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What are you doing here?

This is a post about Doctor Who. If you are a: not interested or b: going to watch it later because you've not watched yet, then go now.

I'm not quite sure what to say about that. Let's start with what the fuck?

Now onto the random things as I remember them.

*What did that Cyberman head think it was? A borg?
*How did the Cybermen escape the void again? (that is to say the ones that survived the Daleks being there with them)
*The Cyberman was pretty cool/creepy though
*Poor Rory.
*The Doctor and Rory < 333
*I loved the start, with Vincent and Churchill and Liz 10 (I kinda hope she comes back now)
*You gotta admit the space armada's pretty cool
*The Doctor has a reason for taking Amy. So he noticed the amount of rooms at Amy's for no reason (and the lack of an upstairs)
*Whoever it was that got the stuff from Amy's house is whoever is behind all this.
*You know, River was actually not annoying this time. Strange.
*All. Those. Aliens.
*Daleks! And they're not killing everyone! They really don't want the universe detroyed by anyone but them huh?
*Scary super alliance of doom!
*Let's face it, the Pandorica just looks like a kinky chair.
*Great, well done super alliance of doom, you've ended the universe. Thanks for playing.

In the Confidential it shows other aliens (Wevils and Uvodni) that are either not shown or blink and you miss it.

So this ep was pretty good. As the start of a two parter it all depends on the next one but... it's so awesome. Of course, there's how it ends which is just. UGH! I want it to be next week now damnit. So, so much.

I'll probably watch again tomorrow. And next week.

Brief non-Who things. I ficced earlier, read if you want. I may do something else later/soon. I'm gonna go on Mario soon. Yesterday had a literacy thing and one of the misspelled words to correct was cum. Hehe.
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