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Dark Harvest

Dark Harvest
Pairing: Darran Smith/Jay James
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Prompt: 11: Medical play
Warnings: AU, BDSM, watersports, surgery
Notes: The medical portion of this fic is actually much smaller then it was originally going to be. The end also changed about three times in my head as I was writing it, but I'm pretty happy with it.
This is also, importantly, a birthday fic for lc_ffaf. Happy birthday! I hope you like.

I leaned back against the wall of the booth I sat in, raising the beer to my lips and taking a long drink. My eyes were skimming the few people that remained here. Over the course of the night I'd eyed up several boys, but sadly they'd all either ended up leaving earlier, or, in the case of two, paired up. I pondered going after the pair, but an addition set of hands would just be a problem. Unfortunate.

Out of the six guys that had caught my eye overr the night, only one remained. He was seated at the bar, his shoulder length dark hair shiny. He was dressed all in black, which didn't really surprise me. So many people here wore at least one black item. I stood up, after finishing my drink, and walked over to him, leaning down so I could purr in his ear. "What's a pretty thing like you doing all alone?"

His cheeks flushed and I smirked, taking the seat next to him, despite knowing this would be brief. "This place'll be shutting soon, how about you come home with me?" Despite not even knowing my name, he nodded, clearly drunk.

"Yeah, ok." His voice was soft and, from his accent, he was clearly native like me.He finished his drink, then he followed me out.

"What's your name beautiful?"

"Darran." He whispered his voice still soft as we walked out to my car.

"Nice to meet you Darran. I'm Jay." I smiled at him and opened the doors to my car. There was no point in lying about it. He smiled back and got into my car. After looking around briefly I got in too, starting up and driving back home.

The trip was quiet, although I sensed it was natural for him. He seemed the quiet type and I wasn't going to pry. I didn't want to hear his life story and he didn't want to share it. To ease the silence I flicked the radio on, letting the music that passed as rock or emo or whatever shit it was fill the air. The kid was screaming about being not okay or something. I'd seen his picture once but his name escaped me. Jared? Gerald? It didn't matter. I'd like to do to him what I was going to do to Darran. Maybe I would if they came here.

The music changed to something else as I was lost in my thoughts. This one was more bouncy. The DJ was making some comment over the intro that the first band had brothers and this one had twins. Fuck I really needed to learn more about whatever bands were around.

At the traffic lights I glanced over at Darran and allowed myself a smirk. He seemed to like this music anyway, though I wasn't surprised really. I'd be more surprised if he didn't.

The song finished and the music changed once again as I returned my gaze to the road to drive on. This one I knew. It was The Used. I smiled a little more, humming along to it a little as I kept driving. The song, Sound Effects And Overdramatics, felt extremely appropriate.

We arrived at the destination just after the song finished, which made me release a soft sigh. My home was just outside of town and it looked fairly normal. Of course, looks could be deceiving. Blissfully, the house was detached which was perfect for my purposes. No neighbours to worry about. I pulled into the driveway, stopping just in front of the garage. "We're here."

Darran smiled a little and nodded, undoing his seatbelt and getting out just as I did. Slamming my door shut, I walked toward the door, stuffing my key in it and twisting it until the lock opened. I pushed the solid door open and stepped inside. I kicked off my shoes by the door, smiling as Darran followed me in and did the same. The second our respective footware was discarded, I grabbed him and kissed him, pushing him against the wall. Our first kiss is hot and wet and it totally catches the other man by surprise. He wrapped his arms uncertainly around me, holding me loosely as I forced my pierced tongue into his mouth.

I pulled away as suddenly as I'd kissed him, letting him take little gasps for air as I stepped back. Now I looked at him, really looked at him, something I'd been unable to do at the Enfys Draig or during the car journey here. In some ways he looked a lot like me. The general body shape, slightly short and fairly stocky. His hair mirrored mine, although his fringe was longer then my own. His voice, too sounded like mine, or at least a past version of me, when my soft voice was filled with shy awkwardness. One thing was certain though, he was beautiful.

"Is there anything I could get you?" I asked him out of courtesy more then anything. We both knew what the other want, I could tell that from the way his hips thrust ever so slightly against mine.

He shook his head slightly. "No." He visibly swallowed and the sight of his adams apple bobbing made me think of what my cock would look like down his throat.

