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Punks Like Us

Punks Like Us
Pairing: Jared Leto/Jay James, Shannon Leto
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jared
Prompt: 18: Whips/Paddles
Warnings: Makeshift whipping/bondage
otes: Set at Download 2010 (which is how I got the idea on the pairing but I never got round to doing it till now). My first 30 Seconds fic in ages. This is for the birthdays of Scarlet on Tumblr (if you have an LJ I'll add it here cause it's late and I forgot midnightsugar) and luzestrellera

Thwack! The sound of the blow filled the air making me squirm slightly against the table I'm bent over, a moan leaving my lips. Surprisingly it's the sound of the blow that effects me before the actually pain radiates from where the belt hit me. My belt. Thwack! "I thought I told you to fucking count bitch!"

"S...sorry." I swallowed and then he growled behind me urgently. "Two."

"Better." He growled again, then he bought it back down on me.

"Three." I gasped, my eyelids fluttering as the pain spread through my body. The next blow landed on my other ass cheek and I yelped loudly. "Fuck... four!" I could hear him chuckle as he rained down the next three blows in quick sucession. "Five, six, seven." I groaned loudly, biting my lower lip. Fuck it felt so good. The next blow was harder then the previous ones "Eight." The following landed across my other cheek. "Nine."

He growled loudly behind me and then the next blow struck me. It caused more pain then before but that was because he'd turned the belt around so the metal spikes along the outside hit me. "Ugh... ten." I could tell he was smirking even though I couldn't see him, even though we'd only really just met today. "Eleven." I groaned as the pain for this blow, to my opposite cheek, blossomed through my body. "Twelve." Fuck it felt so good. He rained down the blows again, alternating between my asscheeks. "Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen." I wondered absently when he'd stop. He hadn't told me a specific number. I yelped at the next hit, the blow breaking my train of thought. "Seventeen." I heard him chuckle and then he paused for a few moments.

"Such a desperate, needy whore." He paused, probably to licking his lips and rotating his wrists. "Soon you'll get what you want." His voice was soft, accent Welsh and, although it was quiet it was somehow dominant. It was always the quiet ones.

He was soon back to belting me, the blows coming hard and fast again. "Eighteen, nineteen, twenty!" I figured he'd stop there, a nice, round number but he continued. "Twenty one. Twenty two." I squirmed slightly, groaning in pain. Despite, or because of, the pain my cock throbbed between my legs. "Twenty three. Twenty four!" I braced myself for the next blow, gripping the table harder. However, none came. I twisted my head around to see what he was doing, but he just growled again. I swallowed back my curiosity and turned my head to face forward again.

"Hands behind you slut." I did as he told me, not really surprised when he used the belt to bind my wrists together tight. When he was satisfied, I heard him undo his flies and pull his pants down. I heard the material hit the floor and get kicked aside, then he was oressing against me, his stiff cock pressing between my ass cheeks. He was bigger then I'd have expected, after all he was short and stocky. I groaned a little and he chuckled. "Suck my fingers." He hand moved to my face, his fingers curved towards my mouth.

I parted my lips and took them in, twisting my tongue around to wet them as instructed. I figured it'd be the only lube I'd be getting. I was right. He ulled his fingers out his after a few minutes, shifting back just enough for him to fit his fingers between my asscheeks. His free hand parted my cheeks enough for him to find my opening. I groaned loudly as he forced them inside me, the digits stretching me open as they filled me. "Ugh..." I groaned, my eyes lidding as they moved in and out, the burn of it joining the pain still radiating from my sore cheeks. He kept the prep work quick, clearly as needy and desperate as I was.

He removed his fingers from me, then quickly replaced them with his dick. I moaned loudly, my eyes lidding again as he filled me, his cock bigger then his fingers. Hands griped my sides, his short nails digging into my skin as he started to move, not even giving me chance to adjust. Not that I'd expected him to, we weren't lovers for fuck's sake. He thrust into me rough and hard, his dickhead catching against spot every so often. He clearly wasn't doing it on purpose as he changed angles slightly when I groaned in pleasure.

