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The Leaving Gift

The Leaving Gift
Pairing: Darran Smith, Gareth Lawerence, Gavin Butler, Ian Watkins, James Davies, Jamie Oliver, Jay James, Lee Gaze, Luke Johnson, Matt Davies-Kreye, Matt Tuck, Matthew Davies, Mike Lewis, Moose, Padge, Rhys Lewis, Sean Smith, Stuart Richardson
Rating: NC-17
POV: Matt Davies
Warnings: Bukkake
Notes: This took oddly so long. It's also got the most people I've had in a fic. I did ponder having Madina in it too, but I decided against it leaving it as mostly Welshies. I completely blame the Kerrang awards for this, which is where this whole thing is set. This is the first time I've wrote some of these people, especially the obvious awkwardness of one).
Dedications: Thanks to darty28 on tumblr for the pics, emmaopteryx and lc_ffaf

I stood in the back room of the bar, which I'd managed to reserve all to ourselves. The room wasn't especially big, but it would do for tonight's festivities. I didn't mean the awards aftershow, which was already happening on the other side of the door, I meant something much different. Darran was crouched on the floor beside me, waiting to recieve his leaving gift. This one wasn't from the band, who were all in the other room, as we had something special planned for him after his last gig with us. No, this was from others, arranged by me. Darran was still dressed in his black outfit. His arms were behind him, tied back there at the wrists with his tie.

Around the room there were guys. Quite frankly I had no idea on the numbers. There were at least fourteen guys here, probably more. I hadn't exactly bothered to count as they'd come in. "Ok, everyone ready?" There were nods and various sounds of acknowledgement from them, which was good enough for me. "Ok, you know what to do." I turned a little to Darran, who looked a little perplexed. "This is a little something I've arranged for you. I hope you enjoy it as much as we will." He blinked, a little confused, but he said nothing after I offered him a reassuring smile.

I remained beside Darran, watching the others. Their flies were all unzipped and their dicks were all hanging out. All were different sizes, some big, some small, but all were hard and being fisted by one of the hands of their respective owners. They were all going at different paces. Some moved rapidly, while others had a much more leisurely pace. This wasn't a race after all.

I glanced back down at Darran. He was doing the same as I was, his eyes darting between the cocks around him. I think he was only now realising what was gonna happen. I almost chuckled to myself, but repressed the urge, returning my attention to the others. I couldn't help but wonder who'd cum first. Most likely it'd be one of those that was stroking fast.

The room was filled with the sounds of heavy breathing and hand movements of the various men. The sight of them wanking made me wish I could join in, but I couldn't. I had to hold off until the end, once they were all done. I knew from the start it would be torture, but it'd be worth it.

The first man left the wall and came over to us. Jamie. As I'd expected, he was stroking himself quite quickly. He aimed his shaft for Darran's face, speeding up his strokes even more. His hips jerked forward to meet his movements and his breathing became a little heavily. I held Darran's head back, watching as Jamie came, the first cum wad of the night landing across Darran's face. He wiped his dick over his face, then went away wordlessly, zipping himself up as he went. Part of me wished we could have had everyone naked but I knew it would have ended up badly. With most of them drunk they probably would ahve managed to leave in all the wrong clothes.

With Jamie done there was now a space before Darran again. I expected someone to step right away, but instead the space went unoccupied for awhile. Several minutes went by until the next man came over. Unlike Jamie he was wearing a suit, which somehow made his dick hanging out and him jerking it look more obscene. His dick was a little smaller then Jamie's but it had the advantage of girth. "Fuck Darran, you look so good like that..." Gavin moaned, hips thrusting to meet his fist. "I can't wait to see what you look like when this is all over..." The thought seemed to get to him as, on the next stroke, he came. I noted that he shot more then Jamie did as the sticky fluid landed across Darran's face.

With a breathless smile he tucked himself away, then pulled out his phone to take a quick snapshot before joining Jamie.

