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Ah, victory

Woo! Prop 8's been overturned! YAY!

Take that you bible bashing idiots that wasted millions on their fucking stupid, selfish campaign.


Since my last post I've been doing:
*Fic. girl!Bob fic is posted, another one is being done. Please read
*The other fic can't have much more done till I have more Kerrang award pics
*Dragon Quest. Meeting the Aussie accented, getting a new key, riding a dragon, all kinds of other crap
*Kerrang is eh, apart from the bits about Darran. I'm surprised there's no scans of the pic with Tuck yet. Want next weeks.
*Sherlock was good but not as good as last weeks
*The Deep was... interesting
*Why does the canal only have female ducks? Lesbianism must be all the rage
*Had an odd sex dream with me and Luke Johnson

As always, I'm sure I had more shit to say but my mind's like a black hole.
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