It was a few thrusts before I heard the door open, but I didn't acknowledge it. The man fucking me didn't stop, so it was likely he hadn't noticed it. I heard the door click closed, knowing it would probably be accompanied by the lock twisting closed, sealing us in. I swallowed slightly and waited, moaning as the cock in me caught my spot again. It served as a distraction, enough that I almost missed the first click.

It was a few more before Jay noticed.

"The fuck?" He stopped and I was sure he'd pull out but I managed to wrap my legs around his to keep him in place.

My brother was in front of us now, clicking his camera to take a shot before talking. "Just ignore me." He took another shot. "Just keep fucking my brother." This had all been his idea. He'd seen that Jay had a mohawk too and instantly wanted us fucking. He'd told me that Jay would top me, even though I'd had doubts. As always, he was right.

Jay resumed fucking me, slightly more steadily this time while Shannon circled us, taking pictures from all angles. He even took a few through the glass coffee table that I was bent over. He remained passive the whole time, just snapping away, not touching me. Or him I assumed. I was used to this.

Shannon loved taking pictures of me getting fucked and, since he obviously couldn't do that while he was doing it, he made me get others to fuck me. It happened most often at places like this, solely because festivals always had plenty of choices. When we toured Shannon always made me do this with at least one member of the support acts.

I knew Shannon stopped being a passive observer the second he set the camera down.

He moved across the room and I twisted my head to watch him when he left my sight. Jay was paying too much attention to him to tell me to keep my eyes forward. Jay's movements had stilled once more, even thought I pushed my ass back against him to urge him on. Shannon picked up Jay's discarded belt,then moved behind him, whispering something in his ear while he pressed against him. Whatever it was, Jay complied and put his arms behind him. I assumed Shannon tied them in the same way mine where, though I couldn't see. "Now fuck him."

I saw Jay nod, then he began fucking me wildly, thrusting rough, hard and deep inside my prone body. I wiggled my wrists, wishing I could reach around and touch myself. Shannon noticed. He hit my rosy cheeks hard, then left us both to lounge in a chair, palming himself through his pants. I had hoped he'd just whip his dick out and fuck my face, but he didn't seem to be in that mood.

Jay slammed into me hard one last time and then I felt him cum, spilling deep inside me. It was accompanied by a sound which sounded like a cross between a growl and a groan.

Shannon smirked and licked his lips. "Come here, both of you." As he spoke he pushed his pants down, letting them fall to his ankles before kicking them away. I drooled a little at the sight of his stiff dick. "But lick your cum from him first, I don't want you to make a mess all over the floor."

In a heartbeat the cock in my ass slipped and out and was replaced by a hot, wet tongue. My moans were renewed as he wiggled it deep, scooping his cum out of me. He wiggled his tongue around inside me, but it didn't stay there long.

Seconds after he removed it he was in my eyeline, shuffling with his knees towards my brother. Swallowing back a whimper, I shifted off the table and followed him over. Once I got there he already had two thirds of my brothers lodged down his throat, which was more then most people could handle. Shannon moaned, tangling a hand in the pink and blonde strands of my hawk, pulling me towards his full, low hanging balls. I could just about mouth them without getting in Jay's way. Just about. Shannon's other hand was in Jay's hawk, just gripping, not holding him. He knew people had trouble taking him, but Jay's lips just kept moving down and down until he had the whole thing.

"Fuck..." Shannon and I whispered the word together and Jay looked a little smug. It was kinda tricky to look smug with a mouthful of cock, but somehow he managed it. He smiled and set the pace, bobbing his head up and down. he had no problem keeping my brother in for a good few minutes before moving back. Shit he must be some kind of expert. Maybe one of his bandmates had a tool Shannon's size. Pity I wouldn't be bale to find out.

"Shit..." Shannon moaned above us, tightening his grip on our heads as he let go, spilling down Jay's throat. He took it all, not gagging or anything. He only slid off with a pop when Shannon loosened his grip.

We sad there, panting for a few moments before I broke the silence, my own need throbbing between my legs. "Can I..."

They looked at each other, shared a look, then smirked in unison. "No."
Tags: 30 seconds to mars, 50kinkyways, bullet for my valentine, fic, jared leto, jared leto/jay james, jared leto/jay james/shannon leto, jared leto/shannon leto, jay james, shannon leto, slash
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