There was a long pause again, longer then between Jamie and Gavin, before Mike stepped forward. His pink shirt hung over his dick, partially obscuring it. He was stroking steadily, but firmly, his gaze on Darran. He was quiet, not even making moans or breathing heavily. From looking at him, I would have expected him to cum much later. His other hand came down and lifted his shirt up just enough to expose a sliver of skin. His breath hitched just a little and then it was all over for him. He didn't say anything as he ripped his dick over Darran's cheek, but he did pat his head gently before moving out of sight.

Three down.

This time there wasn't a pause. As soon as Mike left, he was replaced by Lee. Lee was as I expected really. His skinny jeans hid a slim cock, which pretty much matched his body. His hand was moving steadily and he, like Jamie, kept fairly quiet. Ocassionally he'd tip his head a little, exposing his strangely long neck more then it already was.

After just a few strokes he was joined by someone else. Bob stepped beside him, his bald head shining slightly in the light. His cock was thicker then Lee's and it was about the same length. The tip was just like his head, glistening. He was stroking a bit firmer then Lee was and his eyes were firmly on Darran. I found it strange that he obviously had plenty of hair around his dick when he had so little on his head. Guess he had it growing in the wrong places. Again, due to his wearing a suit it looked dirtier.

They stroked themselves for a few for minutes, not looking at each other or interacting, barely even acknowledging each other's prescence. Darran almost leaned into their cocks, but I gripped his hair again and held him back. Lee came first, angling his dick just before he did so it landed across Darran's lips and chin. A few seconds after he did, Bob did, shooting acroos Darran's cheek. "Good luck mun." Bob smiled as he spoke, which looked odd considering how angry he was usually. Him and Lee parted together, the sounds of their zippers filling the air.

Two more people seperated from the wall. Shit. I expected trouble from these two. Ian seemed to have this strange, irrational seeming hatred for Bullet and Matt especially. I opened my mouth, ready to say something to make sure they wouldn't cause trouble and then... I saw something that made me stop. The second they took up their position in front of Darran they turned to one another and started kissing. Holy fuck, had I slipped through a wormhole into a parallel universe or something? I blinked as I watched them, one hand on their respective dicks, the other out of sight. I had to lean to one side to see and still surprised me. Hands on each other's arses, groping and squeezing. How drunk had he gotten Ian?

There was clearly a reaction from the others at the sight as the moans became louder. I forced myself to look away from their kissing, which was awfuly hot and making my trousers feel tighter. I looked at their dicks, both poking out of their matching white trousers. Ian was much bigger, maybe even twice the size of Matt's. I wished that his t-shirt was up or off him so that his guns would be visible. Those things were fucking hot after all.

My eyes went back up to them kissing and I still felt like I was seeing things. I slipped a hand into my pocket, pulling my phone out of it so I could take a picture, just so I had some form of lasting proof. I had a feeling I wasn't alone in doing so. After snapping a few pictures, I couldn't help but record a few minutes of it as well. Thank fuck I didn't leave this phone at the hotel. Not only did I record them kissing, which was hot and sloppy and wet, I also managed to pan down and get some of their stroking. I got the feeling they'd be spending the night together.

When I put the phone away they came. Since I was looking away at the time I didn't catch who came first, although they must've cum pretty close together, seconds apart. They kept kissing for a few more seconds before finally stopping, parting for air and to look down at Darran. "Good luck Darran." Matt spoke first, his voice breathless.

"Yeah, good luck. We'll try and work together yeah?" Ian smiled and then they both zipped themselves up and left my sight.

Quickly they were replaced by Rhys. Rhys was as I expected, quiet, his hand gliding up and down his cock but no sounds escaped his lips. His dick was a bit like Lee's long and fairly slim, although his was thicker then Lee's. He kept his gaze firmly on Darran's sticky face, increasing the speed of his hand movements. With a breathy groan he released, the fluid landing across some of the drying jizz on Darran's face.

