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Just Take What You Need

Just Take What You Need
Pairing: Adam Lambert/Dan Whitesides/Jepha Howard, Bert Mccracken/Quinn Allman
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jepha
Warnings: Porn obviously, no real kinks
Notes: Blame Jepha for this. It's his fault because he actually follows Adam on twitter. What am I meant to do? Not get ideas? It's turned out pretty well I think.
This is also a thank you to ditzydmt for sending me some awesome as fuck stuff (including my first Adam poster! Woo!)

"I have a present for you." I raised my eyebrow. If there was one thing you didn't trust, it was Bert saying words like that. In my days in the band he'd thought acceptable gifts were dirty underwear, beer bottles he'd pissed in, Gerard, a dildo and shit. Therefore I had no high hopes.

Quinn, who was standing next to him, elbowed him in the side. "It's we dickwad. We have a present for you." Quinn corrected him and gave me a small smile. I wasn't certain it was a good or bad thing that this present was from them both. The last time that happened I'd ended up riding Frank Iero's cock.

As if sensing my unease, Bert gave me a smile that was probably meant to be reassuring but actually just creeped me out more. "Dan! Bring it in!" Oh gods they'd involved Dan too. That wasn't good either. Or was it? My pierced dick twitched in my pants, but I said nothing.

I looked up as Dan came into the room. He was topless and I couldn't help but stare at his body. That was until I realised he was carrying a body bag over his shoulder. A full body bag. Oh shit, they hadn't joined the mafia had they? "Here it is Jepha." He grinned, dropping it to the floor in front of it, the person within groaning. I looked at it and blinked, then Dan spoke again. "Gone on, open it."

Swallowing I leant forward and pulled the zipper down, opening the back curiously. The opening of the bag revealed skin, fairly pale, with traces of body glitter. As soon as the zipper was pulled down enough, the occupier sat up and I gasped. The raven haired guy blinked and looked around his eyes adjusting to the new light. My cock instantly got fully erect. "How the fuck did you guys get Adam Lambert?"

Bert grinned, that shit eating grin that told you it was all because him, or at least that's how it was in his head. Bert always was the hero in his own life, even if he did fuck all. "I gave the security guy some white widow. Then it was a piece of piss."

Quinn rolled his eyes and shrugged. "We'd been to the venue before so we knew the back way out."

I glanced back at Adam, no longer caring about the other three. Bert could set them all on fire and I wouldn't notice. Ok I would notice, cause Quinn would bitch about it the whole time. At keast a fire would burn off Bert's awful as fuck beard. I lost my train of thought when Adam spoke. I'd half-expected Bert to have gagged that pretty mouth of his. "Can you stop pretending like I didn't come here willingly?" He stood up out of the bag, completely naked and with his dick flopping round between his legs from the movement. He pushed the bag aside with his foot, then smiled at me. "Hi, I'm Adam." My eyes went from his dick to his face. His pretty face. It certainly distracted me from Bert's pointless background ravings.

"Hi..." I felt my cheeks flush, because I was a total fanboy for him. I knew I shouldn't be but fuck it. He was so talented and open and sexy. The world I lived in was filled with people who hid what they were, some even going as far as marrying to deny it. For someone like him to completely embrace his sexuality and not give a fuck, it was so refreshing to me. I swallowed, not sure what to say, my cock pulsing in my pants.

When I didn't speak, my mouth only managing to open and close like a fish, he smirked. He did what he'd done on stage countless times, he leaned forward and crashed his lips on mine. It happened so fast. His tongue pushed it's way into my mouth, ravishing me from the inside out. I'd kissed a lot of guys in my time, an occupation hazard of being in this band, but this was different. I couldn't explain it.

The kiss lasted forever and not long enough at the same time. He pulled back for air, a smirk forming on his lips. "I think one of us is severely overdressed don't you?" I swallowed and nodded, realising that he was naked and I wasn't. So I nodded, stood up and began to strip for him. "Are you a top or a bottom?" He asked as I removed my tee, nodding back to Bert. "He says you're a bottom but he's not exactly the most relyable source of information."

I swallowed and nodded, tossing the fabric of my t-shirt as far away from Bert as I could. "Yeah I am."

"Are what?" The smirk on his lips told me he knew but he wanted to hear the words.

"I'm a bottom. I love to have my ass fucked." I reached down and undid my fly, sliding my jeans down. "I would love it if you took your huge cock and fucked my butt with it." I felt my cheeks flush because, really, it was one thing to say that to Bert or Quinn or Dan but another to say it to this guy I'd only just met but admired. Of course, I wanted him pounding the shit outta me but still.

He grinned and nodded, reaching forward and running a hand down my inked chest. "Then fuck you I will. Since you asked so nicely." His hand stopped at my dick, his tongue wet his lips as his fingers ghosted over my shaft, stopping to play with the ring through my head. "Mmmm get on the bed."

"On my back or front?"

