘I know something you don’t know’ and it set Stu’s teeth on edge. He didn’t make a move though. It was Sean for crying out loud.

“Trouble in paradise?” he teased, teeth glinting in the low light and every eye staring at him honed in on the darkened tint on his lips.

“Fuck,” Lee whispered, throwing his guitar to the sofa and moving, hovering in front of Sean in an instant, not touching but breathing in the air around him.

“Want something?” he grinned, bringing a finger up to wipe at the corner of his lip before holding it up, the red liquid on the tip emphasised by his pale skin. “Want a taste?” he purred, hovering the finger right under Lee’s nose. “She screamed beautifully,” his grin combined with the scent of the blood, the taunting... it was too much and Lee grabbed him by the arms and threw him across the room towards Ian.

“We’ll continue to... abstain,” he glared at them both, Ian having caught Sean easily and had set him down. “But if it isn’t worth it...” he caught Ian’s eyes; saw them gesture to the back of Sean’s head and turned away, shaking his own head in frustration.

“If you don’t think it’s worth it,” Sean said, holding his finger up for Ian, who lapped up the blood happily. “You can do what you want with both of us for three hours.” Five forms straightened, heads raised, interest and anticipation on each face. “Short of beyond healing and, y’know, actual permanent death? Yeah, you can do whatever you want. IF you don’t think it’s worth it when the time comes.”

“What if it is, but we say it isn’t?” Jamie tried and Sean stared at him.

“I’ll know, and I’ll give you to my lot for an entire night.”

They all shivered at that threat. They might look like nice little Welsh boys, but the Blackout were truly brutal in the most stunning ways to observe. If you were ever unlucky enough to be at their mercy... well. You were totally and utterly fucked. They’d all been there. Even Ian. In fact, Ian had been there more often than the rest of them combined. The guys thought he pissed Sean off these days just to be thrown to the Blackout. Lee suspected the next time it happened, Sean wouldn’t throw him to the wolves at all. But that’s another story for another time.

“Are we all good?” Ian asked and they all nodded. “Come on then, I’ve got a few ideas,” he pressed a quick kiss to the side or Sean’s head and left the room, followed closely by Luke, Mike, Stu and Jamie. The door closed with a click and Lee realised he hadn’t moved at all. He looked at Sean and his eyes widened.

“I know you’re frustrated, and I understand how hard it is when you’re ready to gnaw off your own arm just to get a little taste...” Sean said, sitting himself up on the sideboard and crossing his legs in an easy show of comfort. “But,” Lee flinched at the word and pointedly didn’t look back as the door behind him opened and closed. He registered only one person entering and taking up position mere inches from him. His hands curled into fists and fingers flexed but he didn’t do much more than tense. “You should know by now that touching me like that wouldn’t be swept under the rug.”

Lee’s eyes shuttered closed and he waited.

“Come here,” Sean gestured him over and Lee walked over, not even flinching when his shirt was torn from his back. He leaned forward, his hands finding purchase on the unused utensils rack above Sean’s head. “Well, at least you don’t have to be told anymore,” he smiled a pleased smile but all Lee could see was anticipation and arousal in his eyes.

When the first blow landed, Lee didn’t even flinch, he just held Sean’s gaze. The next 9 blows weren’t that bad either. He’d had far worse from the Blackout lads. Hell, he’d had worse from his own guys. What the hits of the strap did to him though, was make it difficult to register what was happening behind him as he kept focus on Sean. So when the next blow hit, his eyes widened and he gasped out a breath, feeling tiny metal claws dig into the flesh of his back. Sean was smirking and held up three fingers. He took one away, then another and it was at that point that Lee closed his eyes and gritted his teeth together, holding in the screams that were dying to break free as the claws were torn from his back.

He went through three more rounds before Sean told whoever was behind Lee to hold, the claws lodged firmly into scorched, bleeding flesh. Lee was trembling and tears of blood he couldn’t afford to waste fell from the corners of his eyes as he opened them to gaze blearily at his maker.

“Lose it,” he whispered against Lee’s lips and three things happened at once that made Lee scream his throat to a bloody mess. The claws were torn from his back, and two sets of teeth tore into his neck.