There was another pause. We were at the half-way point now, with eight guys having already unloaded on Darran, with a further eight still against the wall. Out of those three there was half of The Blackout, most of Bullet and two of the Lostprophets boys. All were stroking pretty steadily, so it was unclear to me which of them would move first.

It was about five minutes before the position was filled again. A third of The Blackout came to take the position, with Matthew looking incredibly nervous by it all. It was pretty obvious that out of us all he was the shyest, which was probably why he came with Sean instead of alone. Matthew swallowed when he got in position and stopped moving his hand, using his other one to give Darran a small, shy wave before restarting. Sean was more confident, stroking his dick in steady strokes. It was hard to tell who was bigger.

Sean leaned against Matthew, whispering things to him. "That's it Matthew just like that. Look how good Darran looks. Soon he'll be covered in us." Matthew let out a sound between a squeak and a moan, which made Sean smirk. "That's it you like that huh?" I noticed that Sean's other hand had moved to Matthew's arse. I heard his hand slip under the waistband of Matthew's trousers, groping at the flesh he found there. It was obvious they'd done something before, though it was Sean. He was a bit of a slut. He'd probably done things with everyone in this room at one point or another. I was pretty sure he had with about 80% of us, myself included.

Matthew gasped, his hips jerking forward suddenly, the movement making making his tip brush against Darran's wet cheek. Sean chuckled, swiping his tongue along Matthew's neck. Matthew let out a soft groan, his hand moving quicker along his dick. "Sean..." He gasped again his head tipping back and his eyelids fluttered a bit. I few seconds later he released across Darran, it landing all over his face.

"That's it, good boy." Sean purred, slipping his hand out of Matthew's trousers. "You did good." He kissed Matthew's neck, then sucked his fingers and increased his speed. After a few firm strokes he was cumming too, spurting hot and thick across Darran's face. "Mmmm you look so good like that Darran." The words left Sean's llips in between pants. "Stay in touch yeah?"

"Yeah... g... good luck Darran. I know everything will turn out amazing for you." Matthew whispered softly, before Sean guided him away.

Thy were barely gone five seconds before their places were taken again. Padge and Luke stepped foward, almost together although obviously independantly. Luke's hair was ridiculously blonde. Unlike Lee and Sean it really didn't suit him. He looked wrong. Very wrong. Padge looked as he always did, although blissfully he didn't have that goatee thing he had going on the other year. They were both wearing dark clothes, although Luke had the addition of a jacket.

Of course my gaze was drawn to their crotches, although, like Sean and Matthew it was hard to tell who was bigger. They were roughly the same size, which was the kind of size that would make your arse ache the morning after. Experience had taught me that too.

They were both moving their hands steadily along their horse dicks, making sure they were aiming themselves for Darran's pretty face. If I was being honest I was surprised that Padge could even get it up witht the amount of booze he'd consumed, though I guess his body had somehow developed a way around it.

I kept staring at Luke's hands, my eyes studying the tattoos as his hand moved along his dick. Not exactly the best time to try and look at them. Luke thrust his hips forward, spurting across Darran's hair and forehead. Shit he came a lot. I heard him mumble something, but I couldn't make it out. Padge pushed him aside so his was the only cock that filled his attention. Padge was mumbing too, although his accent had somehow got thicker and his words jumbled together and I was sure he was mixing Welsh and English. He let out a grunt, then he came too, his cum splattering over Darran.

Jay parted from the wall and I thought he was going to take over, but instead he just took Padge's arm and guided him away, much like he'd done earlier in the night. Once Padge was out the way, Snoz and Stu took over. The last member of The Blackout was the only one left that was wearing anything resembling smart. Jay returned, taking a place beside Snoz. "You doin ok Darran?" Darran smiled and nodded a little, wetting his lips lightly. Satisfied, Jay resumed jerking, something he'd stopped when he moved Padge.

Comparing them to the others Snoz was the biggest of his band, which wasn't too surprising since he was a fucking giant, Stu was the second biggest of his band, after Luke, while Jay was almost the same size as Padge. He had the distinction of being the only one with piercings in his cock, which glinted in the light.