"Back." I nodded and walked to the bed, laying down face-up. He followed me with his gaze, then looked at the other men in the room. Bert and Quinn were sitting on a couch molesting each other, although that was probably Quinn's idea to keep the shorter man quiet. There was nothing more off putting during an orgy then Bert making some random comment. Therefore Adam's gaze met Dan's, who was eying us with that intent, silent hunger that he always had. "Where's the lube?"

Dan strode to the room, opened up a drawer and pulled out the bottom from there. It was more then half of the clear blue liquid within was already gone. He handed it to the singer wordlessly, but gave him a look which conveyed more then words. I knew that look, he'd given it to so many guys. Roughly translated it meant 'hurt Jepha negatively and I will break every bone in your body. Twice.'

Adam returned his look with a nod, then squirted the lube over his fingers. With his other hand he pushed my knees up to my chest, moving the other to my ass. Two fingers caressed my opening, testing it. We made eye contact for a brief moment and then his digits breeched me, making a moan escape my lips and my body jerk up. My eyelids fluttered closed as he started to thrust his fingers in and out of me steadily, stretching me open. I groaned and rutted back against them, my dick twitching against my belly. His fingers moved steadily within me, working to open so I was ready for him. His dick was pretty big, just as I'd imagined it to be but I wasn't sure that he was the biggest I'd had. It was up there though.

Adam worked a third one alongside the first two, pumping them in and out of me steadily, his other hand holding onto my ankle. He gripped onto me tight, thrusting his fingers deep inside me, the tips of them catching my spot. "Ugh fuck Adam please! Fuck me, fuck me!" I saw him smirk, but I really, really need dick inside me.

"That's our Jepha! He's just a big dickslut!" Quinn slapped Bert around the back of the head and the shut him up with his lips. I wished he'd gagged him instead. It's not as if we didn't have enough.

Adam seemed unphased by him, he just rolled his pretty eyes, then removed his fingers and gripped my other ankle. "Well, since you asked so nicely." He didn't even ackowledge Bert's outburst, pulling me down the bed by my ankles until my ass hung off the end of it. His dick was there, pressing between my cheeks, a perfect fit. It took him a few more seconds for him to get pressed up against my hole, but once he did he wasted no time at all. He was inside me, pushing in so slowly. I didn't know if he was doing it for my benefit to lessen the pain or if it was to tease me. Maybe it was both. Maybe it was something else entirely.

Once he was fully seated in me he remained still for a few moments, beautiful moans escaping his lips. "Fuck you feel so good." He growled low, then eased out of me, quicker then his inward movement. His thrust back in was also faster, although still not fast enough for my liking. When I whimpered that smirk crossed his lips again. Each thrust he made was a little harder, a little faster. My eyelids fluttered again and the pair of us made moans, not loud ones, just... soft, low ones. That was until Adam made a loud groan and snaapped his hips forward into me.

For a few seconds I thought the action had been a result of him getting sick of teasing me, but he didn't pull out of me. He just stayed inside me, his cock jerking and moving up my ass. It took a few moments before I actually realised what it was. While Bert and Quinn were still on the couch, no longer sucking face but watching in awe and palming themselves through their boxers, Dan had vanished. Now Dan wasn't one to just leave the room while I was getting boned, so I knew he had to be here somewhere. Therefore the only explanation was that he was back behind Adam, doing something to his ass. Since I couldn't see any trace of his body from my present angle, that could only mean he was on his knees, his face buried between Adam's perfect ass cheeks.

Dan was a strange man really. He was a top that liked to lick ass and he was actually extremely good at it. No wonder Adam was moaning so loud and unable to move as well as he had.

It took Adam awhile, but eventually he moved again, making shallow movements in and out of my prone body. Soon after that Dan appeared into my vision again, resting his head on Adam's shoulder. "Your ass tastes so good Lambert." He whispered in the singer's ear, although it was loud enough for me to hear. Adam didn't respond verbally only with a loud groan again, the sound music to my ears. Dan then whispered something else to him, only this time it was directly into his ear and I couldn't make out a word. Bastard.

We remained like that for awhile, with Adam thrusting in and out of me while Dan did whatever he was doing behind him. Out of the corner of my eye I saw that Bert and Quinn now had their cocks out and were jerking each other off, which was really nothing too new. I resisted the urge to fist my dick, gripping the sheets with my inked hands instead.

"Holy fuck!" Adam cried out loud, all of a sudden, his dick slamming into me hard. I knew exactly what caused that. I'd seen it happen to so many men before him. Bob. Ian. Patrick. Spencer. Sean. I groaned too, my head pressing back against the sheets as he slammed into me just as hard again. The difference now was that Adam hadn't got control anymore. I knew Dan had pushed his monster dick up Adam's pretty ass and I had no doubt whatsoever that his hands were on Adam's hips, holding onto him as he fucked him. Dan would slam into Adam, making Adam slam into me.

