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Pairing: Adam Lambert/Patrick Stump
POV: Adam
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: BDSM, slight crossdressing
Notes: For ditzydmt, hope you likes!

I finally had sight of it now. I'd spent so long on tour, doing video shoots and promotion that home almost seemed like a dream. I pulled up into the driveway, sighing softly as I pulled the car to a stop. Home was far from prying eyes where I could get some peace and privacy. Home was far from the crowds, the fans, the paparazzi. Out here all there was was nature. I could hear birds tweeting in the trees nearby and smiled.

I got out of the car moving round to the back and opening the trunk. I only took out one of the bags pilled there, knowing the rest would be safe where they were until tomorrow. I slammed the drunk down, hauled the one bag over my shoulder and went inside.

Inside, the house was quiet. I hadn't got any pets, knowing that the constant touring would mean they'd be left alone too often. I dropped my back in the lounge then toed off my shoes and walked into the nearest bedroom swaying my hips as I walked. I needed to get out of these travel clothes. As soon as I could.

Within a few minutes I stripped out of the clothes I'd came in and had them tossed in a corner. I went in the wardrobe and picked out more appropriate attire, slipping the tighter clothing on before sitting to add the boots. I stopped to look at myself in the mirrir, running my hands through my hair before nodding, satisfied.

I strode out of the room, heading into my own bedroom. Unlike the room I'd just been in, this one wasn't exactly used for sleeping. The room was darker then the rest of the house, mostly due to the lack of windows and the walls which were painted a deep purple. Adorning the walls were shelves and cupboards, all filled with various items of all sizes. I'd not bought any guys here to use them on in awhile.

That was, apart from the one currently on my bed.

His name was Patrick and he shared my home. He was younger then I and had almost shoulder length brown hair and a nice, rounded belly. While I was away he was essentially the housekeeper. When I was here, well, we spent a lot of time in this room. Right now he was laying face up, his legs spread wide. He wore three visible things, a collar and a leather bra and panties set, all of which showed off his bulges and curves. "Hello sir." He smiled, parting his legs a little wider and thrusting them up. "Have you had a good tour?"

"Yeah." Was my only response, as I paced in front of him, shutting the door as I did so. "Have you behaved?" That meant one simple thing, as he obviously behaved in terms of looking after the house. He was allowed to jerk off as often as he liked, in fact it was encouraged. However he was not allowed to cum without permission.

Patrick's cheeks flushed almost instantly. He wasn't very good at lying, in fact, he was shit at it. It was one of the things I liked about him. "Well Patrick?" I asked again, tapping the floor with my boot impatiently.

"It... it was just once..." He whispered, in a small voice as I stepped towards him. "I couldn't stop myself before it was too late. I'm sorry sir."

"You will be." I flipped him over so he was on his stomach and slapped his ass hard with my gloved hand. He yelped, but didn't tell me to stop or move away. I rose my hand up high and slammed it back down on him, this time making sure to hit his other fleshy cheek. I wet my lips lightly, raining down the blows equally on both of his cheeks. Once I'd given each ten strikes, making the skin flush brighjt red, I stopped. I'd probably punish him some more later, after I'd recovered from all the travelling. Tomorrow perhaps or the day after.

For now though, this would do. that and the sight of him whimpering and crying made me hard as a rock. Unlike him, I'd came more then once since I was last here. I wasn't just restricted to my hand either. On this tour alone there had to be at least ten guys who'd serviced me. I undid my leather pants and pulled out my cock, running my fingers along my shaft briefly. I reached to him and grabbed his ankles, pulling them towards me until his ass hung off the end of the bed.I let go of his legs, letting them drop so the his knees were on the floor, the attended to the last obstacle. I grabbed the top of the panties and pulled them down, letting them fall to his knees. Since he knew I was coming there was a plug lodged up his ass. I moved the black rubber out of him, tossing it carelessly to the floor.

Now, with everything out of the way, it was time. I thrust into him hard, not giving him a single bit of warning. I buried myself fully inside him in one go, which I knew was only so easy because he used toys on himself most of the time. He groaned out loudly, squeezing around my invading dick. I held onto his sides as I started to move in and out. I decided to keep my pace erratic, sometimes moving fast other times moving steadily. Sometimes I'd change my angle too, knowing it frustrate him to hit then miss his spot, then hit it again.

I glanced at the wall straight before us listening to him moan and cry out as I hit his spot. The wall, since it was above the bed, was the only one without a single shelf adorning it. Instead there was a noticeboard, the same colour as the wall, which was covered in pictures. Each picture had been taken after sex, so every one of the guys was naked and sweaty. Each guy was different, fat gawky, blonde, brunette, red head, drummer, bassist, guitarist, singer, dancer, fan. I didn't really care as long as they were hot and wanting it, and there always were. In a few days the pictures of my latest conquests would join the ones already there.

I smiled to myself and focussed back on Patrick, who was writhing under me.Despite his obviosuly desperation, his hands were clasped together behind his back. He was obviously putting a great deal of effort into keeping them together and not reaching down and jerking himself off into a frenzy. He wouldn't ask for permission either, probably guessing, rightly, that I'd say no.

I spat on his back, right between his shoulder blades, watching my saliva roll all over the place as I gave him a few hard, deep thrusts. I was close now and, unlike him, I was gonna cum. Just not inside him. I moved in an dout just four more times, then pulled out, stepped back and rolled him onto his back again. I climbed over him and planted my knees either side of him, taking my cock in hand and aiming it for his face. He closed his eyes and opened his lips, waiting for me. A few strokes was all it took before I came, spurting across his eyelids and over his lips. I wiped my head over his cheek then rolled onto the bed beside him, panting breathlessly.

There was silence for a good long while before he broke it. "Would you like anything to eat or drink sir?"

I smiled a little and nodded. "Do what you usually do when I come back." He nodded and hopped off the bed, bending down and sliding the panties back off, giving me a rather delicious sight of his stretched ass before leaving. I laid back, getting myself comfortably on the bed, tucking my softening cock away and zipping my flies up. My eyes fell back on the pictures on the wall, especially the one in the middle. The biggest of all the many of them.

Tags: adam lambert, adam lambert/patrick stump, fall out boy, fic, patrick stump, slash
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