Jay leaned slightly against Snoz, blowing his long hair out of the way before he snaked out his tongue to wiggle against his neck. He had to shift up to do it due to the height difference, but he managed it. The other man groaned, his hand moving slightly faster as Jay kept lapping at his neck. It didn't surprise me at you when he shot first with a low moan, likely thinking of what Jay's tongue would feel in other places. "Fuck..." He whispered softly, letting out a heavy pant as he stepped back, tucking himself away and buckling himself back up.

The remaining two closed up the gap that he left and, within seconds, Jay was doing the same thing again. Perhaps it was instinct for him, or maybe it was because he was drunk or maybe it was cause he was a bit of a slut anyway. Probably a mix of all three. There was a groan from the other man and he stilled for a few moments before fisting his dick again. Jay was distracting like that. He switched from licking to mouthing at his skin, not quite kissing it. I was sure if Jay was the other side of him his free hand would be on him too, touching him in places. Instead, Jay's other hand hung beside him, gripping onto his jeans.

Once Jay's teeth started joining in with his lips and tongue, it proved to be too much. The last member of Lostprophets came with a groan, thrusting foward as his cum joined the others. He looked at Jay, panting softly with eyes darkened by lust. He leaned in close to Jay, whispered something in his ear then gave Darran a thumbs up before moving away.

Moose took his place, not waiting for Jay to move. Jay didn't seem to mind though, doing the same thing he'd done with the other two. Moose was still wearing his hat, which seemed to have become a near permenant feature on him. Despite having Jay latched onto his neck Moose was quiet, merely smiling as he wanked. How he kept so quiet was beyond me. He reached for Jay, cupping his balls and rolling them between his fingers.

Jay seperated from Moose's neck, then growled softly. He thrust forward, then, as the others had before him, he came over Darran. Jay was hesitant to leave but, after Moose mumbled something in his ear, he finally went leaving Moose alone.

The second he was gone, Moose's strokes became both faster and more firmer. "You look so fucking good like that Darran." The words came out as a groan and I could see that his words made Darran smile. After saying that, he lasted five more strokes become shooting, adding another layer to Darran's pretty face.

"Ok Matt, now it's your turn." Moose offered his hand to me, which I took and I let him move me to where all of them had been. "I don't expect you to last."

I undid my fly and pulled out my cock. As much as I wanted to prove him wrong, I knew he was completely right. The sight of Darran's face slick with heavy white strips of cum, was almost enough to make me go right there. Before I even got my hand wrapped around my length, I had lips on my neck. On both sides. The one to my left was Jay, the other was Lee, which was more of a surprise. Both of them stared sucking my neck as I moved my hand. The others were watching intently, some with their eyes, some through their phones. Ian and Matt seemed more interested in each other tough.

I returned my gaze to Darran's beautiful face, which looked fucking pretty like this. "Shit..." I let out a low groan and made my contribution to the mess on his face, the lips and tongues making me shoot quicker then I would've liked. Panting, I reached into my pocket again and, like the others, took a picture of his slick, sticky face. I held it up for Darran to see, smiling at the look on his face.

"Thanks everyone." He wet his lips lightly, then smiled again. "I really appreciate this, it feels so good." Gavin knelt down behind him and looked at me before freeing Darran's hands. Instantly they went to his face scooping up a mixture of our juices before he sucked them from his fingers.

Well, this seemed to have gone off exactly as I'd expected, perhaps even better. I grinned proudly to myself, taking another pic before pocketing my phone and zipping myself up.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, darran smith, fic, funeral for a friend, gareth lawerence, gavin butler, ian watkins, ian watkins/matt tuck, james davies, jamie oliver, jay james, lee gaze, lostprophets, luke johnson, matt davies-kreye, matt tuck, matthew davies, matthew davies/sean smith, mike lewis, moose, padge, rhys lewis, sean smith, slash, stuart richardson, the blackout
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