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First day back...

Went back just for ES. Sir was really nice to me. I'm glad he bought me back. Tommorrow I'm ringing to see if I need to do General Studies and that. I hope not, it's a complete waste of time!
Anyway, on the way to school there was this funeral possesion. Although there was a cute guy in it that didn't seem too upset, am I insensitive for thinking that?

What's with all the little kids anyway? I mean when they're still in stage 1: cute. It makes me all sad that I can't have a kid. I always wanted a little girl. :(

Mum's dumb. I'm not letting her near technology again! She went to a football match the other day and lost the digital camera! gah!

Still, tommorrow's a lazy day. Gonna have a Blue morning:P

And kel: "You ain't my mother!"
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