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After The Sunrise

After The Sunrise
Pairing: girl!Bob Bryar/Gerard Way/Mikey Way
Rating: NC-17
POV: Bob
Warnings: Het, suddenly-a-girl Bob, slight AU
Notes: This is the first time I've ever done a fic where they suddenly become a girl. It's also pretty long with the sex scene being oddly epic. This was done for thingama_bob.

I yawned softly as I awoke, reaching up and pawing at my eyes to rid the sleep from them. I yawned again, louder this time and wrapped the sheets around me more. Today was a day off, a rest day in the hotel so there was no need for me to move. Plans for the day involved jerking off, ordering room service and seeing if there was any decent porn here. If not porn, then watch one of the regular movies.

As I rolled over to make myself comfortable I felt a little... strange, but I shrugged it off and shifted my hand between my legs. I may as well start off today's agenda. I reached for my cock then paused. Where I expected my dick to be there was nothing but air and sheets. I frowned and moved my hand again, running my fingers over my thigh and stopping at my crotch. "The fuck?" I sat up, pulling the covers from over me harshly, looking down. Before I even saw my crotch I realised something was amiss by what I saw. There were a pair of breasts on my chests, big enough to be more then a handful. "What the fuck?" I leaned forward a little more and looked between my legs. My dick was gone, my balls too and in it's place was a... soft slit. "Oh no, I'm not a fucking girl."

I got off the bed and ran into the bathroom, grabbing a hand mirror and moving it between my legs. The sight it gave me was most definitely not what should be there.


Twenty minutes later, and after working out exactly why chicks sat down to piss, I was lying on the bed and there was a knock at the door. "It's open!" I realised now that my voice still sounded like my own only it was just a little... softer.

As the door opened I flung the cover back over me, watching as the Way brothers stepped in. They specialised in the weird and strange so I figured that maybe they could help. Somehow. Their hair was messed up, a sign that I'd probably disturbed them from something, although Gerard had a brightness in his eyes as he came in. "So Bob, what's this strange thing you gotta show us?"

Mikey shrugged from beside him, closing the door. "This better not be one of those porn lines." His voice was slightly annoyed and his tone filled with sarcasm.

"Shut up Mikey." I sighed and shifted to sit up again, so the they could see my new, very real, tits. "Still think it's a line?" The sight made Gerard's eyes bug out from his head. I was sure that was the first time I, or anyone for that matter, had seen him make such a reaction to breasts.

"Fuck Bob! How the hell have you gotten those things over night?"

"That is pretty strange." Mikey said, although he was obviously shocked too.

"That's not all." I muttered softly, feeling my cheeks flush red as I moved the sheets aside and waited. Both of them gasped.

"That...that's..." Gerard stuttered, swallowing and flushing before looking away

"Bryar pussy." Mikey finished, helpfully. He was staring too, looking me over, studying me. He had a little more interest then Gerard, though I'd expected that. "You make for a strange girl." He said, finally, although didn't elaborate.

"Fantastic input." I muttered and pulled the covers back, feeling self-conscious. "Have you ever heard of anything like this?"

Mikey shrugged while Gerard tapped his chin thoughtfully. "I..." He looked thoughtful for a moment more, then continued. "I think we need to find out what did this. I mean, it's obviously something that only you did right? Since we're not effected and the others aren't." Sound reasoning, but I couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at the last part.

Mikey supplied the answer to my unspoken question, in that freaky Way way they had. "We'd have heard."

Well I couldn't fault his logic. Onto Gerard's question, I considered what I'd done that could be considered different. Up until the gig last night I'd been with the guys, bar going to the toilet. So that meant it was after the show. I'd gone off stage, wiped the sweat from my brow, pissed, went to meet the fans, then came here. I paused and looked at them. "Did you guys see the fans?" They both looked guilty at that then looked at each other. Of course. Hotel night.

"Did any of them give you anything? Anything strange or unusual?" Mikey took over the questioning as Gerard perch on the end of the bed.

I considered my answer for a moment, then shook my head. "Ok." Gerard spoke up again, stroking his chin. It was an action that didn't really suit him at all. Now if he'd been able to grow facial hair... and then I reached for my own chin and realised my own was all gone. I guess I should've expected it. "When did you notice you'd changed?"

"When I woke up. I reached down to... well and I found my cock wasn't there." As I spoke I could feel my cheeks heat up and both of them smiled a little. "First thing I did was call you."