The rest of the week went by at a snail’s pace. No work got done and Lee – after healing up from the beating his back had taken – became even more irritable. Having lost the amount of blood he did, he was in dire need of any form of sustenance. He didn’t care what it was, he just needed it. And he knew he could have it. But he wanted Ian and Sean for those three hours. He didn’t care what the other’s did... he’d make the pair of them pay for this week. Nothing could make this hell worthwhile.

And he wasn’t even bitching about what happened, he knew he deserved it and had accepted it. Hadn’t really expected to get away with it. He was just. Fucking. STARVING!

The guys had taken to locking away his guitar because he’s almost thrown it at the wall the day after the punishment.

“If you don’t stop pacing I’m going to strap you down and bleed you fucking dry,” Ian hissed, glaring at Lee, who just snarled in response, but sat down in on the floor in the corner, his head pushed back against the wall and eyes closed tightly..

“Sean took his blood-” Mike started but surprising everyone, it was Lee who spoke up.

“I deserved it,” he said without opening his eyes. “I don’t care about that.”

“Yeah, this is you not caring,” Mike snapped.

“I broke the rules, I was punished, end of story. Just move on so we can get this fucking week over with!”

“If you don’t get blood into you soon, those wounds will scar,” Mike pointed out and Lee was suddenly there, snarling face clouded in the sane side of fury while Ian, Stu, Jamie and Luke held him back. “Shit,” Mike breathed, eyes widening. He stumbled back into the wall and stared at Lee as he was pulled away and thrown back against the corner.

“Stay down or I’ll give you to the Blackout myself,” Jamie growled and Lee curled in on himself again.

“Will you stop winding him up?” Ian said to Mike, who nodded numb. “You’re all hungry, tired, irritable, I get it. But we’re here to make a record-”

“Then you picked a lousy fucking time to spring this challenge on us, didn’t you?” Stu said, looking up from where he was stood a few feet away from Lee.

“I know I did,” he admitted with a sigh. “But this was the only time it could be swung.” He stared at them all and felt a little bad for putting them through that shit. It had been his idea in the first place. They’d all been vampires for long enough to go without feeding for days on end, control should have been easy. “Maybe knowing you can feed whenever you want is what’s driving you guys insane,” he said and Jamie gave a strangled sort of laugh.

“You’re fucking insane,” he said, shaking his head and smiling. Ian blinked, confused.

“What did I do now?”

“Stating the obvious much?” Luke grinned while everyone else smiled too – even Lee, who seemed to have calmed down a lot. Ian just pouted.

“Well I’m sorry for only just realising it,” he exclaimed. “Should’ve just locked you in a room for a week, no food, no light, no air,” he muttered, sulking from his position sat on the work surface.

“Oh yeah, like we would’ve gone quietly for that,” Lee laughed, the sound a little strained, but genuinely amused.

“You wouldn’t have had your back torn to shreds,” they all heard Sean’s voice and looked up to see him once again, lounging against the door frame, grinning that same grin.

“You have no idea how much I’m looking forward to those three hours,” Lee said with a grin as the other guys murmured their agreements. Sean just laughed.

“You think we’d put you through this and have it not be worth it?”

“Nothing is worth this.”

“This is,” Sean’s tone promised and they all straightened, eyeing him critically. “Thing is,” he continued. “If just one of you thinks it’s worth it afterwards... and I will know... you can have the surprise, but you don’t get me.”

“And Ian?” But Sean was already gone. As one, five pairs of eyes turned to Ian and waited.

“What?” he grinned.

“You realise... if even one of us isn’t satisfied... we’re taking you to town, right?” Jamie said and Ian smirked.

“You’ll all be satisfied, don’t worry.”

“You are,” Lee purred from the corner and Ian looked over at him. “You’re worried.”

“Hunger’s driven you mad,” Ian’s tone was decisive but Lee just chuckled.

“Hey guys,” they all turned to the door expectantly. “How’d you feel about waiting another week?”

Five growls could be heard and Rhys just laughed before disappearing as instantaneously as he’d arrived. Once again. All eyes were on Ian, who now looked very worried.