I nodded a little and smiled. "Are you a top or a bottom?" This question was perhaps even more pointless then the last. His reaction to my kiss told me all I needed to know. The way he hadn't fought back, pushed me away or fought for dominance was all I'd needed. Still, it helped to hear the words just to be sure it wasn't the surprise of it that made him act that way.

He shifted slightly, still propped against the wall, before answering. "Bottom." I smirked a little and moved close to him again, so close that my breath would be warming his plump cheeks. I waited thirty seconds, then kissed him again, slightly fiercer then before. I pinned him against the wall, planting my hands either side of his shoulders. I rolled my hips against his, letting him feel that I was already hard and aching. He moaned against my lips, my tongue taking advantage and darting into his soft, wet mouth.

Again, the need for breath drew me away friom him, although there was also the equally pressing need to get his mouth in other places. I growled low in my throat, then leaned in close and whispered in his ear. "You will call me master or sir. Whichever you want." He groaned, so I knew I could continue. "I am going to go into the living room." I raised my knee up slightly, pressing it against his crotch. "You will strip naked, then follow me in. You will crawl, do you understand?" He groaned and nodded, but I pressed my knee harder against him. "I said, do you understand slut?"

"Ye... yes sir." He replied in a strangled moan, getting that I needed a verbal response.

"Good boy." I lowered my knee, then left him and went into the living room. I didn't sit right away though. I gathered up two items and set them on the sofa, then turned on the video cameras I'd set up before I'd left. Satisfied they were recording, I sat down on the sofa and waited. While I did I reached down and palmed myself through my jeans. My dick ached with need already.

A few minutes went by before he finally crawled into the room. I watched him closely as he crawled towards me, the first sight of him naked making me lick my lips. His skin was a little pale, although I'd expected that. His arms were less muscular then mine and he had more then a little puppy fat. Perfect. His arse was nice and rounded, covered with a dusting of hair. When he reached my feet he stopped and waited. "Sit up." He nodded and did so, his cheeks flushing a little. I suspected he'd done this before. More then once.

I examined his front now. He was devoid of both tattoos and piercings, a pity really, but tht didn't matter. His cock was surrounded by a thick bush of dark curls which extended down to his low hanging balls. His dick itself looked quite thick, slightly bigger then average. Almost a pity it was wasted on a bottom. "Put these on." I instructed him, handing him the pair of items I'd retrieved. There was a pause as he examined each item, then he put the first on. It was a leather collar, plain apart from a buckle. He secured it around his throat, then took the other. The second item was much smaller then the first. It was a black rubber cock ring. I preferred it immensely over metal rings. Rubber meant it was one size fits all unlike the awkwardness of metal. He rech down and slipped it on without a word, rolling it down to the base of his shaft before returning his gaze to me. Perfect.

I wet my lips, then parted my legs a little more, waiting for him to take the hint. His hungry eyes little up and he instantly reached for my crotch, only for me to bat them away. "No hands." He whimpered, then nodded without a word, leaning close and taking the zipper of my fly between his teeth. I heard him inhale, then he pulled it down steadily, my fat cock hitting him in the face. The little slut moaned, parting his lips as he took the head between them.

I licked my lips and settled back into my seat as his tongue twisted over my dickhead. I sighed softly, content to let him do just that for a few moments. Even though he was pretty talented with his tongue, I needed to take control again. I reached my right hand up, threaded my fingers through his jet black hair, then forced him to take the rest of my length down his throat. He choked a little on it, but I didn't care, the feeling making me groan loudly above him. I loosened my grip just a little, enough for him to start bobbing his head up and down on my length, but not enough for him to pull off completely.

He was quite good at giving head his hot, wet tongue rubbing against me as he sucked me off. I groaned louder, my hips thrusting up to meet his slutty little face. He was such a beautiful little thing, so pretty and with soft hair. I growled low in my throat, jerking up hard as I unloaded down his throat.

I sighed softly, settling back against the soft sofa cushions again as I let go of his hair. "Mmm you're a great cocksucker." I wet my lips and smiled down at him as he pulled off my cock with a wet pop.

"Thank you sir." He whispered softly, kissing my balls, then the tip of my dick before sitting back.

