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Only A Day Away

Only A Day Away
Pairing: Gerard Way/Mikey Way
Rating: NC-17
POV: Gerard
Warnings: BDSM, slight AU, lots of things mentioned/implied
Notes: For ditzydmt whose had to put up with my venting. Hope you like

I stepped into my home, heaving a soft sigh. The second I crossed the threshold the tour was officially over. Now we had a three week break before heading back on the road on the other side of the world. We had gone our seperate ways hours ago, when the tour bus arrived here and dropped us all off. All I'd had to do was one last solo interview before finally returning. I didn't care where the others went, all apart from one. The one that was here.

"Slut!" I called loudly as I toed my shoes off, striding into the lounge. Moments after I flopped onto the couch it crawled in.

It was pathetic really. It was lanky, with pale, scarred skin covering it's naked body. It's head was topped with messy brown hair and his hazel eyes looked up at me, before darting to the floor. It had once had glasses, but I made it get laser eye surgery because it's glasses fucking annoyed me. Sure they looked good with smears of cum on the lenses, but they'd keep falling off at inappropriate times.

I smirked as it crawled closer to me. Apart from losing it's clothes it had gained three items since I'd seen it earlier. First there was the black collar secured tight around it's throat. It was my favourite one, black faux leather with silver accents and spikes along the inside. The second was an ass plug, also black, which was lodged firmly up it's ass. It included a small, soft and furry tail which hung between it's legs. On tour it'd wear a smaller purple rubber one instead. The final item I couldn't see but I knew it was there. It was a small cock ring, secured around it's pathetic dick. It had been hard to find one small enough to fit him but the internet was always useful for that.

That was one proble with the band's sucess I couldn't go into sex shops anymore to buy stuff for it. But, by the same token, the band's sucess had given me the money so that I could buy shit online. Sure, I preferred to look at and feel something for before I bought it, but if I so much as walked in the vacinity of a sex store I knew it'd be online in seconds. Pity.

It had stopped crawling now and it sat just in front of me. It's head was bowed and it's hands were planted on it's knees. It's thighs were spread a little so I could see it's cock and I smiled as it confirmed the ring was in place. I watched it shift slightly, obviously nervous that I was quiet.

I decided to be cruel and kept silent, despite my cock being rock hard in my pants. I kept it waiting for a few minutes, just enjoying watching the little cunt squirm. When I finally broke the silence I did so with a low growl. "Get my dick out bitch." It nodded and shifted closer, taking my pants zipper between it's teeth and pulled it down. As soon as my fly was fully unzipped, my fat fucker slapped it around the face. "Suck it."

On that simple command it parted it's lips and took my head between them, sucking as it took in the first inch. Again it struck me how fame was a double edged sword. If we weren't in the spotlight I could do other things to it. So often I thought of what I'd do if I could. Get slut tattooed on it's face, remove it's teeth, pierce it's tongue. Instead I had to be creative so that the fans didn't find out. It was a bitch really.

However, now that we had a bit of time off I could hurt it more, at least for the first few days. Maybe I'd break it's nose or some shit. I'd see how it went. Maybe something else just as painful would spring to mind.

It had my whole cock lodged down it's throat each time it swallowed me down. It moved steadily, sucking on hard on my dick, it's tongue lapping at my length. I couldn't help but let out a small groan, tangling my fingers in it's hair and holding tight to take over the movements. I felt myself get close at the feeling of it's talented tongue lapping at me and it's lips squeezing around me. I chose not to shoot down it's throat, pulling out just before I came across it's pathetic face.

I didn't care that it hadn't taken me long to cum. Some men would, but I didn't give a fuck. I hadn't gotte much chance to cum in the past few days, so I'd really needed that. I slapped it's face with my dick, then growled again. "Go get me a drink cunt."

It nodded wordlessly and crawled away quickly. I watched as it did, admiring the tail from it's plug swaying as it moved. I found it hard to believe sometimes that I was actually related to that piece of shit.

We used to have a normal brotherly relationship, up until we reached our teens. Then he asked me, shyly, about jerking off. So I decided to be a good big brother and I shown him how it was done. A few weeks later he decided to tell me he thought he might be gay, but he wasn't sure. He was too shy and socially awkward to try and find someone, so he decided to trust me. Of course I took advantage. That same night I let him jerk and lick my cock. A few nights later my cock was buried down his throatl almost choking him. Within two weeks I was fucking him, making sure to have a pair of dirty boxers handy to stuff into his mouth to keep him silent. the second my dick entered his ass he stopped being my brother and became my slut.

Atter that our relationship chnaged completely. I fucked him on a regular basis and he would suck my dick daily. It made me thankful as fuck my room was in the basement. Over time things got kinkier and I used various toys on him. He struggled and tried to resist sometimes, but eventually the struggles would fade away. Especially when I decided to give him a special punishment if he did struggle too much. If he did then the next day I would force him to wear a diaper the whole day, making sure to give him laxatives before he went to school just to make it more fun. When he stopped struggling altogether that became just a random thing I'd do at least once a week.

