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Pairing: James Davies/Matthew Davies
Rating: NC-17
POV: James
Warnings: Non really, just porn
Notes: My first fic since... well. Also my first The Blackout fic in awhile that's not had Sean pop up. This wasn't a planned fic it just... came out randomly. Despite their names, their not related as far as I know.

Matthew was always very quiet. Whenever we went out, he was content to sit in a corner out of the way. When we were interviewed he'd rarely speak. He was most talkative around fans, although even then he hid away, most due to his obvious fear of the crowd that would go after Sean. Yes, Matthew was quiet. I'd found out his silence extended to other areas too.

Right now he was on all fours, naked. His hands and knees were bracing his small body and he was, of course, silent. The only sound and movement he made was when he breathed. I smiled to myself at the sight. I held his arse open with one hand, while my middle finger of the other hand breached his hole. I listened for any sound he made, but there was nothing, not even a change in his breathing. I pushed my finger in deeper stopping only when it could go no further. Again, no change. I shifted it around inside him, in part to open him up and in part to see if I could get a reaction. The most I got was him clenching a little tighter around me, although I was sure that was reflex alone.

I paused, retreated my finger slightly, then worked it back in with my ring finger alongside it. Still, there wasn't any overly noticeable change. I tilted my head slightly, noting how he was now biting his lip a little, although not as much as I'd expected. Once I began to move my fingers his teeth released their grip on his lip and his mouth went back to normal. I moved my fingers steadily in and out of him, working him open for my aching cock.

Once I was sure he was ready, I removed them from him fully. I stood up and lined myself up with his opening. I didn't bother asking if he was ready, knowing he wouldn't respond verbally anyway. Holding onto him with both hands, I pushed into him. Only now did he make a reaction, although it was only a sharp intake of breath. Allowing myself a smile, I began to move, trying to keep as quiet as he was. It was harder for me then it was for him, if only because I wasn't used to being essentially a mute, although the only noises I made were moans. I was fairly quiet during sex, I didn't need to hear the sound of my own voice to be able to get off, so the quietness suited me fine.

Once I was balls deep inside him I still for a few moments, just enjoying the feeling of him twitching around me. I groaned softly, gripping tighter onto him as I pulled out and began fucking him hard. The air filled with my moans and the sounds of my balls slapping against his ass cheeks. His arse squeezed around me tight as I pounded him, making me moan and increase my pace within him. He looked so hot like this, naked on all fours with a cock thrusting in and out of him. Perhaps it was a pity there wasn't one of the others here to fill his throat as well. That would make it even hotter. I could almost picture it now, Matthew's silent lips wrapped tight around a dick, his head bobbing along it's length.

As I thought about it I increased my pace, knowing that I was probably close. I slipped a hand around his waist, grasping onto his dick. This made him jerk slightly, making me notice that, in addition to being perfectly silent, he'd also been perfectly still. I pumped him roughly, moving my hand as often as I could. I didn't bother even trying to sync it up to my thrusting, since such a thing always seemed to much unecessary effort to do. After the first jerk he went back to being still, although his breathing had increased a little.

"Shit..." I muttered under my breath as I felt him cum over himself. He didn't make any real sound when he did, just another sharp intake of breath with a gasp. I smiled slightly and wiped the cum that landed on my fingers in his pubic hair. I gripped onto his hip with that hand, using it for additional leverage as I focussed fully on pounding that tight arse of his.

When I came, just a few thrusts later, I did so with a soft grunt, filling him up. I let out a soft sigh as I slipped out, patting his ass lightly and ruffling his hair before moving away. "Fuck, you're so good."

He turned, smiled and, for the first time, spoke up. "Thanks." He stood and flopped down on the bed beside me. Seemingly no longer content with the quiet, he grasped the remote and flicked the tv on, flicking through the channels until he found something he liked. I paid no attention to it, instead choosing to watch him until I found myself drifting off.
Tags: fic, james davies, james davies/matthew davies, matthew davies, slash, the blackout
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