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Pairing: Bob Bryar/Brendon Urie/Spencer Smith
Rating: NC-17
POV: Spencer
Warnings: BDSM, watersports
Notes: My first Panic! fic in awhile. This is for aerogroupie's birthday! Hope you like and happy birthday!

I squirmed slightly on the mattress, hoping that he'd be back soon. I glanced at the clock, the only thing in this room other then the bed and a chest of drawers. He'd been gone almost five hours now. I hoped that he'd be back soon. I sighed softly, testing my restraints slightly. The cuffs holding me to the bed held firm as I tugged them, digging slightly into my wrists.

Deciding to stop, I flopped back down on the bed and tried to listen for his return, despite knowing it was no good. The room had no windows, only one door and had been soundproofed just so I had no idea what lay beyond. If I was being honest I was starting to get a little bored. the dildo up my ass had stopped buzzing hours ago so all I could really do was stare at the ceiling and clock watch.

I glanced at the clock again. It was now exactly five hours since he'd gone. At almost the same moment the door unlocked and opened. My eyes immediately darted to the door, watching expectantly as he came in. His dark hair was disheveled and he was naked apart from a pair of black boots that almost reached his knees. "Have you been a good boy?" He asked with a smile as he approached me. I nodded wordlessly, studying him as he came closer. My eyes, naturally, went to his cock, which looked oddly shiny, almost as if someone had sucked it. Strange. "Good." His eyes looked me over, checking my restraints. He undid the ones that held my ankles in place, then climbed on the bed. Instead of going between my legs, removing the dildo and replacing it with his dick, he climbed up my body and straddled my upper chest.

"You know what to do bitch." He growled, aiming his stiff dick for my lips. Eagerly I parted my lips and took his cock between them, lapping at my bandmate's dick. I could definitely taste someone else's spit on him. I pushed it to the back of my mind, focussing and on breathing through my nose as I swallowed his shaft fully. "Mmm that's it, such a good little slut." He groaned softly from above me, on hand tangled in my hair.

"You can come in now!" He yelled, tightening his grip on my hair. I couldn't see who it was that came in, but I heard their footfalls. The person mounted the bed between my legs, prising them apart. Next I felt large hands on my ass, pulling the dildo out of it. I didn't know where the toy went, but I didn't hear it land anywhere.

I stopped thinking of whoever it was, my thoughts returning to the cock in my mouth when it started thrusting. "Stop thinking of him slut." He growled and tugged on my hair hard. "Focus on me." I nodded as best I could, squeezing my lips and licking at his underside. It became hard to focus on him quickly though, as seconds later the other man's cock filled me. It felt huge as it split me open, though the dildo had adequately prepared me for that. In one quick thrust he filled me up, his balls slapping against my cheeks as I wrapped my legs around his thick waist.

The two of them moved, thrusting in and out of me, going at a random pace. They didn't seem to care about sync up, going at their own speeds. That was fine for a few minutes, when my cock was aching from the other guy hitting my spot, but then that began to change. My cock started to soften and I squirmed slightly. I didn't take me long to realise why.

I heard mumbling above me from the other guy and then a chuckle. "Don't be offended, the slut's probably desperate to piss." He smirked and licked his lips, stilling so his cock was half in my mouth. "After all he's been like this for five hours." The hands of the other guy shifted to my belly, pressing against it gently. I groaned around the dick in my mouth and this time both of them chuckled. "If you don't piss before we've both cum then I'll let you cum too. If not well..." He smirked down at me and said no more, resuming his movements. I guess I should be glad I didn't need to shit this time.

The other, still unknown, guy kept thrusting too. His fingers stroked along my belly, occasionally pressing down in different areas, testing me. Bastard. I tried to put the need to piss out of my mind and instead focussed on clenching around his cock and sucking the dick in my mouth. Sucking on Brendon's cock did help to distract me for awhile, but soon the fingers on me were pressing hard into my belly again, making me squirm all the more. I closed my eyes, trying to block the feelings out, but that just seemed to make the other guy push his fingers harder into my belly. I wanted to beg him to stop, but Brendon was now fucking my throat so fiercely I didn't get chance to breathe through my mouth much less plead.

I swallowed when I could, squeezing around the invading cock. No matter how hard I tried though, I couldn't prevent the inevitable. I whimpered softly and closed my eyes as I released a stream of hot piss which arched straight onto Brendon's back. I could practically see his smirk in my head. "I knew you couldn't hold it slut." He chuckled above me, his hips moving steadily as I covered his back and my stomach in piss. I hadn't realised how much I was holding in until now. I felt my cheeks flush red, although it was such a relief to finally let go. Brendon's balls slapped against my chin one last time before he unloaded down my throat with a low groan. I swallowed him all down, not that I had much choice anyway.

"Mmm so good..." He whispered in a panting breath, licking his lips as he slipped out of me. When he spoke again, he did it in a lower tone. "Now you get to see my guest." He shifted away so I could finally see the man behind him. He was a large man with no visible tattoos and when my gaze reached his face I instantly knew who he was. The ginger hair on his chin gave it away even before I saw his full face. His stubble looked slightly wet and I wasn't quite sure why.

"Hey slut." He smiled shyly, his voice soft. He kept fucking me rather hard, licking his lips as he pounded me. "You're so pretty..." He whispered softly, his hands still on my piss soaked belly although his fingers had stopped pressing now. He let out a low groan, his head tipping back as he filled me up.

Before he pulled out of me Brendon appeared to take my full attention again. "Because you were bad I have to punish you." he smirked and forced a ball gag into my mouth, securing it tight around my head. At the same time, Bob reattached my ankles to their cuffs and pushed a dildo back into me, one that was larger then before. "Have fun slut." Brendon kissed my forehead then moved away, letting Bob turn the vibrator on, to a high setting. Bastards. I watched them go, dazed by the new vibrations as they left me like that.
Tags: bob bryar, bob bryar/brendon urie/spencer smith, brendon urie, fic, my chemical romance, panic! at the disco, slash, spencer smith
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