“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Lee stared around the room until he came to a stop on Ian and Sean, who were stood beside one another, grinning like utter fucking idiots. It wasn’t the first time they’d been in the room; it had just been a good long while since they had. It was fairly large; large enough to fit a four poster bed, two loungers and a small coffee table in. Nothing much by way of storage but no one was labouring under any misconceptions. They were there to feed, not to play house. The reason for Lee’s words became clear when you examined the walls more closely. Hanging from the walls were give pairs of manacles, each cuff housing an electronic device that would unlock and release whoever was held within at the touch of a remote. They’d all been in them before. Never all together like this and never in this particular room. It looked as though Ian and Sean had spent a while planning this.

“You gonna explain any time soon?” Luke asked both Ian and Sean, who were nearly bouncing with excitement.

“Soon, I promise,” Sean said before turning to Ian. “I’ll be back in 15 minutes. Make sure they’re ready. And not a single noise.” He pressed his lips to Ian’s briefly and disappeared from the room, the door closing heavily behind him.

“Pick a pair and lock em in place,” Ian grinned, literally bouncing on the balls of his feet as his band followed his instruction. When the final cuff had locked he smiled at them all, looking truly and genuinely happy. The look confused them a little but this was Ian so... “Right, from now on, no talking, no moving, no breathing, no noise. Not one single solitary note from any of you. Anyone who makes a noise won’t be released when the time comes and you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to go out and find yourself something to eat. And that’ll be after Sean decides whether to give you to his lot or not.”

They all shifted to get comfortable, all deciding to drape the chains over their shoulders to wait out the last minutes.

“You won’t be released straight away,” Ian warned. “Sean’s got a bit of acting to do. We’re all gonna be in the dark so the surprise doesn’t notice us.”

Jamie opened his mouth but didn’t speak, unsure about the timing until Ian nodded at him. “What if they notice us through the dark?”

“If they notice you... do whatever you want. Play dead, play at being a prisoner, anything you want. But only IF they discover you first. Questions?”

“How many?” Lee asked quietly and Ian smirked.



“Not a one. Torture, maim, drink, eat, fuck, be fucked, suck or force them to suck you, be fucking merry.” He sighed. “You’re gonna be fucking beautiful,” he whispered.

“Worth it or not, at some point in the near future, you will be ours,” Jamie said, promise in his tone and Ian laughed, getting comfortable.

“I look forward to it. Now, no more sound.”

And they were silent. The lights around them went out, the bed and loungers being the only things illuminated. They waited in pure silence for 10 minutes until their heightened hearing caught the sound of approaching footsteps, laughter and general good spirited conversation.
Five pairs of eyes widened as each of them recognised the voices. They all honed in on Ian, who was smirking right back at them. He slowly raised an eyebrow and as one they all nodded.

Lee smirked. Finally.

This corridor ever gonna end, blondie?” they heard just as something same to a stop with a loud ‘thud’ at the door. More laughter was heard. “Shit, you couldn’t have mentioned that?

Couldn’t resist,” Sean’s voice teased as he unlocked the door.

“Couldn’t resist seeing me make a twat outta myself?” Padge stumbled inside as the door swung inwards, causing more laughter.

“You make it so easy,” Sean purred suggestively, deliberately trying to wind him up.

“I make it easy?” Padge said quietly and looked back at his band. “Do I make it easy?” he asked seriously, reaching out a hand to rest on Sean’s shoulder. Jay sniggered into his bottle, but no one answered a clear yes or no and Padge moved his hand so it was resting on the back of Sean’s neck. He pulled the other guy close as the door clicked shut and growled under his breath. “I make it easy?” he repeated, squeezing the back of Sean’s neck.

For his part, Sean acted the part like a pro, flinching but trying to maintain his bravado by smirking and answering with a firm yes.

The hand moved from his neck to his hair and Sean was dragged towards the bed.

“Aww come on,” Sean breathed a laugh as he bounced on the bed, laughing at the four of them. “Is that all you got? I came here to get fucked, not have you pussyfoot around like a gaggle of hapless virgins.” His eyes widened. “Holy shit, you’re virgins!” he cackled and fell back on the bed, clutching his stomach. “Call this whole thing off,” he giggled. Yes. Giggled. “I’m not spending a night breaking in a bunch of firsties.” He pulled his phone out and started dialling a number. “I’ll just call Ian, at least he knows how to fucking start,” he was still chuckling as he put the phone to his ear and the voice that those in the room with sensitive hearing would detect certainly wasn’t Ian’s.