The room went quiet for a few moments as the Ways pondered their next query. I shifted under the covers a little, nervous as to what the next thing might be. They shared one of those strange Way looks, then looked at me. "Ok." Gerard swallowed and Mikey sat down on the bed beside me. "Well it seems to me this might be... well." He paused for a second. "I have no idea what the fuck has happened to you. Maybe it's magic or some shit, maybe it's aliens. I don't know." He sighed and reached for me, squeezing my knee through the sheets. "I wish I could help Bob, but I've no idea how this has happened and I've not heard of it before." He glanced at Mikey, who shook his head. Great, the Ways didn't know what was happening with me. I was boned.

"Maybe you should think of this a different way." The younger of the pair said, looking down at me. I raised an eyebrow and he smirked a little. "Well, haven't you ever wondered what it'd be like to be a chick for the day?" The thought had only crossed my mind once, when an interviewer asked us. "Well think of this as your chance." I frowned at him although I guess he did have a point. "We can help if you want." Gerard let out a soft squeak at that, obviously seeing where Mikey was going with this. I wouldn't have been surprised if Gerard had never touched a girl, much less been with one.

Mikey smiled, wet his lips and looked at me. "I'm not going to force you, if you don't want me to do anything..."

"No, I trust you. Both of you." My voice came out as a soft whisper and I squirmed again.

Mikey smiled and nodded. "Alright." He pulled the covers back from me and looked over me, studying me with an odd intensity. Gerard had moved now so he was sitting at my other side, his eyes on me uncomfortably. "Part your legs a little." I swallowed and did as I was told, parting my thick thighs slightly for him. He placed a hand there, shifting it up until it was close to my crotch. He looked at me one last time and then ran his fingers along my pussy. It felt strange, different. It made my insides tingle. His fingers shifted slightly almost as if they were searching for something. I groaned loudly as his fingers pressed... something.

"Fuck is that..."

"Your clit?" He pressed again and made me moan louder. "Oh yeah." He rubbed his middle finger over it, making me squirm over the bed. I felt myself get wet, which was such a strange fucking feeling. It was different to how a hard-on felt, which I guessed was natural but it's not as if I ever expected to feel this. I let out another, louder groan as I felt Mikey's fingers probe lower, around my opening. He circled them slowly, before steadily pushing one in, causing me to let out a sound between a hiss, a grunt and a groan. It felt a little strange, different from having a finger up my ass.

"Gerard make yourself useful." Mikey growled and I watched, dazed, as he grabbed Gerard's hands and put them to my chest. "Grope his.. her... Bob's tits." Gerard's cheeks flushed and he held onto both of them, stroking my skin gently. It was obvious he was unsure what to do and I wasn't exactly sure what he should do either. Gerard kept his hands in place, stroking at my skin lightly, watching me nervously for any signs that he could be doing anything wrong. I gave him a reassuring smile inamongst my moans.

My attention returned to Mikey as he pulled his finger out, replacing it with two. "Oh fuck..." I tipped my head back against the pillows, moaning even louder. I was so glad we weren't in some cheap hotel, else the whole place would hear. My grip tightened on the bedsheets and I jerked my hips up to meet his hand. With a surprising grip, Mikey held my hip with his other hand, pushing it down onto the bed.

"Now, now." He whispered, curving his slim fingers a little inside me, eliciting a low groan from my throat. "Be a good girl Bryar." He smiled and leaned down, flicking his pink tongue over his lips. My mind instantly wondered what it would be like to have his tongue elsewhere. I swallowed slightly as his lips hovered over mine. He remained silent for a few moments, flexing his fingers inside me as he studied my face. "If you want, I could fuck you." As he said that he slowly withdrew his fingers, slamming them back when he said fuck. I groaned loudly, almost not hearing him. "Should I say that again?" He smiled deviously, rubbing his fingers along my new insides slowly. "I said if you want me to I could fuck your dripping wet cunt." I moaned and squirmed slightly, his thumb rubbing my clit. "Do you want me to?"

I swallowed, took a deep breath, then nodded. "Ye... yeah." He smiled and nodded, running his tongue along my lips.

"Good girl. I knew you'd say that." He shifted away, which unfortunately included removing his wet fingers from me. I whimpered and he lifted his hand up, studying the wetness in the light. "Look how wet you are for me." He ran his tongue along his fingers to taste me and I groaned again. He didn't comment on it, moving off the bed as he started to strip. I looked at Gerard, his hands still on my tits, almost immobile. I couldn't help but wonder what his fingers, a little bigger then Mikey's, would feel inside me. "If you're wanting to ask him to do what I just did I'd suggest against it. Gerard doesn't know a single thing about cunt." Gerard blushed and looked away, saying nothing so I figured what he said was true.

