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Pairing: Jay James, Matt Tuck, Moose, Padge, Eicca Toppinen (variations of them)
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Warnings: AU, modification, surgery, slight watersports/scat
Notes: This is based on the Human Centipede (accept it's better cause it's all hot guys and not annoying as fuck girls). it took me awhile to settle on the right people to do this with, but I eventually settled on Bullet cause... well. Big thanks to emmaopteryx for helping me decide things.

"Let's face it, we're lost." Moose said from the back of the van. I couldn't help but share his feelings. We'd been driving around in the dark for hours now. If only Matt hadn't become pissed off at the GPS and thrown it out the window, perhaps we'd be near civilisation.

"Great, lost in the middle of nowhere in a strange country." Padge mumbled next to me. "We could be in a nice hotel, getting pissed and fucking each other's brains out."

"Fine, then you try driving smartass." Matt grumbled from behind the wheel. "Oh I forgot, I'm the only one with a license that's sober."

There was a pair of hisses and all of our bickering stopped. So did the van. "Shit." Matt was the first out, followed by Padge. Soon we were all outside, examining the van's tires in the dark. It seeemed that both had burst somehow, but we couldn't see what did it. "Fucking great. Now we're stranded!"

"No we're not." Moose nodded, producing his mobile and opening it up. I doubted he ahd any idea who to call but he tried anyway. "Oh for fuck's sake! Whenever you need these cuntish things there's no bloody signal." Moose growled and tossed the mobile into the car, thankfully making it land on of the seats. I know he'd be pissed once we got out of this if he'd broke it.

"Guys, I think I see a light." I spoke softly, pointing when they all looked at me. Sure enough, among the trees was a light. Faint but there. "They might have a phone."

"Good idea." Padge nods and grabs his bag. "Let's gather our things and go."


It took us about fifteen minutes to get there, hiking through the trees towards the light. It was coming from a nice looking place. Obviously it belonged to someone with a great deal of money. We walked right up to the front door and, biting the bullet, I was the one to press the bell. The door opened up a few minutes later.

I found myself staring at the man that stood there. He was tall, with long, blonde hair that hung to his shoulders. His large frame filled the doorway. He studied the four of us, eyes darting from one to the other. After a long moment he spoke, his accent thick. "Can I help you?"

Naturally Matt spoke up first. "Yeah... I'm Matt, these are my friends Jay, Moose and padge." he pointed to us all in turn and we all offered him a small wave. "Our van broke down and we were wondering if we could use your phone."

He considered for a moment, then nodded. "Come in. My name is Eicca." He walked us to the living room, checking one of us had closed the door before gesturing at the black sofas. "Make yourself comfortable. I'll call someone."


I nodded and we all fell into the seats. The man left the roim, then we heard him talk on the phone in what I assumed was Finnish. We sat in silence, looking around the room, which was fairly classy looking. Flat screen 52 inch tv, blu ray player, large shelves full of dvds, large stereo system, fancy abstract paintings. "Probably won the lottery or some shit." Padge muttered softly. "Lucky bastard." Moose nudged him in the side to get him to shut up.

"It'll take the a few hours to get here." We turned to see Eicca standing in the doorway, the phone in hand. "Can I get you anything to drink?"

"Thanks so much." Matt spoke for us again. "Please. Beers if you have any."

With a nod he went into the other room, presumably the kitchen, and I heard him open and close the fridge. He came back with them, two in each hand. Instantly my brain went to other places, wondering what else he could do with those large hands. The thoughts went straight to my cock, making it hard instantly. I hoped he wouldn't notice.

"Thanks." I whispered, taking the bottle from him. Thankfully he'd already removed the lid and I glugged down as much as I could manage. It tasted a little... strange, but then it was a foreign beer so I shrugged it off and drank more.

The beer must've been awfully strong because I soon felt like I could pass out. Passing out in some stranger's house, it was like college all over again.


I woke up, groaning softly. Fuck my head ached like a fucker. I gave myself a few moments before opening my eyes, realising something wasn't quite right. My first realisation was that I couldn't move. I looked down and saw that I was laying on a bed completely naked, with wide straps holding me down. I looked either side of me and realised that I wasn't the only one. The others were here too, in the exact same condition as I was. For some reason I felt like I couldn't talk, even when I opened my mouth to try, no words came out. I struggled slightly, but I couldn't managed to move enough to make a difference. Giving up I just settled to laying there, looking at the others worriedly. They were giving me the same look.