I smirked and wet my lips again, grasping a dildo fro the table beside me, tossing the purple length to him. "Lick it then stick it up your pretty arse." He nodded and started to do just that, while I removed my clothes. I started with my jeans, since he'd already opened them. I lifted my arse up to slide it down, letting it drop to the floor before kicking the jeans away. I wasn't wearing underwear as I didn't believe in wearing them when looking for sluts. When I reached down to pull up my tee he had the now wet toy between his legs. By the time my tee was off my body, tossed in a corner, he had the shaft have inside him. I smirked a little more then watched as he pushed the toy in further, making these soft little gasps. I licked my lips, my soft, wet dick twitching between my legs in reaction to those sounds he made. Soon, soon I'd be in him.

"Good boy." I whispered softly, staring at the sight of the shaft fully imbeded in that sweet body of his. He looked over at me, eyes slightly lidded and sweat covering his brow, his lips parted and wet. I chuckled softly as I stared at him, deciding quickly what he must do. "Crawl." I waved my hand at the table in front of me. "Three circuits."

He nodded and started to move, shifting a little awkwardly as he got used to the large dildo inside him. I reached for the table, taking a cigarette out of the packet and placing it between my lips, using the lighter to spark it up. I sighed softly, releasing a cloud of smoke from my first drag while I watched him. "Stop." I said after his first circuit bought him back in front of me, having taken a few more drags. "Tongue out." Once he stuck it out I deposited some ash on it, then motioned for him to resume his movement.

I repeated my action on the second lap, then, on the last one, I stubbed it out on his tongue, depositing the remains into the ash tray. "You did well slut, now head back into the hall, I'll be with you in a moment." Wordlessly, he obeyed me and went out into the smaller space. That gave me time to flick the cameras off, before joining him and leading him upstairs.

The upper floor of my home had several rooms, three of which were bedrooms. The master bedroom was mine, but I was not leading him there. Instead, I led him into the room I called my fuck room. It was where I bought the sluts I picked up at bars. I pushed open the door and gestured for him to enter. The room wasn't decked out in BDSM gear, there weren't shackles on the walls or hooks in the ceiling. It was a normal-looking bedroom, which was eactly why I used it for fucking. All the toys and equipment I had in here were shut up in drawers or the wardrobe. I could tell by his expression that he'd expected something else. I took his surprise as an opportunity to turn the cameras on in here, which was more easy as they were set to go from one button.

"Ok cunt, here's what you're going to do." I walked around his body, shutting the door as I did so. "I am going to fuck you, but first I need to piss." I sat on the bed and looked at him, naking it clear I wasn't going to use the en suite, despite it being mere meters away from me. He swallowed and crawled closer, giving me a look that said 'where do you want it?' I smirked at how easy it was, then reached down and opened his sweet lips. He took the head of softened shaft between his lips, then I sighed and allowed myself to let go. A stream of hot piss left my dick, flooding his mouth. I watched as he struggled to swallow it before failing and some of it dripping down his chin. I wouldn't punish him for it. For one it ws so hot and for two if he hadn't done this before, and even if he had, my stream was quite strong. "Close your eyes." Once he did I pulled out of his lips, aiming the last of my stream for his face and hair.

"Good slut..." I whispered softly, my stream dying down before finishing a few moments later. I wiped the last droplets from my tip across his forehead and eyebrows, smirking slightly. "Now, you'll suck on my balls until I get hard."

"Yes sir." He whispered softly, leaning in close as I parted my legs, his sodden lips mouthing my sac. My dick was already twitching to life again, the sight of him like that so hot. I groaned softly, cursing myself slightly for it. I had considered having him lick my arse too, but I was too needy for that now.

Once my dick was fully erect I pushed him away, not as forceful as I could have, then stood up. I ripped the dildo from his hole, dropping it onto the floor beside him carelessly. I watched his sexy, stretched pucker twitch needfully before me. I grasped his hips, then lined up and, with one thrust, I was balls deep inside him. "Fuck!" I growled, my head tipping back in pleasure. Despite the dildo working him open he still felt so fucking good, his insides quivering around me as I began to move in and out, setting up a pace within him. "You feel so fucking good slut. Oh so good." He moaned at my words, rolling his hips back against mine. I knew he must need to get off. It was obvious.

I reached around him and ran my fingertips along his stiff, aching length, my touch just ghosting as I pounded his ass. "I bet you want to cum don't you slut? Huh?" he moaned in response and I smirked. "That dildo's covered in your filth. Clean it before I cum and I'll remove the ring."