I looked over at Mikey, who had now shed his clothing. I'd seen him naked before, I'd even seen him hard before, but this was different somehow. It was probably because those other times hadn't involved Mikey fucking me. I swallowed slightly and stared at his dick, which I couldn't really help. It was surrounded by a mass dark curls and his full balls hung low between his legs. His dick wasn't exactly massive, not like Ray's was, which I was thankful for. I didn't want my first time to be with someone who could rip me apart. He was fairly long-ish and slim, his head shining just as his fingers were. "You know something Bryar." I shook my head a little, parting my legs a little more as he walked back to me. "I've wanted to fuck you for awhile now. Probably since I first met you. I never thought it'd be like this, but I guess you would neevr have thought of this either hmm?" I nodded a little and smiled as he mounted the bed, crouching between my legs.

He placed his hands on my thighs then looked me right in the eyes. Before he did anything else he wet his lips and began to speak. "Now, this way hurt a little. Don't worry, it's normal, it'll pass. If it gets to much, you tell me and I'll stop. I want this to be good for you." He paused to let me give him a nod. "If there's a little blood, that's ok but I don't expect any since... well. This isn't exactly normal circumstances." He paused again, shifting closer to me. I could feel his cock head press against me now. "One last thing Bob." He lowered his voice a little, his eyes sparkling. "Thanks for letting me do this. I'm honored to be your first."

"Thanks Mikey." I whispered softly, unable to think of anything that I could say other then that. I knew words would come later most likely but it felt like there was nothing in my brain. Like when you get a hard-on and all the blood rushes down there, but I knew the process was different for girls. I guess I should look all this sort of shit up if this body is going to permanent.

I didn't have time for such thoughts anymore as he pushed forward, his dick sinking into me. It felt so much better then his fingers. I licked my lips lightly, watching him through half-lidded eyes. I could tell by the look on his face that he was holding back. He stopped when he was balls deep inside me, letting out his own groan. "Look at you Bryar. You've been a girl for 5 minutes and you've got a dick inside you. You're gonna be a grade A cockslut." He slowly started to move back once he's finished speaking, stopping once his head was all that was in me. I gripped the sheets tighter, resisting the urge to either roll my hips up or bed. I didn't want to seem to be too much of a slut. He just smirked, held me tighter and then eased back in, with the same slowness he had first time.

"Gerard make yourself more useful." Mikey growled, stilling himself fully inside me again. "Squeeze her tits. Like this." Mikey reached up and batted his hands away, taking my breasts in his hands and kneading them with his fingers. It actually felt sorta nice, better then I would've thought. "Now get fucking naked and take over."

Mikey started to move again while Gerard stripped off his clothes. I couldn't help but watch, comparing the two brothers in my head despite having seen him naked too. Gerard was rounder then Mikey, with right amount of fat clinging to him in all the right places. His skin, like Mikey's, was fairly pale, apart from the few places where the sun caught him. His nipples were also a little bigger. His cock, like Mikey's was surrounded by curls, although his were curly black as opposed to Mikey's dark brown. His balls hung a little lower, although they seemed to also be slightly smaller. His cock, which wasn't fully hard, was slightly shorter but it made up for it in girth. He returned to his place beside me, sitting on the bed and replacing Mikey's hands with his own. He copied Mikey's actions by digging his fingers into my skin in the same way.

My attention returned to the younger of the Way's, who had decided that it was time to slam into me hard. Loud groans escaped my lips, my head tipping back against the pillows and my eyes lidding. He felt so fucking good. After the first thrust he paused for a moment, then settled into a rhythm. It was steady, yet hard pace and the sounds both of us made filled the room. "Yeah, you like that don't you whore?" He smirked devilishly at me, his eyes darkened with lust. The only response I could manage was a groan which seemed to be more then good enough for him. "Yeah, you feel so fucking good slut, your new pussy feels amazing." He slammed into me hard, moaning. "Oh yeah, so fucking amazing."

"So... fuck, so do you." My voice was more breathy now, coming out between gasps and pants. The place felt so much warmer, with him thrusting away inside me and Gerard's hands roaming my chest. I looked over at him, noting how he was now fully erect. I wasn't sure if he was hard because of me or because of his brother or both of us. I wasn't entirely sure if I should do anything to him, so I waited to see what Mikey would say. After all, he was very much running the show.

Mikey followed my eyeline, even leaning forward to look. "Speaking of sluts, looks like my slut of a brother's all hard." He chuckled softly, stilling his dick again inside me. "Mmm what to do..." He tapped his chin in thought, then smirked again. "I think the Bryar slut should decide." He looked me, shifting his right hand so his thumb pressed against my clit again. "You have three choices. You could jerk him off, give him head or use those tits of yours."