Fuck you run like clockwork,” Gavin’s voice was heard and Sean laughed.

“Tell me about it. Disappointing really,” he eyed the bullet lads with mild regret as he spoke. “I mean, they look so... capable...” laughter was heard on the other end loud enough for the human ears in the room to detect and Matt was suddenly there, snatching the phone from Sean and launching it at the wall right by Lee’s head. For his part, Lee didn’t even flinch, his focus on the smallest member of the group with such intensity that his chained band mates decided individually to leave that one alone. Whether Lee was hungry or not, it didn’t matter to them. What they were itching for was a show and seeing Lee fly apart was rare. But Lord was it beautiful.

Four pairs of eyes met Ian’s and he inclined his head, acknowledging.

All of this happened in barely a second and when focus returned to the bed, where Moose and Padge had Sean’s arms pinned to the bed while Matt took the opportunity to kneel over him, hand moving up his thigh and squeezing at his crotch, smirking when Sean groaned out loud.

“You owe me an iPhone you frigid little shit,” Sean spat and Matt backhanded him with such a force that had Sean been human, his lip would’ve been bust, his nose too probably but he could only control so much where he was so he cut his lip on his teeth for effect and laughed right at the guy, sucking his lip in at the cut and spitting the bloody saliva in Tuck’s face. “Oops,” he smiled innocently, watching as the other singer wiped the fluid off with the corner of his shirt. “Did I get some in your hair?” he made an effort at pretending to be contrite, nailed it too and the anger and frustration in the room heightened.

“You’re fucking insane,” Matt hissed, grasping Sean’s chin hard, his fingernails digging in but Sean just laughed in his face again.

“Are you going to stand there pretending to be tough with your metal haircuts, muscles and tattoos or are you going to fuck me?” Matt stared down at him for a long, thoughtful moment before he smirked.

“No, I’m not going to fuck you.” His smirk fell away when he saw Sean gain one.

“Pussy,” he whispered and the sound of electronic locks disengaging filled the room. Metal cuffs sprung open and chains fell away, hitting the cold stone with synchronised noise that bounced around the room.

“What the fuck was that?” Moose hissed, eyes darting around, looking for whatever made that noise.

Matt turned his attention from the direction of the noises back to Sean and pushed a hand down on his throat.

“Who else is here?” he hissed and Sean smirked.

“Oops,” he rasped. “Forgot to tell you... this isn’t a private party anymore.”

They turned to watch as Luke, Mike, Stu and Jamie stepped into view, hunger written all over their faces. Upon seeing them, Matt breathed a sigh of relief. “Jesus, didn’t know who the fuck you were then,” he smiled, the smile faltering when not one of the guys approaching smiled back. “Uh, guys? Are you- shit, is this one yours? He kinda lead us here for-”

“Do you ever shut up?” Luke asked curiously. “I think Ian was right... don’t you guys?” his eyes flickered towards his band mates, who were all nodding.

“What’s Watkins been spouting off this time?” Matt sighed, rolling his eyes.

“That your mouth is only good for one thing,” Mike supplied, shrugging.

“And even then, it’s better when you’re unconscious. That way there won’t be a risk of you trying to talk,” Stu finished. “That’d be kinda perfect, wouldn’t it?” he said conversationally. “What do you think would keep him awake, but silent, and keep his mouth free?” he cocked his head to the side in thought.

“Voice box removal?” Jamie suggested. “I’d say tongue, but that can be useful.”

“Fuck this shit,” Padge growled, getting up off the bed and walking around towards the door. “His skinny little arse isn’t worth the hassle.”

“Ah,” Jamie raised a hand and Padge looked over his shoulder, his hand on the door handle. “Who said you were leaving?” And he was there, shoving Padge against the door with a force that snapped the bones in his arm clean in two, forcing a ear-piercing scream out of the man.

“Jesus Christ what the fuck is wrong with you people?” Matt and Moose climbed off the bed too, Moose being swept up almost immediately by Mike and Stu, forced to his knees an arm held by each of them while their feet applied pressure to his calves. A look over at Padge told Matt that he’d been restrained too, eye squeezing shut as both arms were raised up above his head.

