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Number Three

Number Three
Pairing: Eicca Toppinen/Sean Smith
Rating: NC-17
POV: Eicca
Warnings: BDSM, cbt, sounding, slavery
Notes: Sequel to Selection Process. I blame that 50 pic thing for this, cause it made me realise I hadn't done Eicca fic in awhile. I may do more sequels with the other boys and do a direct one with Jay too.

I walked through the dark werehouse, led by the man before me. He was a little shorter then I and was a local. Blissfully his accent wasn't too thick and difficult to understand, unlike some of the other natives. "Here we are then." He said, stopping at the merchandise. There were five hanging males, their wrists attached to chains from the ceiling.

"You said on the phone there were seven." I growled low, slightly annoyed to have had two choices gone already.

"There were." He replied, shifting nervously. My size made him uncomfortable. "But we've already sold the first two." I snorted and shook my head.

"I've come a long way, so there had better be a boy I want or I'll take you instead." He swallowed and nodded, though I was sure he hoped I'd pick one of the others. I growled again, then turned my attention to the boys on display.

The first was shorter and fatter then I was, with short dark hair. his belly was rounded, with a tattoo across it in one of those scripts that made it hard to read. My attention then focussed on the main area of my interest. Not that there was much there of note of course. Pitiful cock and balls. "This is..." I waved my hand, not caring to know names apart from the one I'd choose.

Number two was slimmer, with much longer hair. He had ink on his right arm, though I didn't much care to look it over. Between his legs he was much like the first one, with not so much there. Uninteresting.

Three was a blonde, with his hair bleached brightly. He was a little rounder then the second guy, although not as much as the first. His dick was hard as a rock, easily larger then the first two combined, with balls hanging full and heavy behind it. Now, he was easily the best so far. I nodded to myself, smirking at the eagerness in his eyes.

Four was was the shortest of them, with black hair that hung to his shoulders. He was pudgy, like the first one, although more so. His dick was large and aching hard, his eyes twinkling as he stared at me. Like the blonde, he wanted this. I could tell from the look in his eyes.

The last was much like the second. He was slim, with dirty blonde hair and an oddly long neck. His dick was long and thin, not that interesting to me.

Out of the five only three and four were interesting to me. I stood in front of the two, flicking my eyes between them. "The blonde."


I'd leaned a few things after purchasing him. His name, for instance, which was Sean Smith. I'd been warned he was talkative, so I decided to deal with that. The collar around his neck covered up the scar of his severed vocal chords. I'd had a brief chat with him beforehand, but he hadn't known he would be silent after it.

I ran my fingers through his blonde hair, gripping it tight and yanking it back. He was staring at me, his tongue wetting his lips. He wanted so desperately to please me which meant he was good at doing just that. I let go of his hair, walking around him. He was standing in the middle of the room, his arms tied behind his back.

I walked away, picking a small case up at opening it to examine it's contents. There was a series of needles on one side, while the other had a set of sounds of various sizes. Since I'd got him here I'd used the smallest of the sounds on him so now I figured it was time to go up. I picked the third one along, spread some lube over the silver surface, then returned to him.

I closed the case, then sat it on the floor. "I think you're ready for this." His eyes were wide as I held it up, though it didn't make his dick wilt, although that could have been due to the ring secured tight around the base. I gripped his cock just above the ring, holding it steady as I bought the sound closer to it. I pushed it slowly into him, watching the rod disappear into his cock. There was something obscene about it, which just made me hard. I knew most guys would be freaked out about it, but it was a huge turn on to me. I smirked when the rod had disappeared inside him as far as it would go.

"Mmm good boy, you could take it." I looked at his face, smiling at his wet eyes and tear streaked cheeks. I reached up and stroked his cheek lightly, my thumb rubbing away some of the wetness. Poor thing. He'd have to get used it though. And things much bigger then this. There were a dozen sounds left in the case all bigger then this one and all would find their way inside him over the next few weeks.

I opened the case again, taking the needles out one by one. I sank the first few into the hard flesh of his cock in different places. The next few of them went into his large, full balls which hadn't cum since I got him here. I was sure he would beg and plead to if he was able to talk. Not that I'd let him of course, not unless I felt like he deserved it. Which I didn't right now.

Once the case was emptied of needles, which now adorned the length of his dick and heavy balls. The latter looked like pin cushions now. The devil's pin cushions. I smirked, then moved back behind him, setting the case back down before returning to him. I grasped the base of the plug lodged up his ass, twisting it to the left so the spikes retracted inside it. I slipped it all the way out of him, setting it aside next to the case. I didn't both lubing up, instead I gripped ibto him and thrust inside him, moaning at the feeling of his insides around me.

Another thing I learned before taking his voice was that he was a slut. In fact he'd even had sex with several of the boys who'd been at the werehouse. He'd always told me that, while he was flexible, the size of his dick had often meant his ass got neglected. It wouldn't be any more. Once his cock was the was the way I wanted it I intended on working on his ass until I could work my fist inside him. Shouldn't be too hard.

Such thoughts went straight to my dick, so the force and speed of my pounding increased. Each thrust made him wobble slightly and I was sure he'd fall. He knew, though, that if he did I would punish him, so he was doing his best to keep up. I muttered swear words in my native tongue, digging my nails into his body as I fucked him. I growled against him, leaning close and dragging my teeth along his neck above the collar.

I came hard inside him, moaning loudly as I filled him up. "Dirty Welsh slut." I whispered as I pumped into him. "Because you've been a good boy I'll you something." I stroked his sides, easing out of him slowly. "Soon I'll let you cum. If you can keep being this good."

He nodded wildly and I smirked to myself, stepping away and putting in a smooth plug to give him a break. What he didn't know was how he'd cum. I'd also learned he had a brother, so I made the man I'd bought him off track him down. Soon he'd be here.

I wondered if he was as talkative as his brother was.
Tags: apocalyptica, bullet for my valentine, darran smith, eicca toppinen, eicca toppinen/sean smith, fic, funeral for a friend, gavin butler, lee gaze, lostprophets, matt tuck, moose, sean smith, selection process-verse, slash, the blackout
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