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Pairing: Bob Bryar/girl!Ray Toro
POV: Bob
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Het
Notes: Done for anon_lovefest. For some reason this short, little fic turned out to be an ordeal to do, since for some reason it just took ages. Anyway, here it is.

I licked my lips lightly, watching as Ray came over to me. She was naked which in my opinion, was the best way for her to be. Her full tits bounced with every step she made, crossing the room over to me in only a few strides. She easily climbed onto my lap, hovering just above my hard dick for a few moments before sinking down onto it.

"Fuck..." I groaned softly, watching as she began to ride me steadily, her tits bouncing with the motion. She tipped her head back, her dark curls cascading down her back. She moaned softly, the sounds escaping her plump lips. She made such pretty noises when she had a cock inside her. Or anything else for that matter.

She wrapped her arms around my neck, using her hold as leverage to bounce faster. I leaned in close to her, burying my face between her tits. She groaned loudly, increasing the movement of her ass. I lapped at her cleaveage, my stubble rubbing against her breasts. She moaned again, moving faster up and down, occassionally squeezing her pussy around me.

"Ugh you feel so good Bob." I reached down between us and rubbed my fingers over her belly. I was sure I could feel myself as she slammed down on me again. I shifted my hand lower, stopping just above where my cock entered her. I rubbed her pussy gently, aiming to feel her clit but knowing the angle made it difficult so I just felt her up blindly. It seemed to please her though as she moaned more and got wetter around me. I shifted my other hand around her waist, squeezing her ass cheeks which made her groan and squeeze again.

"You're such a fucking hot bitch Ray." I mumbled against her breasts, licking in small small circles across her heated skin. I resisted the urge to bite, if only because I knew that Frank somehow had a sixth sense for finding such marks. Little bastard. I grunted, resting my head against as I jerked my hips up to meet hers, spilling deep inside her.

She made a louder noise, somewhere between a groan and a squeal and I felt her get wetter, soaking my dick. I smiled against her, then kissed a path up her skin until I caught her full lips with mine.
Tags: bob bryar, bob bryar/girl!ray toro, fic, girl!ray toro, het, my chemical romance
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