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Moonshine on the bayou

I'm bored. Waiting for the aerial people to come back and sort it out.

Watched Glee last night. Yay for Kurt's dad. He's awesome.

Gotta try and watch last week's Vampire Diaries before tonight's, cause I forgot to catch the repeat.

I got my first Togetic last night, so I'm pleased about that. Woo!

Amazon is stupid, sending me the same dvd twice.

Might try ficcing later, but I dunno.

It's June now. Bah. I loved May on my Bullet calendar!

Anyway, onto the randomness. There was a thing on tumblr with 50 hot people, and I started a list so here it is. Mostly band people (I've not included any actors so...) and it's in no real order (seriously, it's pretty much in order of where I find pics). No reasons included (cause that'd take too long) just who they are and what they do.

Let's objectify some men!

Demetri Martin - Comedian

Matt Good - From First To Last - Singer, guitarist

Oli Sykes - Bring Me The Horizon - Singer, slut

Adam Lambert - Singer, sparkly gay

Rhod Gilbert - Comedian

Ian Watkins - Lostprophets - Singer, slut

Russell Howard - Comedian

Charlie Simpson - Fightstar - Singer, guitarist, pianist

Matt Kean - Bring Me The Horizon - Bassist

Andy Sixx - Black Veil Brides - Singer

Moose - Bullet For My Valentine - Drummer

Eicca Toppinen - Apocalyptica - Cellist

Dougie Poynter - Mcfly - Bassist

Dan Whitesides - The Used - Drummer

Brian Cox - Physicist, presenter

Kevin Nash - Porn star

Mateo Camargo - Madina Lake - Guitarist

Matt Tuck - Bullet For My Valentine - Singer, guitarist

Alex Gaskarth - All Time Low - Singer, guitarist, slut

Omar Abidi - Fightstar - Drummer (I wish there were better pics of him, gah)

Jay Smith - The Blackout's merch guy

Jimmy Urine - Mindless Self Indulgence - Singer

Brendon Urie - Panic! At The Disco - Singer, guitarist, pianist

Bill Kaulitz - Tokio Hotel - Singer

Darran Smith - Funeral For A Friend - Guitarist

Luke Johnson - Lostprophets - Drummer

Spencer Smith - Panic! At The Disco - Drummer

Bert Mccracken - The Used - Singer

Bob Bryar

Sean Smith - The Blackout - Singer, slut

Curtis Ward

Dan Haigh - Fightstar - Bassist

Matthew Leone - Madina Lake - Bassist, bendy slut

Harry Judd - Mcfly - Drummer

Gerard Way - My Chemical Romance - Singer, creator of Umbrella Academy

Jepha Howard - The Used - Bassist

Dan Torelli - Madina Lake - Drummer

Rhys Lewis - The Blackout - Bassist

Ray Toro - My Chemical Romance - Guitarist

Lee Malia - Bring Me The Horizon - Guitarist

Anthony Padila - Smosh - Comedian

Matthew Davies - The Blackout - Guitarist

Padge - Bullet For My Valentine - Guitarist

Ilan Rubin - The New Regime - Singer, drummer, guitarist, bassist

Mikey Way - My Chemical Romance - Bassist

Gareth Lawerence - The Blackout - Drummer

Nathan Leone - Madina Lake - Singer

Quinn Allman - Guitarist - The Used

Matt Nicholls - Bring Me The Horizon - Drummer

Jay James - Bullet For My Valentine - Bassist, screamer
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