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You could stay here

I have new glasses and new shoes. Pictures of both soon. The shoes mum got yesterday and they're Star Wars ones! YAY! They're black and gold and pretty cool.

Yesterday I got Kerrang. It's meh. Seriously. I guess if you like Avenged or am going to Sonisphere it's better (in which case I ate you, yeah you heard me). The Rammstein guy looks pretty hot though...

Today we went to Cannock to see To Story 3. (Related spoilers under the cut.)

The Day and Night thing... well I didn't go much on it. These Pixar shorts can be really good (Luxo, Geri's Game or the one with the bunny for eample) or they can be iffy, like this one sadly.

I loved it. There was so much cool stuff! The aliens using the claw! Mr Potato head being a tortilla (I can't think how to spell it so..). Andy looks pretty hot. Buttercup! I wish he'd been in it far more. And the end was sweet but kinda sad. I got a little teary. I hope there's a Toy Story 4. As in I really hope there is one and I'll poke people with a stick if there's not.

I hope they do a cuddly Buttercup (why haven't they done one already).

Also impressed on how good the new voice of Slinky was. I never woulda guessed it was a different person.

In Cannock I got some Toy Story stickers and Attitude.

Mago ice tea is nice.

Not much else to say. Might fic some more.

I kinda wanna do a Darran leaving fic. With The Blackout or Bullet.

Kerrang awards soon. Hope The Blackout, Bullet and Lostprophets win!
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