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Collectors Box Set

Collectors Box Set
Pairing: Jay James/Padge, Matt Tuck, Jay James/Moose
Rating: NC-17
POV: Padge
Warnings: Porn, toy making
Notes: I wanted to make this for 50kinkyways but I couldn't work it in. I blame Jay for mentioning Rammstein in a recent interview which made me think of Rammstein's box set which led to this

"Ok, so we need to come up with an idea for the re-release of the album." Matt spoke pacing slightly in front of us. "So this time we need more then just a dvd, we need something extra. You know, like one of those fancy boxes that... what're they fucking called?" He seemed to be searching for a band's name, but gave up after a few seconds. "Anyway it needs something more. So, ideas!" He clapped his hands together and looked over us.

Moose spoke up first. "We could always include an extra cd, a live one. Or two dvds instead of one."

I shrugged a little and grunted. "I think they might want something else. Maybe a t-shirt or some shit."

"They could have a tee with my idea, just need to add it in."

"I have an idea..." That was Jay, speaking in his usual quiet voice. When all eyes were on him he looked flustered before speaking again. "Well I was thinking we could do something like Rammstein's boxset..."


I couldn't believe we were doing this. This whole thing seemed so fucking ridiculous to me. There were four tubes set up, each one easily big enough for us. "So we do what eactly?"

"You just mix the molding power with water and then stick it in." As he said that Jay made a thrusting motion with his hips which amde his dick sway. "And then you keep still for about a minute before pulling out. Simple."

There was a collective silence as we all looked at the tubes, mentally deciding who'd go first. We were all hard and ready. Jay'd made sure of that by using that talented mouth of his to get us hard and aching as well as to attach rubber cock rings to us.

After a long silence Jay decided to step up. "Ok, I'll go first." He took one of the tubes, pouring the water from one of the jugs into the first tube, stirring it with the powder within. Once he was satisfied it was ready he took the cock ring off, then grasped tube and guided it to his stiff dick. He let out a soft moan as he pushed the tube down until his dick was fully in it. He stayed still, keeping ahold of it as he waited for it to set. When it was done, he eased it off his fat length setting the tube down away from the others.

"Who wants to go next?" Before the others could react I moved forward, taking the second jug and sloshing the water into the next tube. I used the same mixer that Jay used and stared into the tube after I'd swished it around. It looked like a strange white paste, kinda like clay. Curious, I popped off the ring then sank into it. It felt strange, kinda cold and... not as mushy as I expected. I kept a grip on it, holding the tube still as I mentally counted the seconds. I dunno how ay managed to make it look so easy, it was hard for me to keep completely still, but I managed it. It felt strange as the mold hardened around me, stiffening against my dick as the seconds went on. I let go when I felt like it was done, moving it off me and moving to where Jay was.

He'd took his tube and poured the liquid rubber in it, making a test one. With a smile he took mine and filled it with the rubber before putting it next to his to set. His hand reached over to me, his fingers running slowly along my hairy thigh. His fingertips brushed over my balls, making me squirm a little and part my legs. His hand trailed up a little higher so that his digits could wrap around my shaft.

He leaned in close to me as we watched Moose insert his cock. Jay purred and whispered softly, moving his hand slowly. "You know what I'm going to do with the test copies?" I shook my head, biting my lip as he dragged his fist steadily over my dick. "Before every show I'm going to push one into me and wear it for the whole thing." I moaned and bucked into his hand. Little slut.

He shifted slightly, ducking his head down to my crotch. His fingers held me still as his lips parted to take my head. He shifted his body so that he was crouched on the floor between my legs, keeping my dick between his lips as he did. I groaned softly, reaching down and holding onto his hair. I could feel him smirk around me as he took my length down his throat, holding my thigh down with his other hand. "Come on Jay stop fucking teasing..." I grunted out, wanting him to just get on with it.

Moose had fiinished now and was sitting beside me, his hand palming his dick. Jay's hazel eyes darted up to the other man and then he began to move, bobbing his head up and down steadily. He was such a fucking good cock sucker. Actually good was an understatement, they'd probably have to invent a new word for his skills. He had been better when he had that stud in, but there'd been an... incident with that. Shame. I groaned as his lips squeezed around me, his tongue darting over me.

"Yeah that's it." He smiled and moved a little faster, making me moan even more. I felt my dick twitch down his throat, his hand shifting from the base of my dick to cup my balls. His fingers stroked me while he suckled on my length, my head tipping back against the sofa. Lips were on the left side of my neck and I knew instantly that it was Matt. I purred softly, licking my lips a little as I bucked up, but his hand held me down so I couldn't do that again. Couldn't say I blamed him really though, in the early days I almost choked him with my dick. I also seemed to recall that, around then, Moose had fucked his throat too hard and made him throw up. Poor thing.

I grunted loudly, rutting up against his lips feeling something hot and wet hit my thigh. I glanced down and saw that Matt had came. He'd obviously aimed for Jay's face although a fair amount had landed on me. Jay glanced at the sticky fluid, rolled his eyes and then returned his focus to me. Beside me Matt panted, lips now seperated from my neck. "Mmm nothing like watching Jay suck dick to get you off." He kissed my neck briefly, then slumped back in the seat.

I smiled slightly, groaning as I felt myself get close. I could feel it in my balls. I didn't bother warning Jay, knowing that he could take it and more. I bucked up hard against his face, letting out a low grunt as I spilled down his throat. I purred softly to myself as he swallowed my load. "Mmmmm...." I watched through half-lidded eyes as he slipped off me with a soft pop, scooting over to Moose after licking Matt's cum from my thigh.

Moose smiled but reached down and held Jay in place, away from his dick. I watched as Moose kept jerking himself off with his free hand, licking his lips but keeping mostly silent. He, like the rest of us, had perfected stealth wanking so, as such, he was always quiet when he jerked off. He kept moving quickly, stroking and twisting his hand along his length. All Jay could do was extend his tongue and swipe it over Moose's head. It did mean, though that meant his hands were free to touch himself. If I hadn't just cum myself I'd have shifted to get a better view, but I satisfied myself with watching Moose jerk himself, which was still pretty hot.

Moose was moving pretty quickly now so I figured he wouldn't last long. After all he'd seen Jay suck my dick and Matt cum too. He bucked forward and came silently, his load landing all over Jay's pretty face. He did look hot with a cum load over his face. I licked my lips, staring at him as Moose pushed him back with his foot.

Jay easily fell to the floor on his back, his hands still pumping his thick cock, which looked strange without it's piercings in. They'd probably be back in after he came, which I had a feeling would be soon from the way his face looked. Indeed he bucked up soon, making a growly moan as he shot a thick load over his belly. Fuck he looked so hot like that, laying there covered in our cum. He looked like a proper slut..


A few weeks later we got the first copy of the new album. It was in a new, fancy box, large enough to accomodate the four dildos as well as the album, the dvd and lube. Jay's was even complete with piercings in the purple rubber. They all looked quite nice and, when we put them against our own they looked just like the real things apart from the colour.

I hoped the fans would enjoy them as much as we did.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, jay james/moose, jay james/padge, matt tuck, moose, padge, slash
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