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The Last Fight Part 2

The Last Fight
Pairing: Jay James/Padge, Jay James/Matt Tuck, Padge/Moose
Rating: NC-17
POV: Padge
Warnings: AU, violence, BDSM, fisting
Notes: This is based on the Kerrang photoshoot. I wasn't sure if I'd do another part to this but cause of the poll I did (although two of the people that voted for this didn't comment on the first part so they should comment on this one). Obviously this part is more smutty and slashy and it's longer. I'm quite pleased with how it's turned out.
Part 1

Part 2

I entered the training room that occupied the basement of my home. Jay was there, as expeected, and he was moving around a large punching bag in the middle of the room. Every so often he'd jab or lunge at it, the contact making it swing from the force of the blow. I smiled, wetting my lips as I sank down into my seat to watch him as he kept punching the bag. I wasn't sure he'd even realised I was there and I wasn't going to disturb him yet.

I glanced towards the door, my gaze following Moose as he crawled in after me. It had taken four days to get him to crawl like that. It took another two to get him to suck my dick, and three more to get him to take my cock up his ass. Still, it was worth it. The moans he made were so satisfying, as was the way the wiggled and clawed at the floor. He glared at me as he as he sat at my feet, watching the same thing I was.

Jay was circling the bag now, jabbing and lunging every few seconds. Some of the hits were light, making the bag swing only a little, while others struck with enough force to cause it swing so wildly he had to move out the way to avoid being hit. It swung wildly three times before he noticed me. His face was slightly red, his whole body covered in a thin layer of sweat. "Sir... " He panted, wiping his brow with the back of his arm. "I didn't see you come in."

"Of course you didn't." I smiled, running my fingers through Moose's hair absently. "You were training." I licked my lips again, studying him as he bounced on the spot. "Now, why don't you let him down."

"Yes sir." He went back to the back, reached up and unhooked it from the ceiling. It fell to the floor with a soft thump, the bag opening on impact. There, in the center of the rubber sheet that had made the bag, was Matt. He was naked, bound and covered in bruises. This hadn't been the first time he'd been like that for Jay's training, in fact it was now a daily occurance. Jay lodged the toes of his foot under Matt's side and rolled him onto his stomach. He reached down and undid the restraints holding him, running his fingertips across some of the fresh bruises.

I'd been true to my word, he did do whatever he wanted with Matt. From what I could gather that meant using him for training and fucking him. Once he cast the restaints aside he kicked him onto his back and looked over at me. Clearly he was waiting for me to say something. "Do what you like."

He grinned at me and nodded, moving Matt around roughly into position. That position was on all fours, with his ass up and pointed towards me. He removed a gag from Matt's mouth, casting it aside and forcing his fingers into his mouth. I heard Matt suck on his fingers, coating them in saliva. Jay let out a low growl when he slipped them out of Matt's mouth, shifting to crouch behind him. Predictably, his fingers went to the beaten guy's ass, deftly darting between his cheeks and up inside him. Matt let out a sound that was halfway between a groan and a grunt, a clear sign that the digits had found their target.

I watched intently as Jay's hand moved back and forth, driving his fingers in and out repeatedly. The pace was quite fast, clearly serving to cause him pain just as much, if not more, then it was to prep him. Matt grunted again, louder this time. Jay had, no doubt, added another finger. Of course it was hard to confirm from my position and I wasn't exactly going to move to one where I could. I watched intently, expecting Jay to remove his thick digits and replace them with his cock.

Instead, he pulled his hand back and I could see that the fingertips of his three middle fingers were all that remained in him. I could just about make out him folding his finger across the palm of his hand, pressing it against the wrist wrap. Smirking, I watched as he moved his hand forward again, this time not stopping at his fingers. Matt cried out loudly and tried to move away, but Jay planted his other hand on the small of his back to hold him down. While Matt did have muscles from training his body was, over all, light and thusly easy for Jay to hold down. Jay growled loudly, moving his arm hard so his hand was in deeper. Matt screamed, which resulted in Jay letting go of him and backhanding him. "Shut the fuck up!" Jay growled, gripping the other man's long dark locks and using them to yank his head back.

I smirked and leaned a little closer, watching Jay pushed his hand just a little bit more until he'd sank his whole hand up Matt's hole. I wondered how Matt's ass looked stretched around Jay's wrists. Again, I wasn't going to move to look, but I knew I'd see something similar soon enough. I glanced down at Moose for a moment, who was transfixed by the sight before and smirked, running my hand through his hair. When I returned my gaze to Jay he was rotating his wrist, making Matt groan again. Jay then stopped the movement and began to slide his hand out, appearing like he was going to remove them entirely. However, the second his fingertips were all that remained again, he slammed it back in until he was wrist deep once more. His strong arm began to pistion his hand in and out of him, showing on each pull out that his wrist wrap was getting more stained each time. I had a feeling this was the first time he'd fisted his new toy and, from the look Moose was giving them, I could tell he'd not done it either.

