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Pairing: Gerard Way/Mikey Way
Rating: NC-17
POV: Gerard
Warnings: AU, BDSM, watersports
Notes: For katiexrawr hope you likes

I tapped my pencil absently against my desk, staring at the sketches I'd made. They were just random things to pass the time. There was a black-maned unicorn and a skull, with flames occupying the better part of the bottom half of the page. It'd do I guessed. My gaze flickered to the clock and I nodded a little to myself. I guessed I should get ready.

I pushed myself out from the desk, then moved across the room. I was already naked, not bothering to wear any clothes anymore. Unless he wanted it I was naked. I picked up a few items from the bedside table, then laid back on the bed. I opened my mouth as wide as I could, then pushed the rubber ring gag into it, securing the straps behind my head with practised ease. Next I trailed my hand down my body to my dick, rubbing and squeezing it until it was fully erect. It only took a few minutes. Sighing, I reached down with my other hand, slipping on a cock ring. I squirmed a little, letting my hand move between my parted legs. I bit my lower lip, removing the small plug from my ass, setting it down on the bedside table before replacing it with a larger one.

I glanced at the clock again, then nodded to myself. There was just enough time for me to sort out my make-up before he came. I sat in front of the mirror, lifting up my eyeliner and carefully drawing black circles around my eyes. I hummed softly to myself, replacing the eyeliner with eyeshadow, rubbing the soft purple powder across my eyes. Satisfied, I shifted from the mirror and onto my knees waiting at the foot of the bed.

I didn't have to wait too long. About five minutes after I crouched down the door at the top of the stairs unlocked and opened. I bowed my head a little, waiting for him to come down the stairs. The first thing I saw of him was his boots. If nothing else he would wear those boots. They were black and shiny, with a series of silver buckles along it. "Good boy." He ran his fingers through my long dark hair, gripping it tight and pulling my head back so I could look at him properly.

He was wearing next to nothing, just the boots and his trenchcoat. The coat was covering too much of him for my taste, but it wasn't my place to tell him that. I gazed up his body, my eyes meeting his. They were dark, filled with lust and locked with mine. Even now I found it hard to believe that those eyes belonged to my little brother. At the same time it felt so right having him own me as completely as he did. As always I pushed it to the back of my mind and waited.

Mikey reached down and opened his jacket, revealing his sharp hips skinny legs, flat chest and soft dick. That meant one thing. "Ready my little slut?" I nodded slightly, the ring gag preventing any other form of reply. The nod was enough for him and he shifted closer, taking his soft dick in hand and aiming it for my stretched open mouth. He waited for a few seconds and I could see him taking a few steady breaths. After the third one he released a hot spray of piss. Some landed across my cheeks but most went between my lips and down my throat. One of my jobs, as his bitch, was to serve as his toilet while he was home. It wasn't so bad, I actually liked the taste of him. I gulped the salty fluid down, groaning as he purposely moved his dick so some of the flow soaked my hair. Piss soaked hair made me feel more like a whore and he knew it. All too soon his flow subsided and he wiped the last droplets over the rubber ring of the gag.

He smiled, then stepped back which made me let out a rather pitiful whimper which just made him chuckle. "Patience you needy slut." He smirked as he moved away, pulling the trenchcoat off him and dumping it on the chair I'd been sitting on just minutes earlier. He walked slowly around the room, his dick twitching as he walked. He went to the bedside table, pulling open the top drawer and looking through it. I found myself staring at his shapely ass, swallowing as I watched. "Hands behind you cunt. And eyes forward!"

I turned my head so I wasn't looking at him putting my hands behind me. I heard him move closer, squirming slightly. He stopped behind me, taking my arms and wrapping a binder around them and pulling it tight. I let out a soft groan as he did up each buckle, feeling him lean close and purr above me. "Wouldn't want my favourite slut to touch himself now would I?" I could practically hear him smirk as he spoke.

He stood up and walked around me, stopping when he was in front of me. His dick was fully erect now, his length aching and his tip leaking. I swallowed again at the sight, his hands moving behind me to undo the gag. "Spit it out, no talking." I nodded, spitting the ring out before flexing my jaw for a few moments.

Seconds after the gag was gone it was replaced with the head of his cock. While he could have used my mouth with the ring on, he preferred it when my lips were wrapped around him. He gripped ahold of my hair again, pushing his slim shaft down my throat. He always tasted so fucking good. He may not have the thickest cock but it was still the best one I'd ever had. I smiled a little and started bobbing my head up and down, sucking on the stiff length. He groaned softly above me, tugging my hair. I kept my eyes on his face as I sucked him off, running my tongue along his length. I could do this all day and I had before now.

He kept groaning, keeping ahold of my hair but not pulling me off. I inhaled his scent each time I went down, my nose being surrounded by the thick curls of his pubic hair. At the same time his balls hit my chin, make me groan around him at the feeling. If my arms weren't bound then my fingers would be on him, rolling the soft flesh between my fingers. I swallowed around him, humming softly as I sucked. "Shit brother..." He groaned, bucking his sharp hips against my face.

He growled then, after a few thrusts, he pulled out. His hand was on his saliva-slick dick in a heartbeat, stroking himself in quick movements. "Shit..." He groaned softly above me, cumming hard across from my face. I closed my eyes quickly, feeling some of the sticky fluid land across my eyelids. Fuck it felt so good. I licked my lips, tasting some of it that landed in reach of my tongue. I purred at his taste, opening my eyes a little to look at him. He was smirking, as he often did. "You look perfect like that." I knew he believed that, he said it before after he'd had friends over. I smiled, leaning foward and kissing his cock head lightly, licking the last of the cum from it.

"Good slut." He released my hair, patting my head. "Stay there I'll go get us some food." He smiled down at me, bending down and kissing my forehead before heading back up, his ass swaying. Yeah, I had a good life down here, even though my brother kept me locked in the basement.
Tags: fic, gerard way, gerard way/mikey way, mikey way, my chemical romance, slash
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