"Ah, you're all awake." I looked over at the room's doorway, where Eicca now stood. "Good." He walked into the room, stopping in front of the four of us. "It was such good fortune that I got the four of you at once. I was expecting that I'd have to wait a long time before getting such beautiful specimeens as you." He licked his lips and smirked. I realised then that my ass felt distinctively sore and wondered if he'd fucked the others too while we were passed out. "As you know my name is Eicca. What you may not know is that I'm a former surgeon, specialising in seperating siamese twins. Which brings me as to why you're here and what I'm going to do to you."

He stopped and pulled down a projector screen, pressing a button on the wall to start the ceiling mounted projector up. What came up on the screen was a drawing, fairly simple, of three people. They were all in a line, on all fours with the last two having their mouths on the previous one's ass. Did he just want us to eat out one another's ass? "I've spent much of my life seperating people that are connected. now I want to do the reverse." He paused for a moment and pointed at the image. "I am going to join you together. I've come up with a procedure in which to do it. Don't worry, you won't be the first." He wet his lips. "I have tested this out to make sure it would work. I wouldn't want to risk losing such pretties as you to something I wasn't sure would work." He stopped again, looked us over, then continued. "Now, nourishment." He pointed to the one at the front. "The first of you would eat and drink normally, however that's obviously not possibly with the others." He clicked the projector button and a set of lines came up over the first picture. The lines went through the three, clearly representing the digstive tract. "The ones at the back would survive in two ways. First, they would eat the shit of the one in front. The second is that they'd recieve regular injections to cover the rest of their needs."

I could see that the others were shaking their heads, fear clear on their faces. I bit my lip and looked at Eicca. Realistically I doubted we could take him on even if we weren't drugged. He'd obviousl put a great deal of thought into this and had the upper hand. Eicca smiled, licking his lips once again. "I know it sounds scary but you will live, and live long lives." A smirk crossed his lips and he nodded. "I will do the surgery tomorrow. For now, rest up."

With that, he left the room, leaving us alone.


It took about half an hour before we could talk. It took another half hour for speech to become less slurred. "I don't want this." Matt spoke up. As always he was the first to speak. A small, tiny part of me hoped that he'd be towards the back.

"Well we don't have much of a choice do we?" That was Moose. "For one we're stapped down and drugged. For two even if we weren't it would probably take all of us to knock him down. And then there's the fact we've no idea where we are."

"So we should just accept this?!"

"What option do we have Matt?" That was Padge this time. "You want us to expect he'll unstrap us while we're concious enough to stand a chance to get out?"

Moose nodded his agreement. "At least we'll be alive." After his words we all went quiet and silence fell over the room. After a few minutes, though, I heard a noise, coming from Moose. "I suggest you all do the same as me." He let out a soft sound, sort of like a breathy sigh. "Which is to say wank. Who knows when we'll get the chance again."

I nodded my agreement even though I knew he couldn't see. I squirmed my hand around and managed to grasp my cock. It was a pity this was all we could do. If that surgery was a sucess It looked like the majority of us wouldn't be having sex ever again. I stroked my cock which was, surprisingly, hard and thought of the others. Padge, and the way he'd shove empty bottles up my arse whenever he felt like. Matt, and the way his big mouth felt wrapped around my cock. Moose, and the way he was constantly wanking. The way the three of them would of anything, especially while drunk. I could almost feel them, fucking me, sucking me, rimming me, riding me, pissing on me.

I gripped my dick tighter, stronger as fast as I could manage. In my mind I was laying down, my legs hooked over Padge's shoulders as he fucked me hard. Matt was sitting on the bed beside me, his lips wrapped around me as he gave me head. Moose had his thick cock down my throat, thrusting away with as much wild abandon as Padge did with my ass. I groaned softly as I came, releasing over my belly, the image in my mind fading away as fast as it had appeared.

As I lost myself to sleep I heardff one of the others grunt as she came. I guessed it was Padge.


I awoke to Eicca stroking my hair. "Morning little one." He said, a smile crossing his features. "I see you had fun last night." His tongue flicked across his lips as he said that, his eyes darting to my belly.

"I guess..." I whispered softly, meeting my eyes with him. "Is there no way to make you reconsider this? We'll do whatever you want."

He smirked and patted my head, shifting his hand down to stroke my cheek. "What I want is this. There's nothing else you could offer to me." He paused and stroked my lips. "You could offer me sex, but I fucked you all while you were passed out. You could offer me that you'd have an orgy for me, but I found those recordings in your van. Don't worry." He kept stroking my lips lightly and I licked his fingertips on instinct. "As long as you behave there'll be rewards for you and you'll be as happy with this as I am."