“Nothing wrong,” Luke said, walking over and fisting a hand in Matt’s hair. “Just hungry,” he leaned over and licked a strip of skin up his neck before bearing his teeth and clamping down hard.

His screams drew the other’s into action and the fun began.

Jay stared at the scene with wide, uncomprehending eyes. He couldn’t understand, what the hell happened? They came down here for a bit of fun, now it looked like it had been one huge set up! His eyes narrowed as he saw the little blonde fuck getting up and walking over to... WATKINS! He cursed inwardly, only Watkins would be behind something like this. “What the hell did we do to you?” Jay hissed, stalking over to Blondie and Watkins.

“I wouldn’t worry about us if I were you,” Blondie cooed, getting comfortable on Watkins’ lap.

“You see him over there?” Watkins gestured to the blonde guitarist in Lostprophets. Jay recalled the dislike the blonde felt for Bullet and while it confused him, he’d never let it bother him before. “In about two minutes, I’m going to unlock his cuffs and you’re the only free man here,” Watkins smirked. “Why don’t you go make nice like a good little boy?” Jay looked between the blonde and Watkins a few times, looking incredibly confused and very worried.

“I,” he bit his lip.

“It doesn’t really matter what you do,” Blondie looked like he was about to come he was so wired with what was happening. Jay was beginning to realise that he probably wouldn’t make it out of here alive. “Go kneel by his feet and wait. You’re good on your knees, right?” Jay nodded, numb and slowly made his way over, flinching when he felt a hand grasp his ankle. He looked down, eyes widening when he saw Moose’s bloody hand gripping at him. He gasped, head snapping up when he heard the blonde in chains growling and a second later, the pressure on his ankle was gone, combined with more screams. Already knowing he’d regret it, he looked down and nearly threw up when he saw Moose’s arm bent at a right angle mid-forearm.

He forced himself to turn away from the sight of his friend, stripped naked, bites littering his skin, blood seeping out, being used... he couldn’t think about it and he crossed the remainder of the distance quickly, the fact that he’d be treated pretty much the same becoming painfully obvious to him.

“Kneel,” the blonde – Lee – said quietly and Jay slipped to the floor, wincing as he knees jarred against the stone. He looked up and shuddered at the smirk on Lee’s face. “You gonna behave?” he purred and Jay nodded his head quickly. “Make yourself useful, start working,” he gestured down and Jay went to work. Nothing else he could do about it. For his part, Lee rolled his head back and scanned the room through lidded eyes, shivering when the fresh screams permeated the room. “I feel any teeth and I’ll tear yours off with my fingernails strip by strip,” Jay groaned around him, making sure to be careful.

Jamie had got out the knives already and Lee was impressed with his restraint. The week had been pure hell and Lee expected Jamie to fly out of the cuffs. Stu too, but they hadn’t. Their slow, careful approach had set Lee’s teeth on edge and had made his stomach twist with the theatre of it all. He caught Ian and Sean watching everything with barely disguised want and Lee knew... he just knew they wanted a piece. He caught Sean’s gaze and raised an eyebrow, eyes narrowing at the sudden innocent look that fell in place.

“Don’t worry, Lee,” Ian grinned. “We won’t join in, we promised, after all...” Growls from the other four were heard and Sean pouted.

“You’re lucky I love you guys so much,” he said, leaning his head to the side and smiling as Ian nipped his across the exposed neck.

Lee turned back to where Jamie had Padge flat on his back, arms out above his head, unmoving, set at awkward angles, vivid red bit marks looking almost stamped on the pale under-arm flesh and the near constant flood of whimpering made the image a beautiful one. To Lee’s mind at least. He was looking forward to seeing the knives be put to a greater use, he knew Jamie enough to know how creative he could be. The last time they’d done this together he’d spent an hour systematically peeling the skin from their victim’s chest before pouring a bottle of iodine that had been in the old medicine cabinet all over the exposed flesh. It still made Lee shiver just thinking about it. The screams had been unforgettable.

He caught Jamie’s eye and chuckled at the smirk in place.

“I swear you can read minds you annoying little shit,” he said, making Jamie laugh and start scoring lines over Padge’s chest.