He grasped the toy in his hands, bringing it to his lips and then he began licking it, his tongue swiping the rubber in long movements. It was at times like this I wished I had someone. I bet Darran would look so good sucking dick from this angle.

His desperation to cum led to him cleaning the entire rubber length in just a handful of my thrusts so, true to my word, I reached down and popped the ring off. "Wank yourself. You have until I spill." He nodded again, not needing to be told twice, and his right hand moved between his legs, grasping his dick and starting to move.

He last minutes, maybe not even that, before he was spurting hot and thick across his chest, moaning loudly. I would have made some sort of comment, but the way his arse squeezed tightly around me from the force of his orgasm made any words I would have said die in my throat. I dug my nails into the skin of his fleshy cheeks, lasting mere seconds before I climaxed too.

Every motion after that was like a breathless blur. I pulled out and sank on the bed, watching as he, without being told, first licked his fingers, then my cock, clean. I sighed softly and patted the bed beside me, indicating for him to join me on the soft sheets.

He was asleep before I was.


I stood downstairs, humming softly to myself as I moved around him. Soft music was playing in the background. I always worked better with some sort of music. I didn't trust the radio know any random song could throw me off completely. No, instead I was satisfied with the cellos of Apocalyptica. The music was occasionally punctuated by the soft beeping of the machines around me, a ssad necessity.

Below me Darran was laying on an operating table. His chest was cut open and I could see the way his heart beat against his lung. The other lung was now situated in a freezer, awaiting me to finish to take it to the nearby hospital. I'd already found a donor for him, thanks to him having donated blood at some point and him still carrying the bright red card which listed his blood type. I ran my gloved finger across the pulsating flsh of his heart then pulled away and went back to work.

I hummed slightly to myself, pulling the skin back in place and sewing it it up as quickly as I could, watching as the stitches made a criss-cross pattern across his chest.

By the time the song had changed twice I was done. I put switched the lung and kidney from the freezer to a cooler, then removed the elbow length surgical gloves I'd used, tossing them in the bin. I planted a kiss on Darran's forehead then whispered softly, not that he could hear. "I'll be back soon."

With that I took his organs and drve them to the hospital


When he awoke he was in bed, in the other bedroom. "Ugh..." He groaned softly as he woke, blinking as he opened his eyes. "What time is it?"

"Four in the afternoon." I replied simply from where I sat, in a chair to monitor him. I didn't want him to find out what ahd happened to him alone. "How are you feeling?"

"Groggy... woozy." I nodded slightly and he squirmed, reaching up to rub his eyes. That was when he realised. And he screamed. I was so glad I lived in a detached house. "My arm! Where the fuck is my arm?!"

"I removed it." I replied, casually, as if it was nothing at all. I watched as he waved the stump around, his eyes locked on it as if hoping that wigglign it enough would make it grow back. "It was only the left one. Not as if you use it much. I wouldn't advise sitting up either."

Of course he did, and he groaned in pain. Maybe he didn't hear me over his flailing. "Ugh..."

"Your arm's not the only thing I removed." I smirked at him, moving closer to sit on the bed beside him. He shifted away, just a little. "But don't worry, you'll be ok. For now."

He looked at me and blinked, then opened and closed his mouth a few times before finally settling on a word. It was one they often asked. "Why?"

"Well I removed your kidney and lung to give to people to save them." I smiled slightly, stroking his arm. "Well, I say give, what I actually mean is sell. There's quite a black market for human organs you know." I wet my lips, smiling down at him darkly. "I made ten grand just from those two alone."

He swallowed and shifted just a little, the sedative still in his body. "And... my arm? You didn't give that to replace someone elses did you?"

I laughed and shook my head at him, smirking. "Oh fuck no! I kept that for myself." I chuckled darkly, deciding not to elaborate on what I planned to do with it. "Have something to drink." I hand him a glass I'd filled with water, watching as he swallowed it down.

Really, he should consider himself lucky. If he hadn't obeyed me as well as he had he wouldn't still be breathing now. Still, I liked him. It was just a matter of deciding how long to keep him. I'd have to sleep on that. For now, though, I'd get him something to eat. After all, he needed his strength either way.

I planted a kiss on his forehead, then stood up and headed to the door. "I'll get you something to eat. Don't try and move too much." Before I went, I flicked on the room's tv, hoping that something on there would keep him entertained for awhile at least, not that he was going anywhere anyway.
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