"Now. Sleep." He smiled, kissing my forehead as he injected something into my arm, making me pass out again.


When I awoke again I felt groggy. groggy and dazed. I blinked back the light as I opened my eyes, waiting for them to readjust before opening them fully. "There, there little one, that's it." I blinked, looking up at Eicca, who was stroking my face with a gloved hand. "The surgery was a complete sucess. Would you like to see?"

I let out a low groan and he took that as a yes, holding up small mirror. I was laying on a surgical table, likely one from vet's due to it's size. Buried between the cheeks of my ass was a head. I could tell it was Moose's due to the short hair. In a similar place in his ass as Padge, who I identified from his tattoos. Lastly, bringing up the rear, was Matt.

"Don't try and move, not yet." He whispered, setting the mirror down and stroking my hair. I nodded slightly, just staying still. This felt so unreal, almost llike a dream. A crazy dream. I knew it wasn't though. Especially when I felt Moose waking up.


Probably the hardest think we had to learn was how to walk. Or, more exactly, crawl. It was a question of speed more then anything. We couldn't too fast, lest, at least at the beginning, we ripped off the face of the guy behind us. So whenever we moved it was slowly, at a practcal shuffle.

Everything else seemed easy. It's not as if we were strangers to eating shit. In a way I guessed I was lucky, since I got to eat other things, although Eicca insisted I ate his and Matt's. Still, it wasn't so bad. We all had knee pads on to protect our knees and collars around our necks. We were also allowed to watch films with him. I didn't know how well the others could see, but they seemed to enjoy it.

Lastly there was the sexual stuff. Obviously that was a little tricky. I felt a little sorry for Padge and Moose. They could neither suck dick or get fucked. At least Matt and I had the option of one of those. As long as we behaved he let us wank. If we laid just right then we could just about touch one another. I could just about manage to give Matt head if we curled up in the right way. Sadly I couldn't bend enough to give the same treatment to Moose or Padge.


An average day, well what passed for average now, went something like this.

We would wake up and then either do one of two things. If we woke up hard we'd jack off, if we woke needing to piss then we'd grab a bottle that Eicca left us and piss in it. There was one for each of us just in case we all needed to go. After that we'd lay and wait him to wake.

Once he was awake we'd follow him for breakfast, unless he'd woke as we had. In which case he'd use us. I had breakfast from a bowl on the floor, as Eicca ate. This was followed by him giving the others their injections.

After that we'd go outside and exercise. That meant basically crawling around the large garden, the grass brushing against our hands and knees.

Then we'd eat again and he'd let us watch something or listen to music. Sometimes he'd be with us, sometimes he'd be elsewhere.

Once night came we had food again and that ended the average day. What happened at night was always different. It seemed to depend on Eicca's mood mostly. Sometimes he'd fuck Matt, other times we'd watch a film, others he'd play with us. Once he even had friends over and shown us off. Surprisingly they weren't freaked out by us and some even commented they wanted their own version. I was sure, after that night, that Eicca intended on doing them some.

In fact, this turned out to be true as he did bring people back to do it to. Whenever that happened we were shut away in our room, allowed to do whatever we wanted. Which was, essentially, watching a dvd or music. Or wanking.


One day the routine changed. We'd had to have been here for months now. It was Christmas and it was too cold for us to go outside anymore. As we went down for breakfast, Eicca spoke. "I have something for you." He stopped us in the living room. "A present for being such good boys."

In front of us there was a box, one large enough to hold a person. "Close your eyes." Once I closed them, and I assumed the others did too, I heard him open it. "Now open them."

When I opened my eyes, the box was gone. Where it was there was a smile, slender boy. he had a shock of messy, dirty blonde hair, although his other body hair identified him as a brunette. He had a mole on his right cheek and he had bright blue eyes, which were staring right at us. Around each eye was a ring of black, which was likely tattooed on as they didn't look like eyeliner somehow. He had a fairly small cock which was hard against his chest.

"This is Matthew." Eicca spoke, running his fingers though his hair. "He is to service you, whenever you need it. Especially Moose and Padge." He patted Matthew's hair. "Show them your mouth."

He parted his lips slightly and shown off his tongue, which was covered in little rubber spikes. I could feel myself getting hard already at the thought of that around my cock.

Tags: apocalyptica, bullet for my valentine, eicca toppinen, fic, jay james, madina lake, matt tuck, matthew leone, moose, padge, slash
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