“Not a mind reader,” Jamie promised. “Just know what makes you tick.” He hovered the tip of the knife over one of the nipples and Lee watched through hooded eyes, lips curving into a small, pleased smile at the cries elicited from the cuts made. Beside Jamie, Luke had Matt on his knees, clean and simple. Luke was straight to the point, didn’t think playing with his food was terribly civilised, but he enjoyed watching the others. If he could get off and get a meal, he was satisfied. Lee liked that about him. He’d find his rhythm sooner or later and they’d all enjoy it when it happened.

He caught Ian’s gaze again and flexed his fingers in question. Ian held up the remote and hovered his thumb over the release, asking a question of his own and after thinking about it, Lee held up two fingers, moving his attention to where Stu was leaning back against the wall, Mike curled up against him, satisfied smiles on their faces while Moose lay on the floor, twitching, barely alive, a weak gurgling sound coming from where his throat was... and the gaping holes in it and Lee was sure he could see trachea. He’d be dead in a few minutes and in Lee’s opinion, they’d gone easy on him.

They’d get to have their fun with Ian when the time came.

The locks on the cuffs beeped, clicking open and Lee felt Jay freeze.

“Did I say stop?” he asked, feeling Jay continue moving instantly. Stu was chuckling and Lee looked up, a grin flittering over his lips.

“Delaying the inevitable?” he asked, lifting his chin to let Mike lick off a little spilt blood.

“I’ve deprived myself for a week, had my back torn to shreds, I can handle this however I want,” he gestured to Moose, who had stopped moving all together. “Just like you did.” Jay shuddered but didn’t halt his movements again. Across the room, Luke yanked Matt’s head up by the hair and spun him around, probably doing some real damage when he tore the guy’s jeans from him. Judging by the screams anyway. Screams that doubled when Luke thrust inside dry with zero prep.

“Fuck,” he muttered. “Think you were right Sean, he feels like a fucking virgin.” Sean’s eyes widened in dismay and Luke continued to thrust, fisting a hand in Matt’s hair while his other hand clawed for purchase on the singer’s hip, nails digging in until thin red lines fell with gravity. It didn’t take long for Luke to get close to the edge, fresh blood in his system, it was only going one way and he was suffering the effects of the starvation too.

“Careful Luke,” Ian laughed. “You could almost be accused of playing with your food.”

“What’re you gonna do? Sue me?” Luke growled, yanking Matt up and holding him there while he continued to thrust.

Sean laughed out loud. “He’s fucking hard!”

“Lee?” Luke glanced over and Lee put a hand on Jay’s head, stopping him.

“Give your friend a send off,” he said, tucking himself back in his jeans and zipping them up again. When Jay made to get up, Lee stopped him. “Crawl.” Flinching at the order, Jay followed it anyway and crawled over to Matt, practically inhaling him as soon as he was close enough. Lee made a noise in the back of his throat when he saw Matt’s hand reach towards Jay’s head. He quieted when Luke took hold of both Matt’s hands and pulled them roughly behind his back, stretching them to the point where two sickening pops were heard; tell-tale sounds that indicated dislocation. The screams intensified as the arms were literally knotted together to keep them out of the way. Luke’s hips never lost their rhythm but when they sped up, Lee could tell he was on the knife edge and holding on for as long as he possibly could.

“If you’re gonna come, you better do it now, or you won’t come at all,” Luke growled in Matt’s ear and Jay worked harder, faster until he was swallowing down everything Matt had as the singer came with a strangled sob-slash-scream.

“You’re boys are so entertaining,” Sean was bouncing on Ian’s lap and Luke rolled his eyes.

“Glad we could be of service,” he hissed, thrusting one final time and tearing into the bared throat in front of him. Luke was never a messy eater, but this time he’d torn a chunk clean out of Matt’s neck, spraying Jay with his friend’s blood before clamping down on the wound and taking in as much blood as he could. Jay scrambled back away from them, not stopping until he hit the bed.

“If he has to come over here for you,” Sean grinned. “It’ll be a lot worse...” Jay stared at him with wide eyes before turning back to Lee, who was still leaning against the wall, his chains/cuffs still draped over his shoulders, hands resting on his hips. He started crawling back over, stopping when he was in his original position.

“Up,” Lee gestured and Jay stood, flinching when Lee started licking the blood from his face, not stopping until he was as clean as Lee could manage. “Mmm... Lucky Luke,” he purred and Luke chuckled across the room, forcing Matt to clean his stained cock in what looked like his final moments.

