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Where He Belongs

Where He Belongs
Pairing: Ian Watkins/Lee Gaze/Sean Smith
Rating: NC-17
POV: Sean
Warnings: A little bondage
Notes: Obviously this is inspired by those pics of Ian. This is for lithiumqueen and 3you_sway3

Ian's place was nice really, if a little small for a rockstar's home. It was in Wales, in the middle of nowhere essentially, perfect for what I knew he did. What everyone knew he did. I'd known he'd be here, stopping off for a few nights before heading off to LA.

He was obviously surprised to see me standing in his doorway, but I quickly kissed him to shut him up before he even had a chance to speak. I'd had a boner for the whole trip. Well, after seeing Ian lick some random guy's dick it was far hard not to get hard. I'd have to find out exactly which of the countless guys he'd had it was. Of course some people could be discounted immediately. Myself. Gavin. Snoz. Oli. Ilan. He'd been with all of us and more. The slut.

I pushed him back into his home, my lips still on his as I did so. I kicked the door closed as I went, pushing him until I had him pressed against the hallway wall. My hips pressed against his, so he knew I was hard. He was too. I could feel it through his boxers, which, I just noticed, were the only item of clothing he wore. I suspected they'd be quickly thrown on to make him decent. I groaned slightly, licking my tongue across his lips before pulling away.

I ran a hand down his bare chest, smirking as I felt his heated skin. I'd probably caught him wanking, in fact I was sure of it. "Sean..." He whispered, voice slightly needy. He even thrust his hips towards me, but I just chuckled and reached up, pinching his nipple.

"Hush now." I commented, before doing the same to the other erect bud. He moaned but said nothing, stilling slightly. "I want you to give me head." I paused, then growled low in my throat. "No, you will give me head Watkins."

I grabbed his arm and pulled him through the doorway into the living room. His clothes were scattered over the floor messily. On the sofa there was a bottle of translucent lube and a few dark coloured dildos. "Planning some fun I see Watkins?" I smirked as I turned to face him, his cheeks flushing. He opened and closed his mouth a few times, a little like a fish but in the end he said nothing. It wasn't as if this was the first time I, or anyone for that matter, had caught him like this. "Just lose the boxers and get on your knees Watkins."

He nodded and pushed them down silently, sinking to his knees in front of me once the material had reached the floor. While he'd done that I'd shed my own clothes, throwing them carelessly onto a chair. I hadn't worn much. What would've been the point? I flopped down on the sofa, the dildos and lube bouncing from my weight. Ian was looking at me from the floor, his eyes sparkling and his newly cut hair messy. "Well, it's not going to suck itself."

He swallowed then nodded, moving closer to my aching dick. He stopped between my spread legs, locked eyes with me, then extended his tongue and ran it up along my dick. He started at the base, just above my balls, then worked his way up to my tip, tracing the veins as he did so. I groaned softly, my hands grasping the sofa's cushions. He swiped his tongue back down my length, following a slightly different path this time. Once he arrived at the base he ran his across my balls in a long lick before returning to my dick.

I was sure, if given the chance, he would repeat his actions until his tongue had traced every visible vein he could find. Fortunately, when I let out a growl he seemed to take the hint, stopping middle lick to wrap his lips around my head instead. His hand grasped for me, his fingers snaking around my length, mirroring the pictures I'd seen. Pictures that had an annoying as fuck black box that obscured half of it. I'd considered taking pictures of him while he was sucking me, but I knew those wouldn't do me. It'd be hot if it was a third person and I hadn't had the time, or sense enough to find one. I groaned loudly as he sank down my length, taking the head and the first inch between his lips now, his tongue dancing around me as he took more of me.

If I hadn't looked up right then I might have missed him, the tall figure that stood in the doorway, watching us intently. He'd probably been standing there awhile but he didn't seem to mind, a smirk on his lips. Ian braced himself with his left hand, the cold metal of his snake ring brushing against my skin as he took me deep, making me almost lose focus on the other man. He was coming closer, losing his clothes along the way, obviously being careful not to make too much noise to distract Ian. I wasn't exactly going to let Ian know about the other, so I just smirked and let them both carry on.

Only when the other man was naked did he interact with up, his hand moving down Ian's inked back. I ball my fingers in his locks to keep him from talking and smirked more as Lee spoke. "Well, well, looks like the little cockslut's getting some action without me." His fingers stopped at Ian's arse, then he removed a rubber butt plug from the singer's hole. I guess I'd been so focused on his lips I'd not bothered seeing if he'd managed to stick something up him. Lee examined it for a moment, tutted, then tossed it to the sofa. "Lube." The way he said it let me know it wasn't a request. I swallowed and nodded, grasping the bottle with my free hand and tossing it to him. The bottle landed on the floor beside him with a thud, despite me aiming for him. I'd never been the best thrower and no one was meant to throw anything when they had a tongue twisting around their dick.

I half-watched as Lee squirted some of the lube straight on his dick, which was a little thinner then mine and a bit longer, then he rubbed the liquid over himself and tossed the lube aside. "Switch to his balls Watkins." Ian nodded a little and I loosened my grasp enough for him to move back to my sac, his lips mouthing at them. I knew it was for the best, even the best cock suckers could bite when a dick first entered them. Ian's hand remained on my length, moving ever so slightly to maintain my erection, not that it was needed. Lee spat at his back, then lined himself up and pushed into him. Ian made more noise then Lee, in fact he was practically silent as he filled the other up. I swallowed and watched, waited and then Lee began to move, thrusting slowly but steadily.

"Back to his dick Watkins." Ian didn't need telling twice and this time he managed to take most of me in one go. He bobbed up and down quickly, his warm wet cavern enveloping my cock as he did. I moaned, rolling my hips slightly against his hands, trying my hardest to keep my eyes open enough to watch the fucking in front of me. Lee had, now stopped being slow and steady and had switched to just pounding Ian rough and hard.

I wasn't sure if it was the pent up arousal, the feeling of Ian's talented mouth or the sight of Lee fucking him that made me shoot down his mouth. Somehow I had a feeling it was a healthy mix of all of the above. I held Ian's hair so he could swallow me down, but some of my cum escaped the corners of his mouth. Not much though. When he pulled back he licked the pearly droplets away, flashing me a small smile at me.

"Can I cum?" Lee grunted and shook his head, so I repeated the action. Ian whimpered, his hands grabbing my thighs a little. Apparently while he sucked my cock he'd been able to keep his hands occupied and now he had no excuse. I thought fast, grasping Ian's belt then I pushed his wrists together and tied them with the belt. Lee didn't say anything, but he did give me a grateful smile.

At first I wasn't sure if Lee was enjoying this. He fucked Ian like a demon, but made very few sounds apart from the odd grunt. It was only after I restrained Ian's wrists that he made more noise. He let out growled and groans before arching and stilling, no doubt pumping his load into him.

He pulled out, then looked right at me. "You'll clean him now." Again, not a request, an order. As I slipped off the couch he wandered towards the kitchen, his softening cock swaying as he moved. "You better have some decent fucking coffee Watkins or you won't cum for a week."
Tags: fic, ian watkins, ian watkins/lee gaze/sean smith, ian watkins/sean smith, lee gaze, lostprophets, slash, the blackout
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