"Mmm your ass is so fucking tight Lambert." I heard my other bandmates moan, but tuned them out. "Mmm and you look so good fucking our Jepha. Just look at him, isn't he beautiful?" Adam made an affirmative moan as Dan slammed into him, clearly not wanting him to talk. It always amazed me how Dan could just... talk like this. He could have a conversation while he was fucking me, or anyone else. "You know Jepha has been wanting you for months. Ever since he first laid eyes on you." I was thankful he neglected to tell him how he found that out, when he walked in on me with porn of Adam on my laptop, my hand around my dick and my favourite dildo up my ass.He thrust into him again,, causing the chain reaction again which made us both moan. "And you know, we always make sure that Jepha gets what he wants, because that's the kind of guys we are." I would have smiled if they weren't busy fucking me into oblivion. "I can certainly see why he likes you so much." Dan ran his tongue along the length of Adam's neck, making the other man shiver. "I'm sure that we should do this again if ever we're in the same place." Adam nodded and Dan thrust in, killing his answer again. "But first I want you to look at Jepha again. Look at how neglected his pretty dick is. Don't you think it deserves some attention?"

Adam nodded and released his grip on my ankles, allowing me to part them and hook my legs around his waist. Adam's hand went to my dick, his fingers wrapping around my hard flesh, pumping me as steadily as he was able. He was doing a pretty good job considering he had Dan fucking him. Most other guys couldn't even manage to move their hand, let alone stroke me. I guess it made sense really.

My face was soon framed by Bert and Quinn, who had finally decided to join us. They were both on their knees, Bert to the left, Quinn to the right, and both were stroking themselves. Both of them were making out, their tongues sliding against one another. I closed my eyes, waiting for what I knew would come. Cum was soon landing across my face, the fluid falling on me just as a thrust made me moan so I got a taste. Bert's. Just a few seconds after that Quinn did the same splatting over the opposite side of my face.they always were in almost perfect sync in that strange way of theirs. I got a taste of both of them, opening both my eyes and flicking out my tongue to get whatever I could from either of them. "Our pretty dickslut."

"He looks so much better covered in cum. So right." Quinn observed and nodded slightly, as if he'd imparted some great wisdom. Both of them ruffled my hair and then they left, probably to flop on the couch and drink beer from the mini-fridge. That's what they often did in these situations, when I paid attention to them anyway.

They were the last things on my mind as Adam started moving more erratically catching my spot every time now. "Adam... Dan... fuck..." I mumbled incoherently and Adam, apparantly without any encouragement, leaned over my body and swiped his tongue across my cum covered cheek. There is only so much hot shit a guy like me can take before he came. Indeed, it was probably a miracle I'd lasted this long and I deserved a fucking medal or something. Adam licking up a mix of my bandmates cum did it for me. My whole body arched and I came covering us both of our chests with my load.

Just as Dan's thrusts in Adam made him slam into me, so did my orgasm bought on his. He moaned against my neck as he came, splattering my insides with his cum. He flopped limply against me as I saw that Dan pulled out, his dick still very much erect.

I wiggled up the bed a little, holding onto Adam to take him with me knowing exactly what Dan wanted to do. Dan joined us on the bed, in the same position Bert had occupied only moments prior. "Taste his ass on my dick." I nodded and twisted my head to one side, extending my tongue to lap at the sides of his shaft. I was much too breathless ot take his beast down my throat without gagging and he knew that too. He let me lick for a few minutes before shuffling down the bed, moving Adam's body out the way so he could aim where he wanted. He took his dick in his hand and stroked himself firmly just a few times and then he shot too, his seed landing across the typewriter on my belly.

"He came across Jepha's g-spot typewriter." Quinn's voice was soft as he spoke and I could here Bert make a noise of agreement at his statement. I rolled my eyes still, then purred as Adam's hot tongue licked it away. "And now the glitter boy's licking it off." Quinn's running commentary meant that Bert either couldn't see or was out of it. I couldn't be bothered to check which it was.

Dan decided that Adam licking my belly was worth of being captured forever, so he took a shot of it on his cell phone before setting it on the bedside table and laying down beside me. "Did you enjoy that?"

"Mmmm very much. It was wonderful, thank you." I gave him the brightest smile I could manage, feeling Adam stop licking and move up alongside me.

"Anytime love." He smiled and kissed me briefly, leaning back against the bed to watch us.

"My ass is going to be really sore in the morning." Adam spoke up from beside me, the pair of us sharing a grin. "Thanks. It's been ages since I was fucked so hard." Dan nodded in acknowledgement and the other man turned to face me, licking some of the leftover cum off my face. "And you have a fantastic ass."

"Thanks." I blushed at his words and we shared a tired kiss. I knew from experience that we'd be too exhausted to do much of anything now, but the others would probably stay awake and have a beer or two. Still, I was more then content. I'd been fucked by Adam Lambert and I had the best band in the whole world. With that thought in mind I pulled Adam close to me and settled into the inevitable slumber.
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