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Pairing: Jay James/Padge
Rating: NC-17
POV: Padge
Prompt: 17: Anal plugs
Warnings: BDSM
Notes: First kinkyways fic in awhile. Hopefully I'll be back on doing this regularly again. I dunno weather this Jay is pre-hawk or hawk Jay. I couldn't decide in the end so.

I loved watching him squirm. Somehow it was even hotter watching him like this then it was seeing him naked. Here we were, in front of thousands of people, and he as squirming away. Thank fuck our instruments hide our boners. I wet my lips and kept playing, smirking knowingly whenever he moved and groaned. I couldn't help but turn my back to the crowd and chuckle to myself. I couldn't wait to see the pictures from tonight, hopefully he'd look like he was orgasming more then usual.

Half way through the set he came over to me. We'd stopped to have quick drinks of water while Matt rambled on at the crowd. He leaned in close to me and whispered low in his soft voice. "Please man, take it out."

I chuckled and shook my head. "Not gonna happen." I smirked and grasped his chin, turning it to face the crowd. "Even if I did, we're in front of all these people. Do you really want them all to know what I do to you?"

His cheeks flushed and he shook his head. "N...no..."

"No what?" I pressed, turning his head to face me again.

"No sir." The words came out as a whisper, but it was good enough for me.

"Good boy." I smirked and let him go, downing some of the water before heading to the stage to chuck the vile stuff at the crowd. Soon enough he'd get what he wanted. Soon.


It was four hours after the gig that we finally ended up at the hotel where we'd be spending the night, well what was left of it anyway. Now we were finally alone, for the first time since I'd secured everything onto him.

"Please sir." He was begging still, only now he was down on his knees. It made me smirk. The song really was true, he did look so beautiful down on his knees. I reached down and ran a hand through his hair. He was naked from the waist up, which was sadly not enough for me.

"First you must lose those." I pointed at his three quarter lengths. "Then we'll see."

He let out a soft whimper, then stood up, undoing hs fly. He quickly pushed the offending clothing down and off, revealling the source of his problem before he kneeled again, groaning at the movement. He looked up at me again, looking quite pitiful which only made me smirk more. "Good boy. Now how about you get that pretty mouth of yours to work." He whined a little, but leaned in close and undid my fly with his teeth. I licked my lips settling back in the chair as he undid the button above my fly with his fingers. I lifted my arse up so his hands could pull my three quarters down to my knees and then his mouth went to work again. He started mouthing my dick through the material of my boxers. I swallowed some more beer from my bottle, patting his hair as he kept close to me. I felt him inhale my scent as he sucked me through the fabric.

After a few minutes, though, he tired of just the material and he grasped the waistband of my boxers between his teeth. Steadily he pulled them down with his teeth, my stiff dick slapping him in the face as soon as it was free. He groaned softly, swiping his tongue along my shaft. I parted my legs a little, taking another drink as he licked his tongue back down my length, stopping at my balls to lap at them. He kept his eyes on mine, taking my balls into his mouth and rolling them around with his soft, wet tongue. "Fuck..."

I wish that he still had the stud. I remembered how it felt so fucking good. Pity he had to lose it after giving that one guy head and the piercings got tangled. Even though none of us had cock piercings he never put it back in. Pity.

Still, even without the stud he had an amazing tongue.

I groaned when he stopped tonguing my balls and ran it up my dick, stopping so his mouth hovered just above it. He held my base with one hand, parting his lips before taking the head between them. In one go he had me fully down his throat, his nose in the thick, dark curls of my pubic hair. "Fuck..." I groaned low in my throat, gripping his hair a little tighter. His tongue wasn't the only exceptional feature of his body.

He bobbed his head up and down steadily, slurping and squeezing his lips around me. "Ugh..." I gripped his hair tighter, tipping my head back as his movements increased. His hand had slipped from the base of my dick, his fingers now cupping my balls. He swallowed around me, moving steadily on my cock. "That's it, suck it you fucking bitch." I grunted, my hips jerking up. "Yeah suck my big cock you stupid cunt." He hummed around me, my words seemingly urging him on to move faster on my stiff dick. I groaned as I watched him bob up and down, his dicksucker lips making a perfect o.

"Ugh." I grunted, hips bucking again against his face as I spilled down his throat. I groaned low in my throat, flopping back against the chair. I let go of his hair when I was sure I'd finished shooting, smiling when he didn't move away until my dick softened. "Mmm good slut..."I whispered softly, gesturing for him to stand so I could remove what had been bothering him.

About an hour before the show I'd caught him backstage and pulled him into a store room, where I'd fucked him. At the time he'd assumed it was just a random fuck, but it was planned. Kinda. I'd left a bag in there before and, thankfully, no one had moved it. So once I'd came inside him I did a few things. First I quickly slipped a hand in my pocket and slipped a cock ring on him, which had instantly made him whine since he hadn't shot yet. Then when I pulled out I reach for the bag, pulling out a plug which I thrust into him and securing it in place with a harness which wrapped around his waist.

It had been on him ever since.

I undid the main strap holding the harness in place, smirking as it dropped to the floor as soon as it was undone. "On the bed." He nodded and laid down on the soft matress, his plump lips parting as he released a groan. I took another swig of my beer, then strode over to him, bottle still in hand. "Part your legs." Immediately he spread them wide apart and I sat on the end of his bed. I ran my hands up his legs, stopping at his crotch. Licking my lips, I removed the plug from his arse, tossing him up the bed. "Suck it." He nodded, popping the purple rubber into his mouth with ease. Chuckling, I removed the ring from the base of his dick, then tossed it onto the chair I'd vacated. "Wank."

He didn't need telling twice. In a heartbeat his right hand was wrapped around his length, stroking it quickly. I smirked at his eagerness and downed the last of the beer, licking the last drops from my lips. I looked at the empty bottle, then at Jay, whose head was now back against the pillows. It didn't take much to work out what to do.

I moved a little closer to him, then lowered the empty bottle to his ass. The plug had kept him more then open enough to accept the bottle, so all it took was a simple push and then the neck was in him. He groaned around the plug his hips jerking up as I pushed it into him, the neck sinking easily into him.

Sadly, though, before I'd gotten all of the neck up his slutty arse he came all over himself. Shame. I sighed and removed the bottle from him, tossing that to the chair too. I ran my fingers through the mess on his belly, licking my lips at the sight of the pearly fluid. "Spit it out." I looked up and smiled when he did as he was told, before replacing the plug with my wet fingers. The slut had them clean in seconds.

I flopped on the bed beside him, then grasped his chin and kissed him quickly before looking into his eyes. "Mmmm you looked so hot on stage filled with that."

He smirked and swiped his tongue over my fingers. "I'll wear it again if you promise to wear one too."

"Mmm... maybe." He grinned and kissed me again, then a chuckled and grabbed us both beers. "If you do something else for me." He wet his lips knowingly then nodded and moved back between my legs as I opened the fresh beer. I loved having Jay around.
Tags: 50kinkyways, bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, jay james/padge, padge, slash
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