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Jab it with a stick!

We went for another canal walk today, this time armed with a camera. Alas, no caterpillar and we didn't get as close to the ducklings. Still got some good/ok pics.

Also took a pic of the mystery vegtable in the garden, so any gardeners are around, could you see if it's familiar.

I want/need this. It's a Death trooper bust of a zombie stormtrooper, which is awesomeness!

Started ficcing last night, so I might have something done between now and tomorrow.

Also last night we watched Sweeny Todd and Mamma Mia, so I have songs from both going around in my head.

Watched Doctor Who. I liked it, but it wasn't the best. I felt sorry for the poor creature though. Probably afraid of one of those damn cracks. Curious about next weeks.

Butterfly. It has pretty blue wings, but sadly I couldn't get a pic of them open

Mystery bug


More ducklings

Cows! They stared at us, but when I got close they all took a step back. Dopy things. I reached to pet them and managed to pet noses and got licked by their sandpaper tongue

Even more ducklings

Moorhen or Coot chicks. Not sure which since both birds were around


A goldfish oddly

Spot the bug

Mating dragonflies < 3

A Heron in a field!

The hole that Danny's dug in the garden, partially filled

Mystery plant!
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