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Silence will fall

Doctor Who rambling to start this post.

So this ep was pretty good, but at the same time... a bit maddening.

*Time travelling Doctor!
*And yes, an explanation for jacket!Doctior
*And two Doctors together... which shoulda had sex
*Stone Dalek!
*Poor fez
*Mad dancing!
*I hope the Christmas one is a direct follow up (I wanna see an Egyptian goddess on the Orient Express in space... it sounds cool).

So there's no explanation for the Alliance, who got them together or anything. Also no explanation for exactly who it was that want that want the TARDIS to explode. Yes I wanna know who that voice was damnit! I want answers!

Also there's River and soon we'll find out who she is exactly. I have a theory. Someone finds out that River and the Doctor have met (but it's all confusing and timey wimey and all that). So that someone gets River pre-Doctor and uses her because she can get close to the Doctor. Either a: to kill him or b: to kill someone else important.

Can it be Christmas now?

Now to non-Who stuff.

Past few days have been on the DS and ficcing a bit. I think I'm half way through Infinite Space. Or a third. Or something. A big milestone.

Yesterday Kylie was on Jonathan Ross. I've now got her songs stuck in my head. She was adorable on it. How does she manage to grin all the time? And she had this awesome lovely pretty dress, which was all black and sparkly.

Today we went to the nursing home for the BBQ thing. It was nice. There was veggie kebabs (with houmi which was nom. Also ended up trying sangria. It was free. And it was surprisingly nice. And I had 4 glasses. I'd have had more if I could.

Going to finish fic now. So... yeah.

And I'm being haressed by someone on formspring. Bah. I wanna poke them in the eyes.
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