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Poke harder damnit!

I hate this, but I feel I have to explain myself.

I love Bullet For My Valentine. They are my favourite band, I think they're awesome. So, why do I hate Tuck at the moment? How can I hate the lead singer of my favourite band?


Bullet For My Valentine is a band. It's a band with four members. Four. Yet, if you look at the interviews lately you wouldn't think that. Time after time lately the vast majority of interviews are either a: Matt on his own, or b: Matt focussed. They've had interviews in Kerrang and Rock Sound among others and the other members have hardly replied. They're essentially Matt interviews. I'm sorry, but I love Bullet as a band. As four people, not one.

It's not just that it's Matt focussed though. The interviews that don't have Matt are much more... fun. Padge, Moose and Jay are funnier. Once they get going they're more animated and they definitely have things to say. It's just while Matt's around they don't seem to get much of a chance.

I've seen interviews with the four of them where Matt only has a mic. Where as soon as someone else goes to talk Matt cuts them off. I do not think this is fair It makes me angry. It pisses me off. It's like the other three don't matter. I don't understand it. I don't like it. And yes, it makes me angry. I like Matt as long as there's a balance between the others. Otherwise he just comes across as arrogant and like he thinks he's the center of the universe.

That's what I think and that's how I feel. Said calmly and rationally.

Onto other, more important things.

I went to see nan today. She seemed to be alright and she's doing better. She's still on antibiotics and she had some while I was there so... I guess it'll clear up soon. (I'm still not 100% clear what she had. I think it was a chest infection.)

Desperate Housewives was tonight. Woo for Patrick being evil. I hope killer kid survives cause he's cute, despite being messed up.

Watched the new Futurama eps. Yes I downloaded (thanks saur< 3) but only because there's no confirmed tv date here. That and it's been... a long time without it. Out of the two eps I think the first was better, despite the second having numerous Star Wars and Star Trek references.

I've finally had doritos, after not having any since I got sick. Oh how I've missed them.

I got Kerrang. It's not terribly exciting, but at least there's a good poster of Sean being a whore. Sadly the Bullet poster is Matt. (I am so sick of how many only Matt posters there are.)

Mum's got her eye on a holiday next year, so we might be going away. It sounds nice.

What else have I done today? Not much. Been on Infinite Space and done some fic.

Off now. Not got plans for tomorrow, apart from ficcing more and... ok that's all I've got. I have a to list but it's pretty short. I do need to go on Pokemon though.

The only day I've got planned is Saturday and that's a BBQ thing at the home (I hope there's something I can eat) and Doctor Who.

Anyway, yeah. Going now to head up, watch a dvd and fic a bit. It's coming a lot easier then the one I posted earlier.

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