Lee loved his band sometimes.

“Strip,” he said and Jay kinda blinked at him, confused. “Want me to repeat it?”

He shook his head a negative and quickly pulled his t-shirt up and over his head, tossing it on the ground by the wall. He studiously kept his head down as he undressed but Lee wasn’t looking at him anyway, his attention going back to Jamie who had almost certainly succeeded in sending Padge insane, carving lines into his chest and peeling the skin back as if it were, for the lack of a better analogy, a flower opening, petals spreading out. Just as beautiful... intoxicating. He saw Jamie run his finger over the exposed ribcage and licked his lips as Jamie lapped up the blood.

“You’re such a fucking twat,” Lee laughed and Jamie joined him, bending over the open chest cavity, shoulders shaking.

“Want a taste?” he asked, wiping two fingers over the blood stained ribs and held them up. Lee was suddenly there, leaning down to take the offered digits in his mouth, groaning.

“So much better on the inside,” they shared a grin and heard Sean make a strangled noise in the back of his throat.

“Would you like a taste, Sean?” he repeated the action and offered the same two fingers to Sean who knelt, his knee pressing down on Padge’s shoulder and leaned over to take the fingers into his mouth just as Lee had

“Holy shit,” he breathed and Jamie smirked at him. He whimpered as he backed away and returned to Ian, who tried to sooth him with kisses and words in his ear.

“Your little plaything’s ready, Lee,” Stu prompted and Lee looked over his shoulder, grinning at the sight of the trembling bass player.

Lee pulled his shirt over his head.

“Shit,” Sean breathed and Lee glanced back, eyebrow raised. “You scarred.”

“How was I meant to heal myself properly if I didn’t feed?” he asked curiously and Sean cursed.

“Why didn’t you fucking tell me?” he demanded, looking between Lee and Ian.

“You’ve been at this longer than us,” Lee shrugged. “And I deserved it. Don’t you dare go back on that now,” he warned with a growl, teeth baring and Sean shook his head.

“You should have told me,” he said, settling back and Lee turned away from him, flexing his jaw, his good mood deteriorating quickly. He tossed the mattress that had been on the bed and it flew towards the wall, hitting it and falling flat on the floor, revealing a wonderland hidden beneath the base boards. He ignored Sean’s interested looks, he’d not known about the place evidently. Lee was passed caring.

He pulled out four floggers, two identical to the one used on him earlier in the week, and the other two very similar, only they had metal claws going a third the way up each strap. He tossed one of each to Stu and Mike, the other two he threw towards Luke.

“What-” Sean tried to say but Ian shushed him. A look out the corner of his eye told Lee that Ian had his hand firmly inside Sean’s jeans.

“Just watch, trust me,” Ian purred.

Lee looked into the compartment again and leaned over, picking up a velvet bag and a metal anal plug. He held up the plug in his hand and examined it. Finding it as clean as he’d left it, he turned his back to the wall Sean, Ian, Mike and Stu were sat against and twisted the dial on the underside of the plug, smirking at the metal-on-metal grinding sound it made. The sound lasted barely a second, but it was effective. The taste of fear permeated the air and was so thick it made them all salivate. He twisted the dial back and set the plug on the floor, the bag he tied to his belt loop.

“Holy fuck, it’s been years since you used that,” Jamie groaned and Lee glanced over at him. “Fuck no I’m not complaining,” he smirked and Lee nodded, pulling a length of rope from the compartment and threw the body of it over one of the iron struts that connected the walls to the bed posts. He hooked the rope in the catches and pulled them taught, testing the resistance, more out of habit than anything else. He picked up a blindfold, a gag and walked over to Jay again.

“Hey pretty boy,” he purred in the guy’s ear, smirking at the yelp of shock produced. “I said hello,” he prompted, pinching Jay’s sides and walking around so they were stood facing one another.

“H-hello,” Jay stammered, whispering and the guys, bar Sean, started chuckling while Lee just raised an eyebrow, waiting. Jay licked his lips before opening his mouth to try again. “Hello,” the tone was still meek but it was stronger than before. “Sir,” he added and Lee nodded once.
“Good boy,” he settled the blindfold comfortable over Jay’s eyes and spun him around, walking him forward a couple of steps until he was in line with the rope. Tying his hands securely took seconds, his feet a few seconds more.

