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Pairing: Jay James/?
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Prompt: 6: Restraints
Warnings: BDSM
Notes: So this idea's been rattling in my head for a few weeks now, ever since I saw a picture of someone in similar bondage that someone had drawn on the y! gallery which served as the basis of the idea. In terms of who the other guy is I have no idea. I didn't have a specific person in mind when I wrote it. The only thing I do know is it's a he, so make it whoever you want. Anyway, enough rambling!

The first thing you lost in the darkness was a sense of time. I had no idea how long I'd been here. Days. Weeks. Months. It was hard to tell. Time was so unclear in the dark. There were few things I knew though.

First was that I was inside a kind of sleep sac. It was tight, made of rubber and restricted all movements. There were only three gaps in it, one at my mouth, one at my ass and a small one at my crotch. On top of that I felt some straps through the sac, holding me down on whatever I was on. I had a feeling there was five. One below my neck one across my stomach, one below my crotch, one at my knees and the last above my ankles.

In my mouth there was a gag. Every so often it would be removed, replaced by either a cock or, more often, a feeding tube. The latter gave me liquid food, of various flavours whenever it was in my mouth. Stuffed up my arse was a plug, which, like the gag was sometimes taken out, although this time it was for fingers rather then cock. My position meant I couldn't be fucked so I was now missing being arse fucked. It had been taken out, so long ago, so I could shit too, but the liquid diet rendered that unecessary.

The last thing I had was attached to my dick. The device was like a sleeve and enveloped my entire length pulsating and pumping around me. It did this at regular intervals while I was awake. Sometimes it would stop for what felt like hours. Other times it just wouldn't stop and it felt like torture. Something, probably in the food, made me constantly horny.

I was aware, only vaguely, that I wasn't only here. I had a feeling there were other guys like me strapped down like this nearby. In my mind, at least, that was only a handful of others. Two, maybe three, perhaps four. I'd heard faint groans before, which to me indicated the presence of others.

Sometimes, in the long lulls between the sleeve's pumping, I'd try to picture what they looked like. Were they blonde? Brunette? Fat? Thin? Did they have big dicks? Were they Welsh too? So many questions that I doubted I'd ever have answered.

My thoughts were interrupted by a pressure on my chest, a pressure from hands. I swallowed, feeling them move over my bound body. At the same time the sleeve began to pulse around me again, making me groan behind the gag. The hands moved down brushing over my exposed balls before stopping under me. He, well I assumed it was a he, removed the plug from me and then replacing it with his fingers. Two of them filled me easily, probing deep into my body. They moved them in and out of me steadily, his other hand stroking along my rubber-clad body. Yes, I was sure it was a him now. Those fingers felt much too masculine not to be.

I closed my eyes, despite already being in the dark, and enjoyed the sensations. The suction increased, as did the speed of his thrusting fingers. It was hard to describe the pulsing of the sleeve. It was kinda like a cross between someone deep throating me and being balls deep up a guy's ass just as he was cumming. If I wasn't strapped down I'd be bucking my hips into the soft sleeve. The suction increased again now, bringing me closer and closer to the edge. I wished I could scream and moan or grasp the other guy and make him fuck me or just hold onto him. Instead, all I could do was ball my hands into fists, clench around his fingers, now three in number, and drool around the gag.

I squeezed my eyes shut tighter as I came for the first time in... hours? I wasn't sure. I gasped as I rode out my orgasam, my seed going... wherever it went when I came. In my mind it went down a tube to be collected in something, although I obviously had no proof one way or the other. As the force of my orgasm died down, he slipped his fingers slowly out of me. Seconds later the plug was back where it belonged. The person gave my balls a quick squeeze, not tight enough to cause pain, then they left. Probably to one of the others.

The sleeve kept on pulsing though. It didn't stop just because he left and it didn't care that I'd just came already. That was ok though. I knew I could cum again quickly. I just closed my eyes and let images fill my mind.
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