When I went to college I'd make sure to go home as often as I could, having fun with my little cunt as often as I could manage. He was still blissfully shy and awkward, so hadn't had sex with anyone but me. I almost felt sorry for him. Ater all a slut like him deserved to be fucked all the time. Still, he'd used all the dildos I'd left for him which made me slightly proud at the time.

When our career took off I made sure to let other guys fuck it, especially those with huge cocks. I loved seeing it's little fucker get stretched wide as a big dick fucked it mercilessly. I let them do other things too of course, although it was dependant on who it was. For example, Bert liked shitting over him, whereas Pete just liked fucking and kicking him. Bob liked to fist him, although I had a eeling he was just doing it to please me. I saw the way Bob looked at me when he did it and in general. I was pondering on ruining him the same way I had my worthless cunt of a brother.

I shook myself from my thoughts when it came back with a drink in hand. I snatched the coffee from him and held it in my hand, waiting for it to cool off before taking a sip. "Get the toys cunt." It made a small squeak, then scurried away.

I blew on my coffee, then swallowed the rest of it down in a few quick gulps. The second it was all gone I set the empty cup down on the table, reclining back as I awaited for it to return. I didn't have to wait long. It was back in just a few minutes this time pushing a wheeled serving cart. The various trays on the cart were filled with toys of various sizes as well as all kinds of bondage gear. Smirking, I ran my hand over it and stopped at the second shelf which had most of the bondage equipment. I'd used it all at one time or another, but now I was after a specific thing. It didn't take me long to find it.

"In position slut." It nodded and moved in front of me, crouching on the floor with it's back to me. Once it was in place it moved it's arms behind it's back and waited. I secured the arm binder around them, securing the straps tight so that his arms were immobile. Once that was done I went back to the cart and looked through it. Smirking, I picked up a cock gag that was a perfect mold of my own. I stuffed it in the cunt's mouth, strapping it tightly around the back of it's head so it couldn't spit the replica of my dick out.

Satisfied, I stood up and pushed it down so it's face was against the floor. I let to pull my pants down, kicking them across the room. I gripped the plug's tail and pulled it out of it with a sharp tug, smirking as I heard it make a muffled groan. There was just one more thing I needed to do. I lifted up a knife, licking my lips as it glinted in the night. I wouldn't hurt him too badly with it, despite having wanted too. I made a quick cut across the small of it's back, a shallow cut really, just deep enough to make the blood flow. I watched as the crimson fluid oozed out of the wound before slowly rolling down it's pale skin and slipping between it's ass cheeks.

Satisfied, I set the knife back down and thrust hard into it's stretched hole. My hands gripped onto it's sharp hips as I started to fuck it. I didn't bother going slow, instead fucking it hard and fast. It still surprised me how it moaned every time it got fucked, even though the moans had gotten more quiet as time had passed. Other then the first entrance it was always a fairly quiet fuck, unless I decided to hurt it. I wouldn't bother tonight, but tomorrow... then I'd have my real fun. Now I just wanted to fuck the cunt, and fuck hard.

I dug my blunt nails into it's skin, pounding hard into it's skinny body. It was naturally skinny to begin with, but I made sure that it ate very little. I didn't want the stupid whore to get fat or even put on any weight. I moved fast and hard, spitting on the cunt's back as my heavy balls slapped against it's ass. It squeezed around me, making me moan as I fucked it. "Yeah that's it you stupid fucking whore."

I kept ramming into it, increasing the pace until I was going as hard and fast as I could. Tomorrow I would draw it out, make the slut really suffer before I came. Tomorrow the gag wouldn't be in it's mouth and it would scream out loud as I stuck things into it's cock and smashed it's face against the wall. It would take my fist and then beg for the other one. Ah the fun I would have. Fun that I could only have during times off.

I cried out loudly as I arched my back and spilled deep inside him, the thoughts too much. In a few easy, practised movements, I slipped out, replaced my dick with the plug, kicked it in the ass sharply and then fell back on the couch panting heavily. Ah yes, tomorrow would be fun. As would the next day and the day after. Perhaps I could get that dog back again. I licked my lips lightly again and watched it squirm on the floor. Dumb fuck.

I pulled off my t-shirt and tossed it away, reaching down and pulling out my lighter and cigarettes, lighting one up and holding it to my lips, taking a long drag. "Face me whore." It shifted and turned so it was on it's knees and looking at me. I gripped the cigarette between my lips and deftly moved the gag, letting it fall to the floor as it escaped his whore lips. "Keep your mouth open cunt." He did as he was told and I took the cigarette from my lips. "Tongue out." It did as it was told and I knocked the ash from the end onto it with a cruel smirk, reaching down and ruffling his hair. He'd done well today. Perhaps I'd let him eat human food and let him keep it down. Maybe.
Tags: fic, gerard way, gerard way/mikey way, mikey way, my chemical romance, slash
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