I swallowed slightly considering for a moment as Mikey lightly circled my clit. Sucking was a no. What if Mikey slammed into me hard and I bit down on him? Tits, well he seemed adverse to them so that probably wasn't good either. That and I was clueless how to do it and it would block my view of the younger Way. So jerking it was. I let go of the sheets, moving my hand to his hard rod, my fingers wrapping around his length. I gave him a reassuring smile, before I started to move my fist up and down his length

"Good girl." Mikey muttered, before resuming his movements again. The thrusts were just as hard as before, although this time he seemed to be keeping more of a rhythm. He'd thrust inside me quickly twice, then pull out, hold for a few moments and slam in before doing it all over again.

Fuck he looked beautiful like that, thrusting in and out of me, his hair all messed up, patches of sweat clinging to his skin. My eyes fluttered to Gerard, who was pretty much in the same state as his brother. Both looked so fucking pretty. I wet my lips, stroking Gerard's dick as fast I could manage, pumping him with my fist. Mikey smirked, shifting his right hand up my body until it reached my face. "Suck them." He growled softly, flexing two of his slim fingers so they extended to my lips. I parted them and took the digits between my lips, sucking on them carefully. I wasn't sure if he wanted to just see me suck them of if he wanted them wet, so I lapped at them just to be sure. He kept them in place for a good few thrusts before removing them, taking his hand out of my sight.

He stilled all movement inside me for a few seconds and I could tell from his expression that he was concentrating on whatever he was doing. Gerard gasped, his hips bucking forward a little. It didn't take a rocket scientist to work out what was going on. I just wished I could see better. I flicked my tongue across my lips, moaning at the thought. Mikey began moving again, resuming his thrusts at the same speed as before. His left hand was on my thigh, holding tight onto me as he fucked me hard, his hips slamming against mine.

Mikey leaned close and whispered something in his brother's ear, something I couldn't make out. Whatever it was it made Gerard shift a little closer to me, so his dick was pretty much in my face. I still stroked him, even though it was becoming much harder to keep the stroking motions up. Not because of the angle, but because of Mikey's thrusts into me and how fucking amazing he felt.

Gerard came first, moaning what sounded like an obscenity mixed with mine and Mikey's names. I got an extreme close up as his dick sprayed across my face, my eyelids fluttering closed quickly as it landed over them. Shit he came a lot. I guess he hadn't jerked off for days at least, perhaps longer. It felt so good landing over me, with one glob of it sticking my eyelids together.

I let go of his leaking dick, opening my eyes slightly to watch him. Gerard flopped down on the bed beside me, then he pressed his body against my side and kissed along my shoulder. I smiled a little, then went back to how I was before being told to jerk him, squirming and moaning.

After a few more thrusts from Mikey I felt something... else. My moans increased in volume and my hips jerked up high off the bed. I couldn't quite work out what was happening. My insides were tingling, my legs wrapped around Mikey's slim waist tightly and I just felt like I was so much wetter now. "Fuck.. fuck... ugh..." My head tipped back against the pillows and then my whole body just fell back on the bed, my limbs feeling like they'd turned to jelly.

"Open your eyes slut." I didn't realise I'd closed my eyes until Mikey said those words. When I did I saw that he was over me now, his dick hovering up my face, slick and sticky. "Did you enjoy your first fuck Bryar? You must've done to cum so much." I was too busy panting to form any sort of coherent response. All I could manage was a sort of... groan, which made him chuckle. "Well you look so good covered in my brother's cum, I figured I'd hold back to add mine." He quickly grasped his dick in hand and started pumping. If I wasn't so dazed I'd probably have paid more attention, maybe even leaned up and licked at whatever came closest to my tongue.

It only took him a few strokes for him to cum, the sticky fluid joining gerard's across my face. This time I caught some in my mouth, getting my first taste of Way cum. It tasted pretty good. Mikey laid down on the opposite side of me as his brother and then the only sounds that filled the room was the heavy breathing that the three of us made.

Mikey was the first of us to break the comfortable silence. "Did you like that?" His voice was a little softer then it had been while he fucked me, almost as if he was a different person. I didn't respond verbally at first, deciding instead to turn and kiss him hard, something which obviously caught him off guard. I'd realised we'd fucked, but not kissed, but I kept it brief as I was still pretty breathless.

"Fuck yeah I did." I smiled and wet my lips a little, swiping my tongue over his in the pocess. "Can we do that again later?" He nodded and smiled, his fingers absently trailing along my thigh. Perhaps being a girl wouldn't be so bad after all.
Tags: bob bryar, fic, gerard way, girl!bob bryar, girl!bob bryar/gerard way/mikey way, het, mikey way, my chemical romance, slash
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