While the movements Jay made may have seemed like erratic thrusts to most, I could tell they were as measured and controlled as his punches were. Each time his hand went in he stopped it at about his wrist, making sure he didn't go deeper then that. I could tell in the expression on his face, while I could only see when he jerked his head to flick an errant hair from his face of exhale upward, that it was taking a great deal of his self control not to go deeper. I knew that he would do that soon enough, though not tonight. I was eager to see how much of his inked skin could fit up there.

I'd now reached the point were I needed relief. My aching cock was throbbing like crazy and I need release. Thankfully, with Moose at my feet I had a hole that would do just fine. I gripped his hair tight and made him twist his head around, smirking at the needy whimper he gave. He was just as hard as I was, if not harder from the ring I'd kept on his cock since I'd gotten him. He swallowed the second he saw my cock, making his adam's apple bob above the collar I'd made him wear. He didn't offer up any resistance, he just took a deep breath, leaned forward and started ravishing my hairy balls with his tongue. While it was my dick that needed his attention more, I let him do it, smiling and biting back a moan as he mouthed my balls.

My gaze was returned to Jay and Matt then. As hot as it was watching Moose go to down on my sacs I didn't want to miss any of the show. It seemed to be coming to an end as Jay moved his hand back slower then before, his arm muscles flexing as he did so. Just before Jay removed his hand fully, he slammed Matt's head down into the rubber that still covered the floor. Pity really. If he'd hit the floor he probably would've lost a tooth or two from such an impact. Jay's slipped the last of his fingers out at the same time raising his hand up in the air to study them in the light. He seemed transfixed for a moment or two, then he licked along his fingers in a long swipe and plant the hand on Matt's hip.

Matt, still in a daze from the hit, didn't move as Jay stood up. He lined his thick, pierced cock up with his strecthced entrance and looked back at me for confirmation. All I did was raise my hand and circle my finger in the air, making him nod in understanding. He turned Matt around slightly, the rubber making him slide easily and then Jay looked at me again. When I responded with a nod he lined up again and slammed into him easily going balls deep in one go.

Moose heard the groan the other man made and recognised it instantly, moving off my balls to lick along my dick. He stopped at my head hovering with his mouth open for about two seconds, then sank down. He swallowed about half of my dick in one go. He was getting better, the last time he only managed an inch or so past my head. I groaned softly, petting his head gently to let him know he was doing good. His tongue flicked over my head, making me groan again as he started to bob up and down.

In front of us, Jay was fucking Matt roughly, driving his cock in and out of him hard and fast. Matt was making soft moans now with each movement of Jay's hips. Between Matt's own, the ball the was his cock and balls swayed with the thrusts. His parts had been forced into the rubber chastity device, which was sealed tight against his crotch. Each thrust Jay made as he pummelled him was punctuated by his heavy balls slapping against Matt's cheeks and a moan leaving his perfect lips.

Moose now had his lips wrapped tight around my dick, slurping on me noisy as he moved up and down. He was moving more confidently now, slightly faster, breathing through his nose whenever he moved back. His hands were on my thighs, mostly just to hold on, although his thumbs were stroking the sides of my balls gently.

Jay stilled as he slammed in again, groaning out loadly as his back arched. He came hard inside of Matt's body, the fact he had only obvious by him stopping and shuddering as he filled him. He slammed Matt's head down again although this time it was significantly less powerful, and then he pulled out. His cock glinted in the light, from the piercings, cum and sweat. He reached down, sliding his hand back into Matt, this time only for a moment. When he pulled it out,, he did the same as he'd done before, raised his hand up and licked the fluids from it. Sated, Jay kicked Matt in the side, then settled on the floor to catch his breath.

Now the show was over I could close my eyes and lose myself to Moose's blow job skills.It's true what they said about practice. He may not be perfect at giving head yet, but there was definitely a marked improvement everytime his soft lips wrapped themselves around me. I opened my eyes again to watch, smiling at the drool that was escaping his lips. On his next downward movement he was so close to the base of my dick I could no longer stand it. I used my grip on his hair and pushed him down all the way on my cock, holding him there for several seconds before letting him move back to a comfortable distance. That had been the first time he'd took me whole and it certainly wouldn't be the last.

A few more head bobs was all it took until I spilled down his throat, holding him lightly so he could swallow all my jizz down. I sighed softly, settling back into my seat as I rode my orgasm out, soft pants leaving my lips. If Moose kept up like this then he'd definitely earn a chance for that ring to come off him. I patted his head, letting him move back to wipe his face with the back of his hand. Yeah, I think he'd look pretty hot spilling his load, even if it was all over himsel. That, though, would be another day.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, jay james/matt tuck, matt tuck, moose, moose/padge, padge, slash
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