“Are we gonna get a show?” Sean asked curiously but Lee didn’t even look over, trusting Ian to deal with him.

“Trust me, would you?” Ian hissed and Sean harrumphed but once again, silenced.

“Open your hands,” Lee murmured in Jay’s ear, taking out two metal spheres from the velvet bag strapped to his belt loop. And placing them in the upturned palms. “You don’t want to drop these,” he smirked and saw Jay hold onto them tightly. “Open wide,” he pushed a smaller metal sphere, about an inch diameter into Jay’s mouth and secured it in place with a gag. “When I tell you to swallow it, you swallow, not before, not after, got it?” he nodded quickly and the gag, which was standard rubber ball gag, was quickly buckled in place. The final ball was about an inch and three quarters in diameter and Lee walked over to where Jamie was sucking the last of the blood direct from Padge’s heart. “Got any spare?” he grinned and Jamie took the ball and let it drop with a satisfying ‘squelch’ into the heart cavity. Reaching over, Lee picked up one of Jamie’s knives, raising an eyebrow in question. Jamie just nodded and handed him back the ball, sufficiently lubricated.

In the next instant, Lee was stood behind Jay, holding the ball against his hole and just waiting.
“Gonna let me put this inside you?” he asked curiously and Jay started to shake his head a negative until he felt the top of a knife trailing around his hip and moving dangerously close to his dick. Lee heard Jay inhaling sharply before nodding and he smirked, using extra force to shove it up there in a split second, shivering at the gag-muffled screams combined with the scent of freshly drawn blood as it dripped down the bassist’s thigh. “Oh I’m sorry,” he cooed, moving his fingers up inside Jay, pushing the sphere further up, eliciting pained groans. “Did that hurt a bit?”

Then Jamie was right there, handing the plug over with a grin. Lee nodded and removed his fingers, lining up the tip of the plug with ease and pushing it home in one, solid thrust. More screams were heard and both Jamie and Lee stepped away, moving around to lean against the bed, staring at the sight Jay made and grinning at each other.

Lee spent the next ten minutes systematically scoring his knife over every single part of Jay’s body, criss-crossing and generally making him look like a human patchwork quilt, the lines stained red with blood that was so close Lee was finding it increasingly difficult to concentrate. He ran his nose over the knife, following the path with his tongue and groaning softly.

“Lee,” Mike said quietly and Lee blinked his eyes open, shaking his head to clear it when he saw his band stood around Jay holding the floggers he’d thrown them earlier. He moved behind Jay and fingered the dial on the base of the plug, shifting it around and making Jay moan, pain evident and more than welcome.

“Swallow it now,” Lee murmured, his hearing picking up the strain and following the movement down. He unbuckled the gag, removing it completely and looked at Jamie, smirking and mouthing a countdown; three, two, one.

The dial turned. Jamie hit the release button on the remote Lee had slipped him. Lee threw himself back and watched as his band mates attacked the body already wracked with spasms and unholy screams, with the clawed floggers.

“What...” Sean whispered, eyes wide and Ian chuckled against his neck.

“Those spheres were remote activated... they release spikes in all directions, tearing through anything and everything in their path... the plug he used?” Sean nodded, biting his lip. “Twist the dial at the base and two inch spikes pop out in, like the spheres, every direction.” He grazed his sharp teeth down Sean’s throat, grazing a line. “Worth it?” he purred.
“Stop,” Lee choked and flew at Jay, clamping down on his neck, wrapping himself around the blood-soaked body that was still emitting strangled screams.

But Lee didn’t stop feasting until he’s taken the last drop he possible could. He let himself be pulled away, didn’t argue when he was taken back to the wall and cuffed in place, he just rode out the rush of having fresh blood in his system.

When he finally opened his eyes, he felt himself twitching with renewed energy, but couldn’t think about that as Sean was right there.

“Think I might let you have me for a few hours anyway,” he growled, capturing Lee’s mouth in a bruising, teeth aching kiss before tearing his mouth away and dropping to his knees. “You were exquisite,” he laughed and swallowed Lee whole.
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